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Monday, February 28, 2005

Katie, call me.
Eric, well, I talk to you all the time.
Gabe, I talk to you all the time too.
Bill, Katie and I will call you soon.
Andrew, text me.
JayPop, where the hell are you?
Boko, you rock!
Rae, I'll email you. If you don't stop, I won't.
Mishy, I miss you too!
Michy, are you alive?
Dylan, are you alive?
Ariel, text me.
Stell, text me.
Patty, I'll get wiht you soon about you coming out.
MattyD, are you here?
Keegan, you rock!
Jill, you're the bomb!
James, quit fucking bothering me already. Let it go. Go call me all the names you want on YOUR blog, you imbecile. I'm tired of deleting your puerile comments. I'm sure my friends are tired of reading them. Thanks.
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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Miss Me?

I left you all comments on the post's I hadn't commented on. So you damn better back track! Katie, you can stop bitching now. I'll try to get a post in tonight, IF I come in to work. I need a fucking break. I haven't posted because I've got alot on my mind. Katie knows. Sorry Katie, and thanks for listening to me.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hello! I'll be back soon. Love you all! Huggles!
Thanks for the pictures Christina!
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Friday, February 18, 2005

Behind The Scenes

And if you all believed that I typed that last post, you all suck! Let me take you behind the scenes. . .

The other night I was bored and so was Katie. We were on AIM, well, being bored. I had already read all the blogs I read and then some when I came up a bright idea.

Me - Katie, you should do a post in my blog pretending to be me!
Katie - Okay. Does it matter if it's obvious that it's you?
Me - Whatever. Have at it!

So I waited, and I waited. And well, the "Welcome Back Cooter" post was the outcome of my bright idea. Thanks to Katie, I'm now a Columbian drug Lord, who listens to Ricky Martin, (which also makes me queer) and lose Checkers to a 6-year-old. Okay, the Checkers part is true. Anyhow, you all thought it was me! Katie, well done little grasshopper, well done. Now for those of you that know Katie or read her blog, reread that last post and you'll see the Katie in it.

Anyhow, it's FINALLY my Friday. I hope I don't get paged in again. I think I'll get out and have a drink or twenty this weekend. I need it. Hope you all have a fantabulous weekend! Wish me the same yeah!
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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Welcome Back Cooter!

Here I am, another night bored off my ass at work. At least Sharon is here, that lady cracks me up. I love you Sharon! At least I didn't get called in early again today. I'd have thrown that pager right out the fucking window if I heard it beep. Ok, anyways, I should stop talking about work before I get my ass fired, like Dooce did. Everyone must learn from her mistake! Learn to fear the man.

Ok, so as everyone knows, I'm Mexican, right? I mean, hispanic. HISPANIC. Stupid Freudian slips. That little bitch Katie is rubbing off on me more and more every day, I swear to God. For everytime that she calls me Mexican, I'm going to call her Kenoshan, which I know she loathes. That oughta teach you! Anyways, back to the point of me telling you about my heritage. My family came over from Columbia many many moons ago. You hear that? Columbia and NOT Mexico. I mean, I know I live in New MEXICO, so I should understand why everyone calls me Mexican, and don't even get me started on why I insist on being called Hispanic and not Columbian. I can't even explain it myself. I guess deep down I just have a hatred for Shakira even though she's so fucking hott, and don't want to be from the same country as her. But, on the plus side I could get you some drugs for cheap. I mean, like really fuckin' cheap. Let Mami know, and I'll hook you up!

Since I talk about music in every post, I'll update you all on the new things my ears are tuning into. Ricky Martin just recently put out a new cd, and the man is a god. For real, I love him. Stop laughing at me! I really fuckin' do. I practically orgasm everytime I listen to him. Well not practically. I DO orgasm everytime. Too much information? Not enough? I can't decide.

Wow Blogger, you just scared the shit out of me. I had this post almost done, then I go to save it, it starts to act up, and I think I've lost the whole thing. I restart the computer because all the programs on here were being slow, log back into Blogger and not only is the post right where I saved it, but I saved it FIVE TIMES. This must be what it feel like to be a cavman, like Katie. Now that I know the trials and tribulation you go through, Kenoshan, I vow never to make fun of you again. Promise!

