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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Vroom Vroom

Last year the Rio Rancho Toy Run had a turnout of roughly 5,000 bikes. That means the people are near double that because you have all the girlies on the back. I was excited to go for my first time this year. We all met up at my boyfriends brothers house in Rio Rancho where they had made breakfast for everyone that showed up. There was a good turn out there at his house. There were as many crotch rockets as there were cruisers. I was so excited because my brother went with us, too. His Chopper is still getting worked on (it's gorgeous!!) but he had his crotch so he took that. He worried that he'd be the only crotch there, but I assured him that it's not at all like that.

So, anyhow, we all leave together to the Run and there are already what seems like thousands of people there. We park, we walk to where you donate the toys and/or food you've taken and then you just hangout and wait for the ride through the city to the vendors and beer. We walk through each isle checking out the bikes and saying hi to acquaintances. Finally everyone starts getting on their bikes and it's time for the ride. It's police escorted and any street we ride down is blocked off. There are people pulled over waving and smiling with their cameras in hand. The news is at all different corners of the streets. It's awesome to see the excitement to see the kids reaction when you wave back at their excited little faces. The ride itself is absolutely gorgeous. As you're going up one hill, you look back and see all the bikes behind you. It seems to be never ending. As you get over the hill and look ahead, the never ending line is also in front of you. The mountains are off to the East, the desert surrounds you, and that day the weather was perfect.

So we're driving, the guys are messing around being big dorks and then someone says something happened. We look back and realize that all of our friends have pulled over. So we turn around in anxiousness and haul ass over there to see what's happened. Thank God everyone was okay and one of those dummies RAN OUT OF GAS! Because I mean, who would put gas in their motorcycle when their going to a city outside of theirs and then on a bike run? So we are all pulled over and they're getting gas out of one of the other bikes. As they're doing that I start to record those passing by with my NEW $180 Nikon digital camera. The other girls walk up behind me and we're just waving at people and I'm recording. I eventually turn to our group (about 20 or so bikes) of people and say sarcastically "Oh, and us? Us? We ran out of gas!" So everyone starts laughing and waving at the camera as I'm taking steps back to fit them all in... And I KNOW that the last bike was my brothers but all of a sudden I'm flying a good two-feet in the air, full back somersault over the front wheel of a bike onto desert. Desert has stickers. And dirt. And then my ass implanted in it. While all these badasses on bikes watched and laughed their asses off. And those that saw ran to tell the others. Was I embarrassed? I mean, why would I be? I'm all badass on the back of a Chopper with a group of badasses on killer bikes while thousands of people drive by on theirs and watch me flip over like a freaking jackass. My arm was in serious pain for a couple of days, the tattoo hid most of the brusies, I got most of the stickers out, and I broke my camera the first real time I took it out to use it. And yes, it's all on video. Only you can't see me fall, you only see the camera throw a killer somersault. Luckily, my boyfriend didn't deny me and was still okay admitting I was his girlfriend. Because had it been him, I'd have told them some weird guy who fell in front of the world was bugging me. I can't wait for the next run. :/
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You need to get your own bike and get off the back.

I've never down one of those things. But it is nice to hear it isn't one of those Harley centric things.

5:58 PM  

ditto to what he said ^^^^^^^^
you need to get off the back and put your hands on some grips.
sorry about the camera... will you be linking us to that video soon?
(oh, and 2 posts in the same month? wow!)

3:10 PM  

links to the pictures?
ever get the camera fixed?

3:11 PM  

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i thought there were more comments here....
hey girl. you doing ok?

2:33 PM  

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