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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

If You Take Your Love Away From Me, I'll Go Crazy
*singing - I'm searching for the words to make you realize. . .
Okay, that song's on the radio and I wanted to sing to you all some. Anyhow, so I did call in last night. I popped some Tylenol PM's and was out by 9pm! Slept 'til 8am. Eleven hours! Woot. Had a little more energy than usual, but still got tired come evening. Bad thing about sleeping those hours is coming to work and getting off at 7. Which means, by the time I leave here I'll have been up for 22 hours. This seems to be a routine of mine every other day. Staying up 24 hours is no thang for moi. But I'm actually getting kinda tired of it. I wish I would some time in my life have some kind of sleeping pattern. But I don't believe I ever have, so I may never. Who knows?
So, I don't have much to talk about since I've been doing nothing. I've been really burnt lately, as I've mentioned. On top of all the work and no sleep, I'm pressured here at work. It's not a bad pressure though. They really want me to be a Specialist/Supervisor. I got the Specialist we have now, the Supervisor, Sgt. and Lt. all pushing for me. It's a buck more an hour and I would no longer have to carry a pager once a week ever month. No more on-call! BUT, I would have to babysit these assholes. These ladies are a bunch of cry babies. So anyhow, one day I'm like, "Hell yeah! I'll do it! I'll be the supervisor of all these ladies ranging from the ages of 20-60." The next day, I'm like, "Hell nah! It aint work the buck!" It's really a great opportunity and advancement for me. Going from where I started to there in less than 3 years say's alot here in the Sheriff's Department. But I just can't gather myself enough to come to a damn conclusion. Sonofabitch, it's driving me crazy. I mean, why wouldn't I take such an opportunity? Am I just content where I'm at right now, for the time being? Am I scared of basically being the first in the chain-of-command? Am I just so exhausted at this time that I'm thinking of all the responsibilty and not wanting it? Should this be a decision when I've slept a normal night? I dunno. I guess when they close the posting, that'll decide for me. If I haven't applied by then, then oh well. I just hope I don't regret my decision either way. That's definately the most stressful part of it all.
On another note, I've hung out with Mariah twice in this past week. Had a good time. Her engagement ring is really pretty. Not too big, which I like. The first day I went by her apartment is when it sunk in that she was really engaged. Her (biological) dad heard that I was going by, so he told her not to let me leave 'til he could come tell me hi. When he got there they were talking about all her wedding plans and cost of it all. Looks like they'll be dropping a grand total of $11,000 on this wedding. $11,000! Fucking crazy bastards! The band alone is gonna run them $2 g's for four hours! Two fucking thousand dollars for a "popular local" band to play for four hours! Fuck that! She comes from a "wealthy" family, so for the most part it's coming from them. Her dress is gorgeous! I saw it in a magazine. Her grandpa/adoptive father will be putting $75 grand down on a house for them. That's their wedding gift from him. Must be nice! My cousin Amanda will be getting married 2 months before Mariah. She too is trying to have the most expensive wedding. I don't get it. Maybe I'm just weird. But I have never played out what my wedding would be like. I guess I only thought, when I'm that in love and know I want to spend the rest of my life with that person, I'm not going to care how big and and expensive my wedding is. I for sure want a most beautiful dress. I want all my loved ones to be there. I don't care how expensive and beautiful the invitations are. They're only going to get thrown in the trash. I don't need the table center pieces on the tables at the reception to be real roses surronded by diamonds! All I imagine is being able to look into "his" eyes when he say's I do and when I say I do, and to feel at that moment what becoming one is. To feel a love like never imagined! All I want at that moment is God's blessing and the blessing of my loved one's. Not the most expensive wedding my friends or family have ever attended. All they want is good food and music! Well, I want that too. Gotta dance! Anyhow, I hope that when/if the day ever comes that I'm saying "I do," that the man who's eyes I'm looking into is as much in love with me and isn't worried about how "rich" our wedding is. I'm really happy for Mariah, I just hope that come June 4th, she finds the true meaning behind marriage. I could say lots more as to why I feel she hasn't found that meaning, but that's irrelevant.
Stand by me. . .
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Lemme guess: Inmate records?

I almost want to go renew my app with the PCSO but then i have a job that pays pretty well here. Sabrina is in charge of her wedding, we are going to save up some money but her mom is going to be paying the bulk of it as i understand. Every once in a while sabrina gets the urge to go down to the courthouse and just get it over with. Maybe i will try to stoak that fire. I was never one to stand on ceremony.

12:44 AM  

HOLY FUCK!!!! dude i didn't even read your damn post yet (i'll have to wait till after this meeting i have in 4 minutes eek!) but i just saw the list of people you added links to on your sidebar and holy fucking crap, you guys are right - EVERYONE has a blog here!!!! i've got a lot of catching up to do!

shit i gotta go. i'll read later.


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you slept normal and i had the worst night of my life, couldn't sleep for shit. good that you got some rest in though!

i turned down a graphic artist position at the college in december. my instructor wanted me to apply for the position, said she thought i was the perfect candidate for it (my mom calls me 'teacher's pet'). but i realized how comfortable i am in the job i have now, and if i were to have taken on that other job then my stress levels in career life would have skyrocketed. i wouldn't have this job for her and i wouldn't have gotten that job (if applied for) if it weren't for her either. but you gotta take care of yourself even though the thing may be one of the best opportunities of your life. sometimes you got other shit to handle first. :o)

i totally feel ya on the marriage opinions. my childhood bestfriend was supposed to get married a year and a half ago, but she postponed due to arguments that were arising between her mother and her fiancé. her mom was being the controlling one saying 'no, you're not having THOSE flowers at your wedding, they're not good enough for you.' and joy would get upset because her mom was trying to plan the wedding as if it were her own. and her fiancé didn't care about all the details, he just wanted to marry her (he's an awesome dude!). they threatened so many times to do the j.p. thing and i kept telling them 'SO DO IT ALREADY!!!!' but she wants that 'perfect' wedding. *sighs* my perfect wedding sounds a lot like yours, and i can't wait to one day have it!

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My first wedding cost me about $5,000 and it was beautiful. My 2nd wedding was at the JOP and of course cost just the filing fees-$35 bucks I think. My 3rd wedding will prolly be another big one-but we'll have to wait till my divorce with #2 is final to discuss that. Oh God- what have I become??

11:30 AM  

No Jenn, you weren't seeing things, so don't call me blog neglecter no more. I should change it to say something about Katie now, since she cried about me taking her name out of my blog.

Fat Bastard

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