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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Happy Birthday, BillyJack!

I know it's a day late, so I got you this...

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Go get her!

And this ------>

Love ya!

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Feeling the Love

Thank you all for the wishes and prayers, I'll keep you posted and give more details later. You guys really made my day with all the sweet comments. You all rock in my book! I'll post about my last weekend sometime next week. Pictures and all. Have a great weekend.

My heart is with those in Hurricane Rita's path.

Now, enjoy some Danzig "Mother" over here ------>
Or, scroll down a couple of posts and rock some System Of A Down "Aerials"
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Silent Fears, Silent Tears

I'm TOTALLY stressed out. I'm up for a promotion, but the competition's stiff. I feel like I'm gonna cry. I have LOTS of pressure. I haven't wanted something this bad in a long time. I want it so bad I can taste it. I wasn't gonna say anything until after, good or bad, but I just have to say something. Not only do I want it, I NEED it. *sigh

Send wishes, prayers, and good luck my way. I could really use it.
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System Of A Down "Aerials"

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Neuro Nerds

This is a re-post 'cause my brother and I were conversating about it the other night when we were originally talking about "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" (which, by the way, I will NEVER see)  and somehow ended up talking about these guys. Some of you have read it, my apologies. If you want to see the original commentary on the post, click here. But I would really love some more views and opinions. Bring on the debate.

Working graveyard means sleeping all these inscrutable hours. So sometimes when I'm tired but can't sleep I'll turn on the TV and try to find something lame to watch, which isn't hard. The other morning I put it on HBO and caught "HBO vs. The Faith Healers." It is a behind the scences kind of show targeting Benny Hinn and Reinhold Bonnke, alleged miracle workers. Well, unbeknownst to me it turned out to be very interesting. They gave HBO access to all that they do and were later upset that HBO 'put a twist on it.' For those of you that don't know about, or have never seen Benny Hinn, he's a pastor who supposably has powers from God to create miracles. As for Reinhold Bonnke, he does his preachings and miracle in Africa. Though Bonnke cast spells on witch docters. Previous to this I had caught only a glimpse of Hinn's doings. I never agreed and never disagreed, moreso because I never knew much about it all. Hinn and Bonnke lead people to believe that they are miracle workers, and that their preachings and miracles are a gift from God. Well, in this behind the scenes documentary, there were no miracle to be found. Some of the people who were claimed to have had their miracle even passed away not long after the show. As they got farther into the show, it actually began to get a little scary, if you will. They eventually compared Hinn and Bonnke to Hitler. I was totally dumbfounded. And strange enough, I also agreed after watching the show. They had neurologist and their theory's behind it. What they came up with was "placebo." 1) A substance containing no medication and prescribed or given to reinforce a patient's expectation to get well. 2) An inactive substance or preparation used as a control in an experiment or test to determine the effectiveness of a medicinal drug. 3) Something of no intrinsic remedial value that is used to appease or reassure another. 4) (pl�-chb) Roman Catholic Church. The service or office of vespers for the dead.
What they said was that this is why Hitler was as powerful as he was. That he knew that manipulating a vast crowd was easier than doing so with smaller crowds. The energy is much more intense when in the millions. Which, Hinn preaches to and Bonnke in the half millions. They gave examples of Hitlers "white power" hand in the air to Hinn and Bonnke's waving their hands in the air; His soldier marching the way they did in sequence, at the same pace and beat, to Hinn and Bonnke's crowds swaying. This is all part of the placebo effect. I also learned that the placebo effect can make people feel different. For instance, someone with a bad back that maybe can't squat. When being in the state of placebo, you can then squat. But day's later are unable to.

Another thing that was upsetting to me was the money. The amount of money asked for. There was one family, a poor family, whose son had brain tumors and was in a vegetable state. They had converted over to Christianity from Hinduism. Hinn was asked to take their son on stage and perfom his miracles. The little boy died not soon after. But, yet the parents still feel obligated to give Hinn inane amounts of money. On most envelopes to donate to the church, there is amounts on the envelope starting at $5 and up to maybe $100. Hinn's envelopes started in the hundreds and stopped not short of 5 grand! Just one more thing Hinn can do with this placebo effect. Placebo can also be compared to hypnotism.

The neuroscientists also said that most people like this had a strange childhood. And in over-coming this, they then believe that they are some kind of "chosen." They even went all the way into evolution. HBO conducted a few tests on several different people and proved a very good point and everthing to back it. After watching I was just left with an eerie feeling. Are these two men using faith and religion to manipulate? Or are they really strong Christians with faith and believe they are what they are? Something to ponder in my little mind. . . .

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Thank You

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Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I read all of your comments to him and he was exstatic! He thought it was totally cool that there were people from all over the world sending him birthday wishes. He got a kick outta names like Vavoom and loved the singing from Timmortal and knew who the "Peas and carrots and rock 'n roll forever" was right away. He really did take interest to each comment. We took this picture after we ate and read through the comments. Thanks again for making my baby smile on his birthday!

You guys rock!

We went for pizza when he got out of school 'cause that's what he wanted to do. Then we hung out at my brother's. His birthday party was last weekend at Peter Pipers Pizza. We had lots of people show, including Eric and Steve all the way from California. He got lots of neat stuff, but moreso got to have fun with his friends and family.

