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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


My last ink session was in January and I'd promised you guys pictures. I hadn't posted any 'cause quite honestly I think the pictures I've taken make it look funky. But, fuck it. This was a tat inspired by the one that Katie has. Hers is completely different looking other than what it say's. Here's when it was fresh. (Yes, those are my real nails and yes, I did them myself. Why is that when I show a pic of my tat I get "are those your real nails?" I'm showing you a tattoo, bitches. Not nails.)

And here's a picture of it pretty much healed. The quality's not great, but it's the best I got. I just bought a video camera/digital camera/mp3 player (Sweet!). So the next pictures should be better. I should be in for an ink session this Friday if all goes well. We shall see. More than likely because I have a hair up my ass and I've had this next idea for a while. I also want to add a small star over the n and e on this tat. The lettering looks kinda jacked in the picture and I'm not sure why, but it seemed to look like that with all the pictures. The picture also does the color no justice. You can probably see it better in the first pictures. Anyhow, I love it. That makes number six, five to show for.

I'm having serious issues with tats right now. I have ideas and want more, more than anything, but with the latest ideas of getting a degree in either of the fields that I want, it's put a hault on my normal 'just run out and get inked' habit. I know that one should not be judged by their physical appearance, at least it's my take on it, but I also know that one IS judged by their physical appearance. It's a downer for me because we all know I love ink. I still have lots of places that I can get some work done and it not be seen, but, it's not the same when I've already planned out what and where. *Sigh* Anyhow, my next one will be on the thigh and/or forearm. More than likely thigh. I can't fucking wait.

P.S. Phelps LOVES tattoos. Especially mine.
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Aw cher..its great!! you saw my son's right?

You have to balance your wants with your needs vs. desires, its such a bitch being in that situation ain't it?

love ya jenn :) still can't remember my aim info..

12:35 AM  

Oh I DO like it. That whole "being judged by your appearance" thing has kept me from getting more ink anywhere except on my arm where I can cover it up with a shirt. I'm not sure anyone would buy houses from me if they new I was a tattooed hippie chick;)

5:50 AM  

Awesome. I've been wanting another tat for a while, but can't think of anything cool that also isn't what everyone else has. Still thinking...

6:54 AM  

Hey! I'm running out of thumbs to cover those up with! If you keep it up we'll never hook up.

Maybe we could use a bunch of those giant band-aid things.

7:14 AM  

I don't have a "tat". My experience in the work environment with people that do is they wear long sleeve shirts or have to wear "Ace" bandages to cover their "tat(s)', even on ninety degree, high humidity days.

I will point out(as Rat has so generously pointed out on his "breasts" blog) the unmentioned "problem" with "tats". This is that the "canvas" used to display them has a nasty habit of stretching, bulging, creasing, and sagging over time.

I also do my own nails (LOL)

8:09 AM  

I hear that, Fifty First, but it's all good. By the time anything stretches, bulges, creases or sags, I won't give a shit. All I'll care about is whether or not my prescription of Vicodins and/or Percocets are full.

8:22 AM  

Are those really really your own nails?

8:29 AM  

Stop writing on yourself. When guys look at a girl it's not because we feel like reading. We're trying to look at your boobs and the scrawl detracts from that.

9:21 AM  

So then "Michael" won't be a future tat. Thanks for the heads up, Mexi.

9:25 AM  

I don't recall making any such comment, by the way. I have many myself, and love them on chicks so in speaking for myself, keep getting them Jenn!!!

Like you though, the Man has made sure all of mine are hidden from plain view.

It was always funny when I had to go to tae kwon do from work, and would go into the dressing room all suit & tie and some new dude would be in there. He'd be asking how much he might expect to get an ass kicking, and I'd be telling him how nice everyone was and not to worry & then when I took off my shirt he'd see all sorts of skulls & death images and the conversation would stop abruptly.

9:41 AM  


9:43 AM  

I really don't intend on stopping anytime soon, Rat.

Mexi, too late. I got your take backs right here.

9:48 AM  

Can't you get your own inspiration for your tattoos? Instead you have to copy some random girl you know over the internet. I mean, at least you could have asked me. As long as you keep paying me for the copyright though, it's cool. Keri and I are getting matching ones in June hopefully. Because we're lovers and in no way is that sick.

10:58 AM  

Yeah, the world does judge people by looks. It's unfortunate, but that's the way it is. Sucks.

12:25 PM  

Katie is young enough that she may get to see the change in her lifetime. Hell, these days it's the girl with no belly piercing, lower back tat who is the real rebel! Someday it will be acceptable. It has become so much more so in the past 20 years. Patience. We all need to hide them to get in and change "the Man" from the inside! Then we can knock down the walls and let the Katies of the next generation live free.

