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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Slack, Therfore I Am

Yours truly is in the process of purchasing a new laptop. I have been shopping and will make the purchase soon. I just need to find what's right for me. When said laptop is in my possession, I will also get high-speed internets. That means my rat in a wheel can then become a pet versus my connection that is dial-up. And when that happens, posting will be an enjoyment rather than a burden.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for many things! All I need now is world peace. *tear*
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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Radiohead says 'screw you labels!'

Radiohead will be offering its newest album by digital download, allowing fans to pay whatever they think is a fair price for their newest 10 songs. The band will allow users to pay a minimum of 1 pence (plus a 45p credit card processing fee) to download the In Rainbows album from the band’s web site.

Given the band is no longer under contract with a label, they are free to distribute their own music how they best see fit. By cutting out the middle man (iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc.), they can charge fans much less to enjoy their music. The band had previously been with EMI for their last album, which was released in 2003.

Radiohead has never made their music available on iTunes, and it now appears they never will.

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So, it's as Steve Isaacs said, historical move by a great band. I've only seen everyone saying they got it for free, because you can... I just got it and I opted to pay $10 bucks for it. Not only because I want the album, but because I think what they're doing is freakin' great.

I'm just listening to it and so far so good!

Here's some discussion about it...

Chrissy: "hopefully others will follow"

Daniel: "They're releasing the record as a CD in a few months time on an independant label.

It's been nothing more than a marketing gimmick."

Donna: "Way to rain on everyone's parade Daniel.
I should get this CD. Maybe when I get paid."

Daniel: "Well, i don't like Radiohead so meh (i do like the 'pay what you want' idea though. i just don't like how they always intended to release it on CD anyway and were essentially just doing this as a numbers experiment with a back up plan to make sure that the sales still come)

If they actually had a spine, they'd do it like Saul Williams and Trent Reznor have with SW's new album.

More info, plus a download link, can be found here -"

Jenn: "I don't think it's a gimmick. They've said on the site where you get the download that they'd be releasing a boxset all along. And of course they're gonna release something for sale. You know everyone and their mother is going to pay, oh, nothing for the download. They gotta make their money somehow. And they are opposite the artists who bitch about people downloading. And I say, rock that independant label!"

Kristen: "And I think it's more about the statement than anything. I sense this out of Dave (Navarro) at some point."

Jenn: "It's a huge statement, too. I'm hoping it is a revolution of some kind and the labels start getting scared and realizing they've done fucked up. OR, just leave the labels to Britney and all those kinda people. Besides, everyone is starting their own labels nowdays. It's already happening. I think Radiohead just took it one step farther. Whether or not you like Radiohead, they are a very popular band and coming from them, it's a statement not to be missed. We know just about any label would sign them. They can still sell the shit out of their albums. And from the reviews I've read, people are liking this one."

Kristen: "It just makes sense. A big part of the reason why people stopped buying music was because they refuse to pay out the ass for a single CD. So why not have the people pay what they want? The $10 that Jenn gave is reasonable, and they'd sell so many more copies that way."

Jenn: "Right. I'd say I usually spend at LEAST 15 bucks for a CD and even up to 20 plus at times. I thought 10 bucks for a new Radiohead CD was a steal. Given there is no artwork, etc. But I paid the 10 bucks strictly to support the statment as I could have gotten a CD I wanted for free, from the band themselves. Not pirating it."

Another thing I'm thinking is that if this worksout as I hope it does, musicians will be able to sell their music for less as they will be keeping all the profits. I see it as working for them as well as the fans.
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