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Saturday, December 31, 2005

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


So, I really wasn't gonna post again after the holiday wishes, but Zombieslayer said he'd post his resolutions if I'd post mine. A deals a deal, plus I did that last post about my weekend.

Anyhow, so this template was gonna be saved for the start of the new year, but I decided I'd just get it out here along with this post. Isn't it just so lady-like? You know you love it.

So, to make it short and sweet, my resolutions for 2006 are as

FUCK IT! I'm gonna live for the day from now on. Not dwell on the past, just remember, cherish and learn from it. Not gonna live for tomorrow because as a wise man once said, it's doesn't even exist yet.

This past year was indeed a crazy and most memorable one. It was a year that carried over from 2004. I learned so much about myself and others from then 'til now. I've got to feel the emotions of true love, betrayal, realizing what real friends will do, and then some. I've learned that people just don't like it when you're real and don't hold back. I've learned that most of the time when someone asks what you think they're really asking you to tell them what they wanna hear and not the realities. I've learned that telling it like it is means people think you're a bitch or even controlling. I learned that I'm loved and it's not vain for me to say so. I've learned that I'm blessed with friends and you should be jealous. My little family means more than many big family's to each other and my son is all the reason I need to wake up in the mornings. I've learned that my on-line friends rock! And I don't care anymore if anyone thinks it's "weird." Fuck them, they're just jealous.

So, as for resolutions, I don't know what the future entails. I just know I'm gonna be happy this year and I'd like to see someone stop me. Not that I haven't been happy. I've come this far in life and I haven't been broken yet. Those who tried, here's a little FYI for you, you didn't break me, you just bent me and bends can be straightened. You broke yourself. I don't care if it sounds cocky either, but I know that those who lost me WILL regret it. I lost my grandpa at a young age, a favorite uncle to suicide at a young age, my dad at 12, my last grandpa who was like my dad 2 years ago and what I've taken from it is that life is too short. People are taken away from me not by my choice and if you choose to leave someone by choice, that's YOUR loss and I'm sorry you take life for granted.

I know this post sounds like I might be mad or even sad, but I swear it's not at all that. I've just been analyzing my life and I realize that there's nothing to analyze. I'm where I'm supposed to be and tomorrow I'll be where I'm supposed to be and so on and so forth. That in itself makes me happy.

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Monday, December 26, 2005

And The Weekend Consisted Of. . .

Saturday - Christmas Eve

Sunday - Christmas Day

Now it's 3 am on Monday. Hope you all had a kickass weekend. Mine was great. Did I forget to mention I played Mariah Carey's re-release of Emancipation of Mimi 8 million times? Maybe I'll just keep that part to myself. It's on next weekend, bitches!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Merry Chrismahanakwanza!
I want to wish you all a beautiful Christmas
weekend and I hope the New Year rocks your socks.
I plan on brining it in with a bang and I
hope you'll do the same.
Although, I may decide to sit on my
couch and enjoy it ringing in quietly.
God Bless...
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Monday, December 19, 2005

Who The Fuck Are YOU?

Nobody. Why you wanna fight dirty?

Bring it. You wanna battle? I'll give you a fucking war.

*Hugs & Kisses, Big Boy*
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Thursday, December 15, 2005


What is cheating? When is cheating, cheating?
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Monday, December 12, 2005


If you're gonna act like a whore. . . Don't get mad when you get treated like one.
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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tune In

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The Flies found their way to me and I've been obsessed with their sounds since. You don't wanna pass these guys up. They sent me a CD all the way from the good ol' UK and my obsession only grows.

Check out their official site here. It's forever changing and kickass everytime. You can also find them on MySpace and take a listen. If you're on there, add them, drop a comment and tell them I sent you. Just because I've always wanted to say that. But, you can tell them I sent you. That'd rock. They recently changed the tracks from the previous ones, but they're still on fire.

I was turned on to 8mm just the other day and already I can't stop listening. Sweet, eccentric sounds and it's just all around sexy, if you will. I ordered this one.

Check out their official site here, or you can listen on MySpace. My favorite track being "Give It Up." You can also find the video on their website. Add them if you're on MySpace, drop them a comment and tell them I sent you. Not that they know who I am or anything. But so what?

I first heard Dave Doobinin at Radio Indie Pop singing for a band called Skywriter. I was immediately happy with what I heard and had to research him further. He too was a weekly obsession... Which still lingers on. He sent me two CD's and I was nothing short of impressed.

His official site can be found here, or he too is on MySpace. If you're there, add him, leave him a comment and tell him I sent you.

Are you STILL here? Don't you have music to be listening to?
Get the hell outta here already. Loser.

