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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Turn the Page

Why is it that some people never let stuff go? And by stuff, I mean nothing. How could someone hold on to nothing? Especially if that nothing makes you so crazy! People amuse the living shit outta me.

So this weekend is the Fire and Ice bike run and I really wanna go. Problem is, the person I ride with is going on Friday and I can't go 'til Saturday. It's only about 45 minutes from here, but my car needs a new battery, which I've procrastinated on and unless I get someone to tune-up my car (plugs, wires, etc) and put in the new battery, I'm not taking the chance. But, damnit! I really wanna go.

I hadn't realized it'd been that long since I posted. I haven't been online in a cool minute. My brother recently had one of his kidney's removed as he was diagnosed with cancer last month. Anyhow, I took some time off for that and I'm not sure why because he ended up acting like a dick head and I didn't even get to see him while he was in the hospital. Although, I did watch his girls while he was in surgery. Oh, and he's doing okay before you ask. The doctors forgot to remove the jerk from him when they took out the kidney. I curse thee, doctor!

My iPod Nano 8 gig was stolen from me. Right from my room. In my house. Where I live. It was a Christmas gift and I've still no heart to tell the person whom gave it to me that it was stolen. It's been a few weeks. I had finally gotten over it, or so I thought and today it was on my mind again and saddened me. I bought a 30 gig that I decided wasn't going to fulfill my needs so I ended up going back and getting an 80 gig. I love, love, love it! But, for some reason, it's just not my Nano. At all. My Nano was my prized possession along with my Bose docking station and Mac lappy. My Bose docking station which somebody decided to use and either dropped or picked up wrong because I noticed a part of it is loose. Whomever stole it, karma is a motherbitch. And whomever touched my Bose, I will bite your fucking hands off if I find out.

Guess what? Douche snozzle sounds like douche nozzle!

I swear I'm never growing up.
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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


The other day I was talking to a friend about music. He's more a hip-hop lover than he is anything else from what I gather. Anyhow, he told me about an "artist" called Mad Skillz. Why is artist in quotes you ask? Good question. Apparently Skillz is what they call a ghostwriter. He writes lyrics sells them to artists. Hmm. . . Interesting I thought. I started to research this cat (yeah, I said cat) Skillz and he has allegedly written lyrics for artists such as P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Bow Wow and then some.

I had heard of ghostwriters but never really looked into it. There is video on youtube of some of Skillz work. It's him singing/rapping. He's basically putting some of the artists he's done work for on blast. Now, I'm not huge on lyrics because I'm too freaking A.D.D. but I listened to what he had to say and well, he's saying that these artists don't pay up and all kinds of other stuff. What? P. Diddy didn't pay you? Hmm. . . So I ask my friend, "Dude, why wouldn't P. freaking Diddy pay this guy?" It was a bad day financially for him or he's just been busy? So I start questioning the credibility of artists. Not just the artists Skillz claims to have written for, but all artists. If someone is writing for them, why not give credit where credit is due? Oh, I know, you're all thinking 'yeah right!' That would mean they aren't artists. So then I wondered, "Well, why doesn't Skillz just put out his own stuff?" Then I listened and I figured it out pretty quick. His vocals are nothing special and I couldn't even tell you if his lyrics are, but according to the hip-hop community he's got skills in that department.

Anyhow, I was kinds disappointed to think about how maybe some of my favorite artists don't do their work. I mean, of course this isn't news, I've just not actually sat there and thought about it many times. I mean, I have a friend who can sing. I mean, this girl can rip it! Mostly like Mariah Carey stuff, but she can tear it up. And I KNOW she couldn't put down a beat or melody if her life depended on it. That's fine, she's a singer. Is it so wrong that someone who could write does write for someone who can sing? Then the sadness of thinking that there are artists who do that went away. Who cares? Unless they are saying that it's theirs when it's not, then I see nothing wrong with it. Snoop Dogg has openly admitted to using ghostwriters. As a matter of fact, not too long ago I saw him on TV talking about how his next album would be done by a bunch of them. He was gonna do something like let anyone send stuff to him and if he liked it for him, he'd use it. I think it's a sweet idea so long as the credit is given where it's due.

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