Today is my friend's birthday so we'll be taking her out. I wasn't gonna go originally, but turns out my son was actually asked by Sperm Donor to spend the night. So me and the girls are gonna dance our little hearts out.

You can't touch us!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

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Mommy Loves You!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Not Of Importance

I want to post, but my mind is blank. Literally. So here's a list of random stuff.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Why Are People So Damn Petty. . .

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Invisible Lines

I hate to touch on this subject again, but, I'm going to. So, the first time DJ Dickhead got me all riled up was when 14 year old girl called up and told her story of how she snuck out, smoked some weed that she didn't know was laced and ended up having sex with the boy she was with whom was not her boyfriend.

There were many different views and opinions on the subject. Some say she was raped, some say she wasn't, some say she was taken advantage of, some say it was her fault, and so on and so forth.

Anyhow, according to DJ Dickhead, it was her fault, no questions asked. So, I'm listening to him a while back and a 15 year old calls in with her story that went something like. . . 'She likes to have one-night-stands.' She said that she doesn't like the guys and she doesn't want anything to do with them after. DJ Dickhead was prying and got nothing. She straight up said, "I'm the group whore."

The problem DJ Dickhead was having was trying to make it her fault, well, because she already said she was doing it and she knew she was being a whore. So he had nothing. Eventually he asked her the ages of the boys/men she was sleeping with. She said they were anywhere from her age to their early twenties. This is when he said that she was being raped. Statutory.

Now, for the first time I can see his point. But, again, I'm stuck. At 15 I knew EXACTLY what I was doing. I know the law says that it's rape because she is not old enough to make decisions as such. I understand that, but I keep going back to when I was fifteen and again, I knew what was going on. I was with my ex (sons father) at fifteen. I was with him and only him until I left him at 22. He's roughly my age, seven months my junior, but we knew what we were doing.

I know I say man, but the situation can be reversed. I'm just using the "norm" for the situation. This "group whore" as she called herself said that her actions are not alcohol induced and that she just 'likes to.' I'm sure she's tempting the men, and now days girls of 15-18 are rocking figures like whoah! Which makes it hard to be like 'oh, she's only 15.' I know, no excuses. Just a thought.

So, basically it's up to the man that is of age to make these decisions to not get involved in them. I totally agree. I don't understand why a man of his twenties would be interested in a girl whose only 15. I just don't. There's a fine line though. I mean, a college (young) man at 18 or 19 may be interested in a highschool girl of 17, maybe 16. Is that a line crossed? When and where do we draw the line?
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Monday, September 05, 2005

At this very moment there are 1,600 people from New Orleans seeking refuge here in New Mexico. "They" are expecting 6,000. If you think it can't hit home and be on your doorstep, you're wrong. It is scary and my stomach is turning at the thought. I cannot even fathom how those who've been affected are feeling. I have not been able to "live" feeling okay this past week. I feel like I'm impaired. I feel wrong for any fun that I have or money that I spend. I just wanna be home with my son. . . . As I'm sure is all that many from New Orleans want. . .

God Bless. . .

Help Now. Or call 1-800-HELP-NOW.
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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Picture Mania (It posted the pictures in the opposite order that I wanted, but what's a girl to do?)

Snowball Ninja tactics. Daniel-son has nothing on him.
Stroll through the fog on the way home one morning.
Sun rising behind the fog.
He IS Spiderman. That's just a decoy behind him. Duh!
We're lucky enough to get double rainbows often. Does that mean there's two pots of gold?
Chillin' in Hawaii. What?! Photoshop? You're just jealous.
Stopped at Hoover Dam on the way to Vegas. One day he'll know the history of it and be proud of this picture. One day I might too.
\\ My wheels. It's a Spyder (convertible), but you can't tell. I hate it, but I love it. The payment is what makes me hate it, I got raped. I can drop the top is what makes me love it. Strangely, I RARELY drop the top.
My big brothers. They each have two daughters, I have the only boy. "Daddy, what's on Uncle's head?" The mohawk has since been buried. Oh how happy it made Mom.
He's not poking it! Not that time anyway.

One of four nieces (no nephews). She's the baby of the family. She's 8 months now.
Don't you wish your boyfriend was hot like mine?
Because I looked out of the window of work (3rd story) one day, and that's what I saw. Crashing down, full speed ahead, it seemed, but not the slightest movement.

Whoever said a snowman consisted of making three balls was a jerk. They didn't think about us single parents. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE. He was happy with "Sam" nonetheless. "Sam" TOOK FOREVER! Then he just goes and melts. Ungrateful little shit.
All pictures taken with my cell phone, with the exception of Spidey. Not bad for a cell, eh?
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Part Deuce

A true Ninja uses all that's around him. "Mom, look an icicle!"
Watch out Tony Hawk. Soon it'll be Tony who?
One of my tattoos all glow in the dark and cool looking. Oh how I wish it would really look like that.
That's right, that's Velvet Revolver between my fingers. You see Slash and Weiland? They're looking RIGHT at me. That's also where I was sitting before I got man-handled and got better seats. Then we were on the other side up in that crowd. I remember it like it was only last week. Oh wait, it was last week.

Sharon and I at the Scorpions/Tesla concert.
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