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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"Jenn is listed as in a relationship"

You change your status in Facebook and it tells all the world.
posted by Jenn Doll at 1:40 AM


You didnt know this? Facebook tells all. lol

Ahemm....still waiting on those pictures. : )

8:32 PM  

And clearly it's not one with her blog. Abandoned again.

6:45 AM  

hahaha. gotta love the Rat's comments.
for your info Rat, it proves she isn't locked in my basement too.

6:26 AM  

Not really, After weeks of not eating enough, she could easily have given up the password to her account. It's not like you post a whole lot either? Coincidence? You could easily have posted this couple of misc entires right out of the historical Jenn Jenn play book.

Possible topics:
* Got in fight
* Got a tattoo
* Got new music
* Went to a show

I could so easily keep her blog going if I had her chained up in my basement. It's not like she comments on anyone else blogs - just thiese little criptic updates to throw police off with the timeline.

When my nutty neighbor decides to hack me up, she'll know just to post naked chicks for a few weeks for the same reason.

I'm still not buying that you've set her free. You probably made her wear that hat in the new photo because you haven't let her shower in weeks.

8:38 AM  

Well - tell us more!

3:54 PM  

this should be interesting.

1:17 AM  


rat, your mathmatical mind has all the bases covered!

1:55 PM  

psst. rat has a girlfriend now.. they went to Ireland

8:10 AM  

That was funny. Yeah, I was playing all hard to get for years for Jenn Jenn, but it didn't seem to work.

10:05 AM  

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7:56 AM  

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