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Saturday, February 10, 2007

And I Watch You Watch Me

I saw Flyleaf the other night. I'm seeing Tool soon. I THOUGHT I was gonna go see Norma Jean, but they're coming the same night as Tool. What the hell are they thinking? I'm going to watch Johnny Tapia's last fight and not on TV. I'm going to the WWE live soon, too. I'm going to VA in June with my son if all works as planned. I’ll get to see my two girls (that have my initial tattooed on them, thankyouverymuch), one of which is coming out from the UK (again). My son will get to fulfill his dream of flying as well as seeing the ocean. I’m going to LA in August and hitting Vegas as well. I'm meeting with about 15 of my friends tonight to celebrate my promotion. I am meeting with my sons school for the final outcome about his gifted testing. I pay off my car in November, $40,000 and five years later. That means I get to start house shopping. I no longer drink Bud Light, but drink Negro Modelo, Dos XX Amber and am currently experiencing the world that is foreign beer. Man I'd been missing out!

Did you see the part where I said "celebrate my promotion?" I got the job, bitches!!!

Life is good. Real good.
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