1:26 PM  

Katie's? She's a priss that wears pink and flip flops all year round. Throw me a freakin' bone here, pal. She will make you cry though. Watch out.

Belly piercing and lowerback, I have neither thanks. Let's ask Katie where her tattoo is. Katie?

1:30 PM  

I am only 12 years old, so I probably will see this momentous change. I don't know which I'm more excited for - tattoos to be acceptable in the workplace or pregnant robots.

My word verification had "tit" in it. Perv.

1:32 PM  

Yeah, it's on my lower back. But at least it's not a dolphin or butterfly, give me that much.

And I don't have an obsession with pink, like you seem to think I do for whatever reason. It's more of your obsession with thinking I have an obsession with pink. I only have one, count it ONE pink shirt. I am obsessed with flip flops though and ain't ashamed to admit it. I'll make your face cry next time you step outta line Jenn.

1:36 PM  

Katie, don't make me hurt you in front of all these people. All what people, I don't know, but just don't do it.

I know you want a butterfly tattoo. Just get it. Add some pink to it.

1:40 PM  

Maybe I will or MAYBE I WILL.

1:46 PM  

I like 'em fiesty! Rawr!

1:47 PM  

I love stepping in on this - meow!!!!

I can't keep saying you're young & compliment you also Jenn or people will think I'm hitting on you.

Katie is still in school & still talking about her first job so she seems like a little chicadee is all.

But enoug of me talking, get back to clawing. I can hand you pillows if you want.

2:36 PM  

sweet tattoo.

5:15 PM  

*hides from the needleythings* Eep.

7:19 PM  

Fry Street Ink in Denton, TX did my tattoo.
Their slogan is "Tattoos aren't just for Sailors and Whores anymore."
mel loves the ocean, katie is irish (an island nation). jenn lives in the desert.
good thing they made that change.

9:39 PM  

Dude! Sweet!

8:49 AM  

Okay, that comment was just the first thing that popped in my mind [sad huh?]
Then I read all the other comments and that repressed feeling of inadequacy started bubbling up again... So...

I love tat's...

I love chicks with tat's, even the little 'rebel girls' with butterflys on their lower backs, it gives you something else to concentrate on during doggy-style...

I can't imagine Jenn stretching, creasing, or sagging... Bulging maybe... But only in all the right places...

I don't sag... And don't plan to...

I've got three butterfly tat's... The girls like 'em... The guys don't rib me about 'em...

Flip-flops are considered formal-wear where I come from...

9:11 AM  

Trouble, show me whatchu got? =D

9:15 AM  

I need a new tat!!

I always wanted to get one on my back but Brian won't let me because "every chick gets one there". So, I'm like where the fuck should I get one then on my eyelid???? Or, better yet, maybe on my "lower lip" so the tat artist can man handle my twat in the process-I bet you'd just love that huh Brian????

2:39 PM  

If you get one that says Michael you'll get me and Mexi at the same time. Plus, that's one in three guys in their 20s. That means that you can pick up guys by saying "I got something with your name on it" with a .333 average.

If you get a Michael I'll get a PA.

3:14 PM  

Go back to school. And cool tat.

10:28 PM  

Hey there! And just when you were about to throw me in the "Blog neglectors" pile...


5:55 PM  

Good point. Neglector!! Slacker!! Maybe even a zombie!!!

and this damn word verification.

7:46 PM  

I don't think there's any issue with a paralegal having visible ink. Pacticing attorney, maybe. But paralegal, no problem. And to hell with anyone who disagrees with me ... bitches!

-- david

5:16 AM  

Are those your real fingers?

10:20 AM  

I am starting to wonder where you & Katie are & exactly what you're up to!

8:50 PM  

They spent tonight teasing me and it's not fun, not fun at all. I will have my revenge Katie and Jenn....I will have my revenge.

11:28 PM  

Hey, are those your real nails?

12:40 AM  

So they are going to have to stamp the inside of your other wrist when you go to nightclubs now?

2:02 AM  

jenn goes to clubs?
nooooo. i don't think so.

3:18 PM  

I'm flipping all you smartasses off. Just FYI. Bitches.

5:57 PM  

You wann piece of 'dis?!?

8:17 PM  

I like imagine, but I also like create. Awesome tatoo Jenn...

6:24 PM  

Looks like I need to set up a slacker side bar for you & Katie.

11:02 PM  

Jenn...I think your new tat ROCKS!!! We both have a piece of John with us!

8:33 AM  

I am dispatching both hot air balloons tomorrow morning to search for you if I don't hear from you by 7AM on Monday.

Don't give me any bullshit either about how you're busy organizing an illegal immigrant march in your town.

You're too law and order for that crap.

Come back. We miss you!!

6:29 PM  

I am "imagining" you posting something since it has been 13 days.

2:49 PM  

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