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Monday, January 24, 2005

Look closely, what do you see? This is one of the beautiful creations of Andrew. Thanks again, Andrew! You rock!
Photos de Jenn
posted by Jenn Doll at 3:08 PM


I guess some Scottish people are talented. Who would have thought? I thought they were only good for Fat Bastard impressions.

1:46 AM  

Ooooooh, it always comes back to that. I hate you Katie. Well, I still like you a little, but Fat Bastard is no more; my voice fell out in America, due to the constant pressures of people saying they loved my English/Australian accent. You guys is stupid.

3:27 AM  

Good work, Mr C.

1:01 AM  

The stripes on the Tiger is the actual Gemini constellation. In the words of Katie, "You damn Gemini's." Bill guessed an H. Katie, I told. Everyone else just isn't observant! Wanks.

6:35 AM  

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