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Friday, February 20, 2009

DO IT! Now! And then follow me @jennsreverie
posted by Jenn Doll at 7:17 PM


that's it???? that's all we get?

5:17 AM  

What if I don't wanna?

10:01 AM  

What if I don't wanna?

10:01 AM  

Seriously.. if you twitter as often as you blog its gonna be really boring ;p

1:50 PM  

I finally check up on you.

I go through the pain in the ass of signing up for Twitter, and now I find out you are all selective & private.

Let me in!

Or don't.

Hope you are well.

Johnny Rat as Cross Bone Johnny.

2:58 AM  

Im twitterly challenged Jenn...I honestly dont get the tweet thing...Its my personal shame. Please dont judge ok..

Hope the holiday rocked...Miss you my girl.

12:21 AM  

Yeah, what Jen said.

Show some love to your Twitter challenged retarded friends.

Send an email or something, even though that technology is so "yesterday" for hipsters like you.

Happy New Year to you & your son.

1:36 AM  

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