*Edit: This music is not hard. It's lax and melancholy. The Flies and 8mm fall something along the lines of Portishead. Dave Doobinin falls along the lines of singer/songwriter. Genre's suck. I wanna know what you think too. Don't make me kick your ass. Now get outta here.
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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


So, I finally decided to post about a fun weekend I had about. . . oh say, three months ago! I told you I was a procrastinator, maybe next time you'll just believe me. I was gonna do a belated Halloween post, but that can wait too. Maybe I'll post that around Valentine's day.

Anyhow, so one Friday we went downtown and danced our asses off. After, we met at "the clock" where everyone meets and mingles until the cops on horses start rushing you like bats outta hell. We kept our distance from the clock this night because, well, we were having a hard time with gravity. Eej and I even battled it out with a tree. That bastard put his branches on me. --->

After we head over to Goofy's place. He's my friend whom I met through my good friend, Wifey, which is her husbands bestfriend. You follow? Yeah, you didn't need to know that. I like hanging out with these cool cats because they've all been friends for eons and they like to have fun the good old fashioned way. They aren't constantly bitching that they need chicks if there aren't any or just a couple and they aren't tight with their alcohol. Anyway, we drank, we talked, we played air hockey, we drank, we played basketball, we drank and then we played foosball; Where I spanked those silly boys and left them in awe. It was oh so glorious. I was talking all big and bad, but I brought it. I heart foosball. Then they all passed out and left Booty and I alone to smoke and take drunken pictures of ourselves thinking we looked all schnazzy. I found a cowboy hat, or more like sombrero (shut up, Katie) so I threw that on and tried acting all country or Mexican? Only to find the next day that the pictures were far from what we thought. Good ol' beer goggles.

Sexy bitches. Yeah, I'm hardcore. Or not.

The next morning we all wake up and start calling eachother and decide we're gonna go watch the UNM Lobos play the NMSU Aggies. For us, that = funtimes. They're our college football teams that both play for New Mexico. So to us they're "big rivals." Oooh, scaaary! Booty and I take forever in a day to get our asses motivated to get ready the day after tearing it up, so we missed the tailgating. It was a sold-out stadium and guess what? We didn't have tickets. Thank goodness there's always bastard scalpers or we'd never have gotten in. I've never seen so many jocks in my life. When we met up with our friends they were all dressed in their Lobo gear. . . and drunk! That's what we get for procrastinating. So, I grab a $10 dollar slice of pizza and a flat Mt. Dew to go with it for $10 more bucks and we're off to find the other boys that were already sitting down. They had pretty good seats and we found them after eight hours of "where are you?! Yeah, but North or South?! Top or bottom?!" It was great.

So we finally find them and plop our asses down after 500 "excuse me's" and people turning their cheeks for us to squeeze by. I thought I'd take a couple of shots of us all sitting down and try to get a good picture of the crowd. I think Hubby was praying to the football Gods. After I took the picture of him and Wifey, I showed them and he say's, "Who's that?"--->
SCORE! Douchebag. Then I wanted to get a good shot or two of the crowd. The ones I was taking of the crowd across from us seemed like they might be too far so I got the bright idea of holding my phone up and taking a picture of the people behind me... Good job, Jenn. No, really. Stick your phone all up in someone's grill and pretend you didn't know it happened while laughing hysterically. I'm sure he had NO idea. Real smart. <--- See. NO idea.
The game was already in motion by the time we settled. I ate my cold pizza, drank my flat drink while being careful not to spit it all out while screaming and chanting and all that goodness. Lobos, touchdown! Score! Aggies, touchdown. Nooo. Lobos touchdown! Score! Lobos again! And. . . um, again. Oh, lookie, again. The A.D.D. kicks in and slowly but surely the guys are talking about going back to the trucks for some beer. They ask Booty and I, and we're in. Everyone SWEARS we're gonna go back and finish the game. Yeah, right. They tell me to watch and see. Mmmhmm.

So, we headed to the trucks where Hubby cooked up some burgers and hot dogs using the handy dandy screwdriver. No spatula. We talked, smoked and got the beers in. We'd ask random on-goes what the score was, and it was too long ago to rememeber, but I do know that the Lobos spanked the Aggies. Speaking of on-goers, a girl with ribbone in her hair (gag) passed us by to get into her car when she realized that she was blocked in. So she asks if it belongs to any of us and the dissapoint in her face was heartbreaking when we all said no. So, I look up and a little light goes off. "Hey, there's like 13 guys and us three girls, why don't you MOVE the truck?" Me and my bright ideas. I was only kidding. I think. Menace got fired up at the idea and kept saying they should do it just to do it. And they did. That girl was all freaked out. You should have seen the look on her face when she was driving off. Wifey looks at her and say's, "Don't be alarmed, we're Hispanic." Fucking classic, I tell you. Then this old couple comes and are stuck in the same situation so Menace and the rest help them out too. They were so grateful.

