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Monday, August 21, 2006

Let It Be

My son has learned how to play Let It Be by the Beatles on the keyboard. The other day he was practicing while I listened in the living room. When he's playing, it is extremely rare for me to tell him to turn it down. I just let him play. This day he played once and then went at it a second time. As he was about to finish I was walking into his room to tell him that he'd done a great job and was getting really good. When I got into his room, he was already laying on his bed. He must have laid down the very second he hit that last note. He was laying on his back with his arms under his head... and tears falling down his little cheeks. I was deeply moved. Music had moved my son. Good music at that. He's only seven. I grabbed him and hugged him and although he's almost too big to carry, I picked him up and just hugged him. I asked him if the song had made him feel. He said yes. That same day his dog had gotten ran over and of course it was only a week or so when his grandpa passed away. The music ran through his body while he played that day. I couldn't ask for anything more. It was sad... in a beautiful way.

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Monday, August 07, 2006


On fathers day weekend, myself and seven other adults took 13 children to the lake along with four jet skies and a speed boat. The kids were really good and had a blast. The jet skiing was so much fun I managed to go home with bruises the size of my palm on the inside of my calves from riding so hard and so much. But, they were worth it. I am the master of 360's and have gotten pretty damn good at riding the waves created by other boats. I'm also the master of getting really cocky while riding and launching myself off the jet ski. But, that in itself is fun. Well, unless there's no bar to pull yourself up and you're trying 500 times to pull yourself up with only the strength you have in your arms and absolutely no leverage. I mean, this wouldn't be a problem if I was Hulk Hogan, but I can't even do a pull up anymore.

I've also been to my friends cabin a couple times. The first time nine of us went. Her, myself, her husband, and six of our guy friends. The weekend proved to be very entertaining and hilarious. We laughed 'til it hurt. Got a pretty intense game of Truth Or Dare going on sitting around the camp fire which led to faces in cow poop, bug eating, naked serenading and then some. We also went four wheeling in thee ol' jeep. We managed to high center at one point as well as sliding towards the end of a hill and hanging the front passenger tire off the cliff. Talk about shitting a brick.

The second time we took different guy friends and one of them took his sister. That time we took tons of golf balls and hit them with bats and clubs then hunted for them like Easter eggs. I learned how to play Dominoes and I kicked some serious ass. Both times we had some GREAT meals. French toast, eggs, bacon, potatoes and juice for breakfast. Carne adovada, corn on the grill, grilled green onions, potatoes, steaks and then some for lunches and dinners. At one point we shared most embarrassing moments and P had to go use the outhouse. As were still sharing we hear laughter come from the direction of the outhouse so we shine the light there and we see him sitting there in all his glory with a sign behind him that say's "Relief." Apparently he didn't want to miss any stories so he left the door open to see and hear us. Then he yelled for me 'cause he needed toilet paper. I got him the toilet paper and a camera. Freakin' priceless.

A few weeks ago five of us girls got together and went out to a pool hall. We had some appetizers and drinks. We decided we felt all Sex In The City. After the pool hall we headed to The Library. The night was going well until we had a run in with a douchebag and his two little friends. One of his little friends had a big mouth and so one of my girlfriends shut her up while I held her other friend. Well, she was kind of holding me, too. Anyhow, then we got kicked out of stupid IHop for no reason. Okay, well the girls we shut up were with an ex cop who told the workers he was still a cop, who in turn thought they had some kind of 'power.' I told them he was no longer a cop and Little Man Manager still say's he'll escort us out while I tell him I'd like to see either one of them put their filthy paws on me. We left 'cause we wanted to in the end. We were done with the nonsense.

A couple weekends ago my friends came out from El Paso so we rounded up the masses and went out all weekend. We headed downtown at nights and hung around in pajamas chatting it up during the days. It was a fun weekend with lots and lots of friends. We even managed to only have a couple drinks that Saturday night and ALL stayed together. Well, the bar having no AC had nothing to do with it! Okay, it did and the spot we found was right under all the fans, so what? We still stayed together. All 10 of us. That never happens so I'd say it was a break through.

In the past 8 months I've lost three people whom I loved/love dearly. My godfather and uncle, my grandmother and on Sunday I was given the news by my son that his grandpa passed away. He was only 46. He and I were close and I loved him to death. Life really is too short. Live and let live. 

Songs I'm obsessing this past week: Damien Rice "Volcano" - Everytime I Die "Children Of Bodom" - Bright Eyes "Lover I Don't Have To Love" Check them out. Some good stuff.

I miss you all.

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