I still have my brother's laptop at home, which is kickass. I hate being computer-less. It makes me feel like less of a woman. And I actually got sleep today! Go me! I woke up when Damian got home from school and we watched cartoons together then played checkers. That kid beats my ass every fuckin' time, and I swear I'm not even letting him win. Damn kid. I'm boring myself writing this, so I'm gonna go actually do some work for once. What a concept! Doing work, at work? Who would have thought. Seacrest, out.
~Livin' la vida loca~
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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

~Ray & Jeff, My New Bestfriends

I finally got some sleep today. Go me! I called into work thirty minutes late. I had to! I was watching Ray and it wasn't done yet. I sat at home and watched in on the laptop with some head phones. I love that damn computer. Anyhow, I give Ray two thumbs up. It was an awesome movie. Dude, Ray was a pimp! Or a cheating asshole. It all depends how you look at it. After watching it I had to listen to some Ray. So I got in my car and popped in "The Very Best of Ray Charles." Hadn't played it much since I got it, but really enjoyed it. I love listening to music when I know when they were written, what the inspiration for the song was and so forth. It makes it that much better. Especially when it's already a legend of an artist. So yeah, if you haven't seen Ray, you really need to. So get on it, bitches.

Tonight at work, I'm sitting back in the NCIC office. I have a walkman and the headphones on and thought, "now's my chance to see if I can appreciate Mr. Jeff Buckley." Well, well, I'm already in love with him. I can't belive you guys didn't yell at me to just damn listen to it already. Damn you, damn you all! His voice is glorious! I really love this album. Grace, that is. Not to mention he's absolutely gorgeous. Why must I become obesses now that he's gone? Boo. But next time, don't let me listen to this shit on Valentine's day, assholes.

So, there's my movie and music review for the week. Or year, or last one ever. I just wanted to blog and those were the things I did today. Stell, Katie, the picture's for both of you! Got Dylan quoted on the Buckley picture. See, I'm a great friend! I LOVE that picture of Jeff, he's so hott. I love him now. Yeah, yeah, "Jenn, you're a Johnny-come-lately!" So what, bitches! At least I get there!

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Monday, February 14, 2005

~Valentine Snipets

~Happy Valentine's Day!

~I'm BACK at work. Twice in the same day. Sixteen hours of OT in two day's.
~Eric needs to get back in the blog of things.
~Gabe, according to Katie, 'has a nice voice and doesn't sound too queer.'
~I had fun with Katie, Bill and Andrew online the other night. Ariel later joined us. Andrew said, "you never call me Andy" when I called him Andy. How cute, he noticed. Katie still wants to know, "How do you dial star 67?" Bill insists to her that, "You dial star 67!"
~We're all losers, it was a Saturday. This went on 'til roughly 3:30am my time. I love them.
~Bill got the CD's I sent him. He liked Eric's "Dead Flowers and New Seeds"
~Eric's going global.
~I personally liked the Grammy's tonight. I missed Alicia Keys performance and yes, I'm still crying about it. She's so damn beautiful. I teared up with Nora Jones. Her voice fuckin' owns. I chilled when they were showing pictures of all those in the music industry who've passed, to include Dimebag, Ray, and so many more.I actually only saw the last 45 minutes or so, but enjoyed what I saw.
~My mom took Damian and my niece to the Circus. I called to talk to him while they were there. He said, "Don't be sad mom. I know you had to work. It's okay. I love you." Tears filled my eyes and rolled off my cheeks.
~I'm hoping that post office comes through for me tomorrow. It would make my Valentine's day. I want my CD's and want the stuff I sent to get there too.
~My new music obsession is John Fruciante - The Will To Death. I like alot of his other stuff too. (Thanks Eric) If you don't have this song, in the words of Katie, 'download it, bitches.'
~Katie liked Codeseven. Score! Bill, what's your verdict?
~I hate html. Only 'cause I don't know it.
~I, like Andrew, would like some music recommendations. So have at it! Thank you very much.
~I know I've quoted this before, but it suits the occasion. . .

"True love cannot be found where it truly does not exist, Nor can it be found where it truly does"

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

~ Katie

I was telling Katie, that I wanted to blog, but I had nothing to blog about, so she said, "Well, you could always talk about me." DEAL! First, here's what she and Keegan had to say the other day when I posted a pic of my son and his dog.

Katie said...
Max looks like my dog at home, Bailey. I always thought she looked more like a golden retriever than a german shepard. Max and Bailey could have some puppies together, if Bailey wasn't neutered. She was a slut dog, and had puppies when she was 11 months old or some shit, before we got her at the pound. My dog is a whore.

