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Thursday, January 06, 2005


So, this is FINALLY my last day of work and I'm off for a few. SCORE bitches! I'm so excited I think I'll do something stupid. I'm just not sure what. Any ideas? So, if you guys look, I've been making minor adjustments to thee blog de Jenn. Like, since you guys are special, I linked your blogs over to the right in the sidebar. Aww. And I added a hit counter at the bottom. God, I'm cool. Not really. I stole all these ideas from you computer nerds. I mean, smart people. So thank you for all your help. I really just have no html knowledge, so bare with me. Bill! Mr. It's-basic-html. If it was so freakin' basic I wouldn't have asked. Shithead. I luff you! I just want my blog to look all shnazzy like yours. That's all I ever wanted from you. That and your love. But noooo, you have to get all, 'Jenn, just face it, I'm smarter than you. I know more about computers and I don't have the patience to help your dumbass.' Boo this man!

Then Gabe calls me last night all, "Don't you ever tell me to eat a cow!" Dude, you started it! For real. You're just jealous because I have the capability and big mouth to post a comment on ALMOST every picture Eric posted. I think I just leave you with nothing to say. Don't hate, don't hate. We can't all be as cool as me. So quit telling me to shutup Mr. I-always-comment-in-Bill's-blog-but-not-yours-then-I-complain-when-you-don't-comment-in-mine. I aint hearin' it! Boo this man!

So I wake up today and there's a text from Paul, my bestfriend. It say's "How come you haven't called me back woman?" So then I call him way later and he doesn't answer and I leave a message. He never calls back so I text him later in the night and say, "How come you haven't called me back man?" His reply, "I don't like you anymore, so quit trying to get into my pants!" Boo this man!

Ross is short. Boo this man!

So anyhow, I'm sick and it blows. My head feels like it's gonna blow, it feels like it weighs 15 pounds right now and it hurts! My throat is sore, my nose is dry and runny at the same time, my body is aching, and yes I'm bitching. Boo this whatever it is that I have and forgot to take something for. Dumb girl, this I know. Suffer now, you say! God, can't you have any sympathy? Assholes. I have the hiccups and it hurts my head more and my stomach every time. Make it stop :'(. Boo being sick.
Today, Damian was talking about how he didn't want to get ready for bed at 8:45, but at 9:00. I told him it didn't matter what he wanted and he was gonna get ready at 8:45. So he went to tell my mom on me. Actually, he was trying to discuss it with her to try and get me to change my mind. Then I told him, "I'm the boss." And as I said that he freakin' finger quoted me! What the?! He's 6 years old and finger quoting me? Smartass. I should ground him huh? It actually made me crack up and then we wrestled for a second. Yeah, yeah, I let him stay up 'til 9. So what? The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy was good tonight. Boo this mom?
All in all, I'm actually really happy. For really though. Why are you really happy Jenn? 'Cause I just am, quit being so nosey. I guess I'll do some work now. Actually, I know that's not going to happen. But I don't have anything else of interest to post about. As if any of this was interesting. Anyway, wish you all a fun weekend, 'cause mine starts when I leave here at 7 in the monin. Don't cry for me Argentina. Okay, I'm really delirious and I'm gonna stop now.
Where's my boo?. . .
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:O I'm watching The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy right now. I love cartoons, they're always on when I'm not asleep. It was better when it was Grim And Evil though, that bear ruled.

2:18 AM  

Why are you happy Jenn?

7:26 AM  

God Jenn you cry to much about not being as smart as me nor as good looking. Sheesh I feel you being quite jealous, but you need to back up off me before I throw down. Ha jk god you're the best and I'll teach you anything you want to know that I know and you don't. With you and Katie, it's hard to keep up with the two of you because you're both so weird. Anyhow stop the hate and much love jenny :X

2:23 PM  

Hope you get a chance to spend some good time with your son during your time off. :-) No "James" blog link on the side of your page? I feel unloved. Props on the blog editing. Keep up the good work!

2:29 AM  

I actually got a link?!?! :O

woot! shouldn't have linked to katie, shes from kenosha. she might spread propoganda here and if she does, then the terrorists win.

7:04 AM  

I'm sick too Jenn-I must have gotten it from that make-out session we had. ;) I'm very proud of you for doing the linking thing-sorry I didn't end up helping you with it-I have been here and there for the last 10 days or so. Take a break and read a good book.

7:43 AM  

Yeah, good job on the linking Jenn, don't mention me or anything. I hate you.

3:23 PM  

Hope you feel better and have an excellent vacation. Get lots of rest, recommended by Dr. Jamie.
I like how your blog tells you how many 'visitors' you've had since 'Jan. 5th'. Very cool.

.he falls asleep on the floor.

4:11 PM  

Boo your face. I love you. Thank you again and again and again for my cds and presents. You are the best Mexican ever. Don't ever let anyone tell you any different.

12:05 AM  

You've got too many friends, how ever do you keep up?

Anyway, you've got a boy haven't you (I do not mean your son either)? That's why you're happy. Details el pronto.

I don't want to add a counter on my page. The traffic is so low that it will stay in double digits forever (single digits will have faded with my constant refreshing, ha!.)

2:32 AM  

If buds want to be a-holes, just look it up on the net. That's how I got my piddlin' html skills, I just went to a site that taught basic html.
I'm hot, intelligent, I have beautiful blue eyes,and I can do anything. Yay for me!

2:37 PM  

What's all this "boo" business about? Sorry you were sick, I hope you feel better. Hmmmm, I don't have much else to say at the moment. Miss you!

8:09 PM  

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