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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Freakin' 2008!

I took Saturday off for UFC 79 "Nemesis" and it rocked so fucking hard!! (Yes, I took off for the fight and not for Christmas or the New Year.) LIDDELL won by unanimous decision!! Ciao, Wanderlei! Oh. My. God. I didn't realize until Saturday how important these fights have become to me. My heart was pounding! I was one happy girl and that is very much an under-statement.

Georges "Rush" St. Pierre took the interim welterweight title just like I said he would. This was a rubber match and his last win against Hughes was via armbar and it's how he took this win. He will now beat Serra to a pulp sometime next year for the title.

I've never bet on any fights, but I bet $10 x2 on Liddel and $10 on St. Pierre. Woot!

It had to be Liddell's win. It just did. That impostor that fought Jardine has left the building. He was in so much better shape than his last fight and he was very focused. He was ready. And he did it... WITH GUNS BLAZIN', baby!!

For you that doubted Liddell. . .

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Was Nice

So Christmas has come and gone. It was nice. I got so much stuff this year, it's crazy. Normally I don't get very much and this started about 9 years ago when I had my son. I am in awe of the wonderful things I got from my loved ones. Here's what I got.

* $500 to put towards my new MacBook from Mom and Grandma.
* A really cool blowdryer (mine broke) and a pretty blouse from my son.
* iPod Nano Black 8 gig from Andrea engraved with "In my friend, I find a second self."
* A MacBook and Bose speaker docking station for my iPod and 3 pair stilettos from me.
* SuperBad uncut and a ticket to see Coheed and Cambria and Linkin Park in March from Mario. Linking Park is the headliner, but I'm stoked to see Coheed.
* Some killer stilettos, 2 pair of jeans, a blouse, earrings and a robe from my sister-in-law and brother.
* Some nice RCA headphones from my other brother.
* A snowglobe that lights up different neon colors, has a skull in it and bats when you shake it and a bluetooth mouse for my MacBook from Jordan and Diana.
* A Victoria's Secret bag with Love Spell body spray, shower gel and lotion from Paul, Bridgette and Jacob.
* A bathroom kit with lotion, body gel, scrunchy and other stuff from Elvina (Paul's mom).
* A little pedicure set from a co-worker.

And I think that about covers it. That's juts INSANE. I couldn't be more grateful or thankful. I am just lucky to even have these people in my life and in my sons.

My son got so much stuff I wouldn't even know where to start! He did however get 2 Guitar Hero III's for the Wii (that I got him in Sept. for his birthday). I got him one of those, 3 games for the Wii and a toothbrush that plays a Van Halen song when he brushes. I think it's Van Halen. Oh yeah, we will not leave the room because we will be pwning Guitar Hero!

Spent Christmas Eve with the family after I woke up (worked the night before). Came to work that night, work up Christmas day and spent it with friends. I hope you guys had a Christmas as great as I did.

I need a new damn template!!
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Monday, December 17, 2007

Jenn + Alcohol = Over

I've been partying now for about 6 years. Funtimes and many a memories, but I think I'm done. It's been probably about 6 months now since I've been not really wanting to do the party thing. I basically make myself go when I do go now. Maybe it's denial that I'm actually done with my partying daze. Besides that, I had my first real hangover this weekend and fuck all that. I've never been the type to get sick while drinking or hungover. A minor headache here and there, maybe a little bit going on in the stomach, but nothing some IBuprofen and some liquids and food couldn't fix. This time, death was upon me. It was ROUGH. Everyone is saying, "you'll drink again." Why would I subject myself to that?! And another thing (which I'm embarrassed about), the last 3 times I drank, I blacked out. That is not common. At all. Apparently I don't do anything crazy or act outlandishly, and no one even knows until I mention it the next day. I've come to the conclusion that I'm getting old! Some of my friends say it's because I'm "in my peak." Thirty is the age, give or take a few years. And peak doesn't necessarily mean sexual. It does however mean a girls hormones go a little crazy. So maybe there's some kinda chemical reaction with my crazy hormones. And no, I'm not an emotional twat. Well, not usually. And I think when I am it is within reason.

Anyhow, RIP Drunken Daze/Days. The stories will be told for generations to come. From now on, it's a social drink here and there. I'm sure I'll have a drunk moment once in a while, but no longer will it be anything often. And often before was a couple times a month and even that's too much. I don't even like partying anymore. I have more fun sitting at my friends house playing Guitar Hero.

P.S. Liddell vs. Wanderlei Dec. 29th. Mark your calendars. On the same card, a rubber match - Hughes vs. St. Pierre. It's going to be a good fucking night because Wanderlei will be seeing stars; And St. Pierre will be the new welterweight champ.
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Sunday, December 09, 2007

SO. . .

I was gonna change my template, but MACINTOSH IS A MOTHERFUCKER. I mean, not a mean motherfucker, just a motherfucker. I like Mac, it's shnazzy and it's actually very simple if you know what you're doing. Know what you're doing being the key words. Jordan finally helped me today and I learned a lot, but there is still ever so much to learn. God give me patience. I remember downloading something on Windows and actually knowing how to "work it" after it downloaded. The good ol' days. Anybody got Mac skills? You should email me and then we should exchange IM info and then you should help me with this bad boy and then we can become BFF's. Someone help my lost soul.
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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Isn't it Unique?

So, I was thinking that it's time for a new template. Whaddya think?

I'm here on my NEW MACBOOK at work. Yup, I got a new lappy, bitches. I have NO idea what to do with a Mac and I love every second of it. The best part is it picks up internet here at work. Wooo!

Andrea got me an 8 gig iPod Nano for Christmas. Engraved on the back is "In my friend, I find a second self." You should be jealous that I have a friend like that.

Guess what?? I PAID OFF MY CAR. After 5 grueling years, I own it. $650 a month. Yeah, I'm an idiot, but it's too late to tell me that now so bite me.

I don't know if I posted that I have a new niece, so here it is, I have a new niece. That makes FIVE nieces. She was born on my sons birthday. How rad is that? Oh, an my sons dad has his third kid in the making. After two boys, he's finally having a girl. Together, he and his girlfriend will have four kids. They are going to have SO much fun! Oh, and guess what he's naming her? Unique. Guess where he got that name? Well lemme tell you. When I was pregnant it was the name we'd picked for a girl. Yup, that was my sons name to be had he been a girl. And his girlfriend who hates me with all her heart and soul doesn't know it's a name that he and I picked together. She's gonna be so ecstatic when she finds out. Anyone remember my first ever online screen name on Yahoo form like 6 years ago? It was unique02001. Guess where I got that? It's good stuff. Good stuff indeed.

It's good to be back. I know, I know. I've been coming back forever now, but this time I got a new lappy and some high-speed internets. Chigitty check it!
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