DyingBurningFighting said...
Dogs are cool. I had a little yorkshire terrier. It was a tiny little thing, about as big as my foot, but the little bastard would bark at and chase dogs as big as cars. He was a crazy, stupid, and possibly suicidal little dog, but he was so cute too. You now what they say, a dog's personality often resembles that of it's owner. But what does that say about Katie?

Bildo said...
Katie you dyke I want to be the flower girl. Did the stripper teabag you in the forehead?

Just thought I'd share that with you, in case any of you missed it. I tried not to laugh, Katie. I really did. I love you, no matter what!

Here's some of the things Katie has said. . .

"What did I do before Jenn introduced me to blogging? I don't even rememeber. Speaking of Mexicans, Jenn just called me and talked my goddamn ear off. I feel like me and Sharon, her co-worker, are friends now. We had lots to catch up up, and I still can't feel my right ear. I love being able to talk all girly with you lady. And I love getting girly with you! Lesbian what?"

"So don't miss me tomorrow kids. I'll be busy eating good Chicago pizza, molesting my family and getting my Rufus Wainwright on. And talking about all of you behind your backs."

"I have offcially decided that I am a giant douche bag."

"I can just imagine the conversation between me and my parents now.
Mom: Kate, you graduated school 5 years ago. Are you planning on getting a job and oh say, moving out anytime soon? Your father and I were really looking forward to that empty nest sometime soon.
Me: (I am now morbidly obese, live in the basement and eat a diet consisting solely of Cheetos) Ehh, not really. I'm kinda tired today. I think I'm going to take a nap.
Dad: But you just got up two hours ago. And really? You don't want to find a job and move out? Really?
Me: Well maybe I can look tomorrow, but a Real World:Dover marathon is on, so I'm not making any promises. Get off my back about it anyways. I do what I want, bitches."

" I hate when people say, "What the shit?" No. It's either "What the fuck?" or "Holy shit" or even "What the hell?" NOT "what the shit". It just sounds stupid. Ok, I'm going to bed."

"When Keri came up to visit, I asked her to bring me some conditioner because I didn't have any more. I guess they only had one bottle of it at home and my mom didn't want to give it up. So what bright idea does she come up with? Getting an old, empty ketchup bottle and pouring some conditioner in there. Now it looks like I eat French fries in the shower."

" I made out with an 18 year old boy at a party last night. Nothing classier than making out in front of 100 other people, right?"

"I wear a coat appropriate namely Gay Pride. Not The Gay Pride. Just Gay Pride. You wouldn't call me The Katie, would you? Didn't think so."

"I repeatedly hit my friend Chuck in the balls last night with my purse. It was funny to me until the last time I hit him, then my phone went flying. I thought I broke it because none of the buttons were working, but it's fine this morning. I need to learn some manners. No more hitting gentlemen in the balls. Promise."

"There's no experience like a stripper in a g-string shoving his penis in your face and then having some of his sweat drip on you. It was great."

"I managed to start drinking again at 4:00 and continued until midnight."

"I proceeded to get extremely drunk there and made an ass out of myself."

"I said I was going to have a beer after I finished all my homework, but I didn't wait til I was done, and now I'm drunk, with 5 journals left to do."

"I had a very fun, drunken time last night."

"I'm drunk and mad."

" We went back to his apartment to drink with some friends, and he bought Budweiser to drink. So I had to drink Budweiser after he had just spoiled me with 2 Rolling Rocks."

"We were drinking beer and then he was making us martini's."

"What the fuck Emily, you better get drunk with me tonight, or I'll get drunker than I've ever been and really embarass you, which you know is my speciallty when I'm drunk."

" It was $1 you-call-its, and thank god it was or else I would have whipped out my debit card and racked up a tab of $86 dollars. I don't know how I'm going to afford it when I finally do turn 21."

"Keystone Light was the beer of choice, and I might add, cheap beer at it's finest. The night ended with five of us girls singing church songs."

"Goddamnit. I'm drunk."

Ah, the college life. I really do admire Katie. She still manages to get good grades all while enjoying her time. She's one sexy bitch and smart as hell too. Don't let her fool you. Okay, finding all those quotes took me like 500 hours of going through archives and reading posts, so I'm gonna get off the computer now. But see, I love you, Katie. I put all this time and effort in just for you. You're the bestest. If anyone else wants to read up on more stories de Katie, click the title! Or she's first on my links of "Other Blog Rats"

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This is Katie. I think this picture is pretty old. And she's probably gonna kill me for this. But maybe if you don't tell her, she'll never know. If I remember correctly, she's drunk at the dorms. She's a wildcat! I love you, Katie!
Photos de Jenn
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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

In-Depth Conversation

He sat on the floor in the hallway, playing behind me, while I got ready using the bathroom mirror. The conversation went something like. . .

