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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It's a Free Ride When You've Already Paid

I swear God has a sense of humor. I kid you not. And right now he's sitting up there laughing his ass off at me. I said the next guy I dated would love the kind of music I love. I said he wouldn't have a jealous bone in his body. I said he would love all the world like I do. And he'd love to dance and we'd dance forever on nights when we went out.

My boyfriend... Well, he thinks my musical taste is "weird" and "emo" and ")insert vulgar language here)." What's the one kind of music I liked but didn't really listen to? Country. Ask me. I dare you. Ask me what he listens to. COUNTRY. We both like the OG stuff like Hank Williams and Loretta Lynn and all those cool cats, and I don't even mind the Garth Brooks and George Strait and stuff, but that is ALL he listens to. At least for the most part. We can agree on oldies and at times main stream hiphop, but he just can not stand what I like. No Ryan Adams, no Yeah Yeah Yeahs, no Dredg, no oldschool, nada. AGH! I can listen to just about anything and find something to appreciate about it, but him, he can't. So country it is. I know the words to Troubador and then some! And I love Brooks and Dunn, I don't care WHAT you say, but God PLEASE help me! Seriously, I'm all twanged out right now. Oh, and he likes rock and it just so happens to be the kind I don't really care for. It's heavy and metal and old or something. I don't know, but I don't care for it. However, we both love rockabilly and spend our free time listening to local bands and watching all the greasers dance to it while we drink our PBR.

Oh, and is he jealous? IS HE JEALOUS? I mean, why wouldn't he be? Everybody in all the world wants me right?? WRONG! Tell him differently though. I dare you! God forbid if I glance at a boy because OH. MY. GOD. I'M IN LOVE WITH HIM.

Does he love all the world? NO. Does he hate all the world? No. But, he trusts no one. Does he dance? Of course not! Don't be silly.

We have NOTHING in common. Nothing. Other than we like tattoos. And we DO NOT like the same kind of tattoos. Mine are "hippy." And because of them and because of how I get along with everyone and the glass is half full, damnit, I've rightfully earned the name "Moonflower." It works.

He bought me a really nice pocket knife. A sweet Kershaw. The Scallion series. WHAT the fuck was he thinking? ;)

I love him. Peace, man.
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that's awesome. Things never go as I plan for them to go either. I'm glad you're happy though. :)

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My wife and I don't agree on anything. It's worked for almost a decade married and many years before that unmarried. I can't stand her music. And you know how much I love music.

What about Hank III? Either of you like Hank III? I do.

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see? i TOLD you there would be immediate comments!!!

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Country music can kill you. I swear it's true.

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You with a country man? Say it ain't so!! LOL I have an eclectic taste in music which does include country but that isn't ALL I listen to.....and I say GET ALL THE TATOOS YOU CAN!! I just found out that my new job has no issues with showing tatoos so I am about to go to f-ing town with them!!! At least a sleeve!! :) WHOOO HOOO

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By the way, I'M BACK!! :)

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Its got to be love other wise hed be in a shallow hole in the back yard by now..

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