We noticed all the people starting to leave so we started to close up shop and planned the after party back at Goofy's. You'd think we'd be smart enough to beat traffic but that wasn't the case. Booty and I got stuck ther for about an hour. She finally had to drop her aggresive driving skill on those bastards because no one would let us in. During this hour I looked up lyrics online on my cell and karaoked for her and my amusement. Then I looked at all the other crazy bastards trying to get out of the chaos and how stupid people just really are. As soon as she dropped her driving skill all over them, the traffic started flowing. The dumbasses were blocking eachother and no one was going anywhere.

We finally get outta there and head over to Goofy's where the party ensued. One of the times all the boys were outside have "man time" and one of them opens the door and say's something like, "Damn women, they're never happy" and closes it. It was so precious. I had to go out there and ruin their fun. But, I didn't. I found out they think I'm "one of the coolest chicks." Precious, just precious I tell you.

We start taking shots, their specialty is Crown and then someone whips out The Beer Bong. Oh, yeah. Bring it, bitches. This would be my second time attemting a shot at The Beer Bong. I didn't clear it this time, but, nobody told me not to open the valve ALL the way. Bastards. Anyhow, it was beer bongs for all. Hubby didn't want one, but peer pressure's a bitch. We all know that. In the midst of it, Wifey's holding up the bong while someone takes their turn. Can't remember who, and it gets smacked by the ceiling fan. She thinks it's hilarious because it's making it harder for the person to take it down, when, party foul! The light fixture shattered. Please watch where your step, broken glass. I get the mess cleaned up and watch Goofy look at Wifey like, "Damnit! Everytime!" Then he got sidetracked and we proceed with the beer bongs.

The party starts hopping even more. Lap dances ensue and there are dollar's flying everywhere. Okay, so maybe it was only two lap dances. Booty gave a quick few second one to Mike, and then Goofy gave one to Booty in all his sombrero glory and maybe there were no dollars, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

At one point I was wondering where Menace got lost at so Wifey and I went on a man hunt. When we found him he was in the pottie and he heard us so he asked Wifey to bring him some gahdamn toilet paper. I mean really. Can't a man go pottie in peace? He's hot even when he is on the toilet. He's Super Pooper! --->

Eej and I found another sombrero and did some stupid little Mexican dance, or something like that. Mostly we laughed and felt like jackasses. Her and I always argue about music, she thinks she's rock 'n roll and I think she has no fucking idea. Eventually, for a brief moment, we felt as one when we rocked the horns.

The party eventually started to die down and even Max (Goofy's dog) felt like chillaxing. He had a beer bong too. (No pets were harmed in the partying of this night.) All in all it was a great weekend. If any of you guys happen to find this here blog because I won't give you the URL, don't freak out or anything. Only people with internet access can find this and see all these pictures! I have Halloween one's too. Just FYI. For everyone else, I leave you with The Beer Bong starring. . .








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Monday, December 05, 2005

Et tu, Brute!

Warning: This post will be all full of mushyness. Jump to the next set of the post if you don't wanna feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Katie, thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder. Whether or not you believe it, it's helped me alot. You've been there since day one with all of this and you still haven't told me to shut up! I love you, lady.

Kurt, thanks for your encouraging and very wise words. You've made me think alot. Thanks for making me smile on a day where I felt it weren't possible.

Gabe, I know you still come here and read. I can't express to you how much I appreciate you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for really, truly caring about me. I love you.

Nancy, Mariah, Marylyn, Sharon, you guys have helped keep me sane. You've all shared tears with me and I'm sorry for that. Seeing your tears because of mine though, made me realize more than ever that you are true friends. I love you guys so much.

Mom, I know you have your own problems and that's the only reason I try and not burden you with mine. It's not that I don't wanna talk to you. Thank you for holding me. Even though I'm 26, I still feel safe in your arms. You've also shared tears with me. I can't tell you enough times that I really don't know what I'd do without. I love you.

Damian, sorry you saw mommy cry. You're so loving and caring it's crazy. Everytime I look at you I find it amazing that such a little person has so much understanding for life. I find it amazing how much love that little heart of yours has. I will be okay. I have you! I love you, baby.

Blog buddies, thank you guys for all of the sweet comments. You guys rock me right! If I were rich, I'd quit my job and make a life outta traveling the world meeting you guys.
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