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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


What's up, my peeps? It's 1 a.m. on a Friday night/Saturday morning and I thought I'd share kickass music with you. If you don't like any of it, keep it to yourself, pecker wad.

"Maps" by Rogue Wave - This a Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover and it's fanfuckingtastically pretty.

"Technologie" by Wax Poetic - Yes, it's spelled Technologie. I'm normally too busy day dreaming to pay attention to lyrics, but these ones speak volumes.

"Wasting My Time" by Boomkat - How the hell did I forget about this song for so long? You know why? Because fucking iTunes lost is somehow! Epic FAIL. Holy crap I love this song all over again.

"Inside My Love" by Minnie Ripperton - I'm pretty sure Mariah Carey would be like "oh, no she din't. Oh yes, she did! Long before you existed. And with soul, baby.

"2wicky" "Inhaler" and "Eden" by Hooverponic - Love, love and love.

"Big Log" by Robert Plant - I know, I know. Way to change it up all outta nowhere. If you know me and my eccentric taste in music, then this shouldn't be surprising. If you don't, surprise!

"Deep Blue You" by 8mm - It's their new track and it's fire, bitches! They don't cease to blow me away.

"Mad World" (cover) by Adam Lambert - I don't watch American Idol, but damnit, this cover is fucking sweet.

"KyMani Marie" by Anita's Music - Thanks to DezLove for turning me on this one. Your everyday source for top notch hip hop! ;)

"Already Gone" by Kelly Clarkson - BUT, the live/acoustic performance she did on Letterman. Love.

Alright, let's really switch it up... Wooh! Just might blow yer head off!

The entire "Legendary Country Singers" album by George Jones - Seriously. I love this album and it gets a lot of regular play. Could be the mood, but it's still the good stuff.

"Nobody In His Right Mind Would Have Left Her" by George Strait - He wasn't in his right mind, now, was he?

"You Win, I Win, We Lose" by Kenny Chesney - So true. (I still win. S.r.s.l.y.)

"Holes in the Floor of Heaven" by Steve Wariner - I got nothing. Just listen.

"After the Fire is Gone" "As Soon As I Hang Up the Phone" and "She's Got You" by Loretta Lynn - After The Fire Is Gone = cheaters! But she makes it sound okay, but it's NOT. Damnations.

"When I Call Your Name" by Vince Gill w/Patty Lovelace - I think it jerks a tear everytime I hear it. What a candy ass, huh?

"Only You (Can Break My Heart)" and "Together Again" by Buck Owens - Wanna slow dance all close 'n stuff? In all our shitkicking glory?

"For My Broken Heart" by Reba McEntire - We've all been there. Or here. We can relate, right? RIGHT?!

"The Great Divide" by Tim McGraw - He sings that sad song about don't take the girl, too. Good stuff from this farmer.

"A Chance" by Kenny Chesney - I seriously heart this song.

"Your Cheatin' Heart" "You Win Again" and "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" by Hank Williams - More close slow dancin'? This time with a flask full of Whiskey?

Alright, that's about enough of that. I don't even own cowgirl boots! Or chew. Weak sauce.

Stay tuned (probably in another year) for a post with them killer oldies or rockabilly moods! The rockstar, hardcore, punk (I do, too know these genres!) in me will be back someday... Today, is not that day. Trip-hop, country, rockabilly and oldies. FANTASTIC! Oh and singer/songwriter. And folk. And Americana. And reggae. And... Yeah, rock 'n motherfuckin' roll. It didn't leave. It's just chillin' and waiting for the right time to make an appearance. I'm just chillin' lately is all! Okay, I'm tired. Night.

P.S. It is now 2 a.m. This took me a freakin' hour! You best go listen to at lease one song on this bad boy!
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Are you still around??

12:35 PM  

She's alive! Happy New Year 2009 & 2010 & 2011 until we chat again.

9:37 AM  

Hi Jenn
Hope you had a great Christmas and New Years Eve.

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