Damian - "Mom, what's it called when you fart and nothing comes out?"
Me - "A fart."
Damian - "Yeah, but nothing comes out?"
Me - "It's still a fart, babe."
Damian - "No, a fart sounds like this (insert fart sound here), and what's it called when it just goes, pshhh?"
Me - (laughing) "A silencer?"
Damian - "A silencer?!"
Me - "Yeah, I guess."
Damian - "The one's that go, pshhh?"
Me - "Yeah, what else would you call it?"
Damian - "I dunno. How come they do that?"
Me - (laughing more) "I'm not sure babe, I guess they just do."

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Monday, February 07, 2005

So I wanted to update, but I don't have time. Work's been busy, busy, busy. Plus, I got in trouble for slacking. Not really in trouble, but it was mentioned. Anyhow, I'm also off on the weekends and many of you know I have no computer at home. So I CAN slack! I'll get a real update in tomorrow. FYI, I came back and checked out all your blogs too and you're all slackers too! So eat it! Oh yeah, and I luff you all very much.
Katie, I miss you.
Bill, I miss you.
I haven't talked to you people. Where you at dog
"Thank you for being you. . ."
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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Damian & Max

Damian & Max
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Damian & Max
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Damian & Brittney

Damian & Brittney
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Look at all her hair! It's messy too.
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Damian & Brittney
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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Read It, Heard It, You Should Too
So, I haven't much to blog about. I've not done an asinine post in a while. That's probably due to the fact that I've actually been sleeping and haven't got that good ol' delirium kick going. Maybe soon. I've been doing pretty much nothing in my old age. I've been reading ALOT. More in this
past year than all other times put together. Books I've read in this past year include: Stolen Lives - Malika Oufkir, Reasonable Doubt (True Crimes) - Steve Vogel, The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown, The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold, To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee, Don't Try This At Home - Dave Navarro & Neil Straus. I JUST started reading The Poisonwood Bible - Barbara Kingsolver. Thanks to Katie I've read some kickass books. She's recommended 4 of the 7. Nerds are good to ask for recommendations on a good read. I have two more she recommended. I think I'll read one of the two, but the other just didn't sound appealing. Katie - "Which one?!" She's Come Undone, Katie. It didn't sound too great to me. Don't yell. You've been right on it with the others. And so far this one is good. I think I should recommend a book to you in return for your kindness. Check out The Little Engine That Could. It's a short read but I think you'll like it. And you don't have to thank me.
Other than books I've been all about the music, music, music! I ordered 7 CD's last week, in which the freakin' order hasn't even processed. Thanks, Bill. Yeah, I know. You've been right before, but dude! This is starting to piss me off! Anyhow, WHEN and IF the order processes I should be getting, Dave Navarro - Trust No One, Soundtrack- Gardenstate (haven't even seen it yet), Jane's Addiction - Ritual de lo Habitual (mine seems to be MIA), Minnie Ripperton - Greatest Hits (Gold Edition) or something like that, Massive Attack - Mezzanine, and there's a 7th but I'm drawing a blank. Oh wait! I remember the 7th is Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion II. Or maybe it was I. Which ever one has "Don't Cry." I'm really excited about getting these, but the damn company is sitting on their ass and seem to have something stuck up it. Bill, it was your idea, fix it! Please? I've been on an "oldie" kick. Like straight up 60's and 70's. Like when they were all named "The" something. Listening to lots of The Beatles, some Ottis Redding, Brenton Wood, Etta James, Aaron Neville, Smokey Robinson, James Brown, The Four Tops, The Temprees, The Miracles, The Capris, The Shirelles, Garland Green, The O'Jays, Don Julian & The Larks, Gene Chandler,The Delfonics, James & Bobby Purify, Little Richard, The Rolling Stones, of course Elvis and tons more. I could go on and on. Man I love this shit. My dad used to play it all day, every day. "These Oldies but Goodies (remind me of you)" That totally fits when I hear all of this and it reminds me of my dad. Same goes for my brother's and mom. I never realized 'til recently that my dad had kickass taste in music. He knew what was up! He taught me well.
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