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Monday, January 31, 2005

New Do

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So, I FINALLY did something different to the fro de moi. It doesn't look so drastic, but the red highlights are actually more vibrant and visible in person. The blonde isn't seen as much. I intend on getting more drastic, so if you have any ideas let me know! Anyhow, be excited, I thought about a mohawk 'cause I've been so bored with myself. It's the Gemini in me. We Gemini's like change.

We got a dog this weekend. He's really pretty. He's a Golden Retriever. He came with papers/registered and all. He's worth a pretty penny. His name is Max. He's alredy 8 years old. The owner 'lost' his house, is what I heard. So we in turn inherited the dog. It seems like everytime we get a dog it's pretty much full grown, leaving no room for me to get attached. But this dog is realy smart and really pretty and I find myself and the rest of the family wanting to spoil him. Damian just loves him and that's great. He have a 1/2 acre land behind the house, but Max being very smart knows how to open the gates, so we have him on a runner for now. We were seriously contemplating a pony for Damian. That's right, a freakin' pony. Talk about spoiled. We may still get the pony. I just gotta talk to someone who knows what that's gonna run me to feed him and so forth. My sister-n-law's dad has the pony and will give it to us. So if it's not too costly, a pony it is. How exciting! I would get to say, "I got my son a pony!"

As for the weekend, I did nothing exciting like go on a date, as Katie did. Or take a road trip like Eric. I did though, buy me some MORE CD's. I got John Frusciante - Shadows Collide With People and The Beatles - 1. I also got a Beatles t-shirt. Say's LET IT BE...NAKED, it has a photo strip (negatives) of the boys. It's rockin'. Anyhow, I really like Fruciante's CD and I of course LOVE the Beatles CD. It brings back SO many memories. Alot of my dad and my old job. Hearing all of these great songs back-to-back reminds me of all the kickass music my dad loved and raised me to love. All the good rock 'n roll.

That's pretty much it for now. Yeah, boring, I know. So until next time. . .

Snorting Smarties isn't so smartie?
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Friday, January 28, 2005


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I just found yet another way to post pics to thee blog. I'm just learning so bare with me. Here's some pics reference my last post.
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The crowd getting down.
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Tonight fuckin' rocked. I went to "The Library" to watch a cover band called Metalhead that's from Arizona. They tore it up! I give them much props and respect. They covered Bon Jovi, Ratt, Guns N Roses, Ozzy, Motley Crue and alot more that I can't think of. They did an awesome job. They rocked the long haired wigs and dressed funny. Hightlight of the night - I was looking elsewhere other than the stage when I felt something hit my leg. I looked down and saw a drum stick laying right in front of me so I picked it up. They finish their song and the drummer say's, "I think I hit someone in the face with my drum stick." The singer say's, "Dude, that's fucked up." The bass player replies, "Heheh, you threw your stick at her." The singer is looking around and said something else, and then the drummer, which I didn't catch. Then the bass player say's, "Well she looks happy." Yes! Way to embarrass me, assrammers. During the break after the first set I turned around and saw that the drummber was standing behind me. So I handed him the drum stick and said, "Will you sign your stick?" So he did. It said "Tommy Legs." Sweet. I remember them calling the guitar player "G-String." So my friends and I decided to act all groupie and stand right up front. The stage is way above the audience. Like seriously closer to the ceiling. Anyhow, the bass player, as my friend's said, 'kept checking me out.' How flattering! Then the guitar player started. Then he proceeded to play guitar for Elena. It was embarrassing! Since it's called The Library, the waitresses dress in school girl outfits. Naturally, with their boobs and asses hanging out and belly rings bearing. Tonight they all dressed like "rockers." But they kept the school girl skirt. God I wanted to punch them in their implants. YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DANCE TO ROCK! You can bang your head, or throw your fists, or get fucked up in the mosh pit, or what have you. But you don't shake your ass a hundred miles per hour like Nelly was on stage. Stupid broads. Except for one. Oh yeah, they were hott as hell too. Like seriously hott. The boy's were all drooling. 'Cept this one blonde chick who looked like she didn't know WHAT was going on. Poor thing. I had fun. Made friends with one of the bouncers. Older guy who was really cool. He said, 'Next time you guys are here I'll hook you up with some drinks.' How nice of him. Not that I'd take the drinks, but still a sweet gesture. Nancy, Elena, Sharon, Ruben, Jordan and Emmet all met me there. Yelled and rocked on we did. They're coming back in a couple weeks, I intend on going. The crowd was really digging them. Now I'm here at work and my feet hurt. I'm damn dressed up, per se. I'd much rather be in a t-shirt, but oh well. I have pictures to post. If I can figure a way to do it from here, I will. If not, I'll have to wait.
Eric, I saw your twin over there tonight. He looked almost exactly like you. The hair (curly), the heigth, the facial features, and he dressed er dresses like you. Except he had blue eyes. At first I thought maybe you were stalking me. Then I found myself stalking him. Elena started it! Actually, she was stalking him and made me go with her. She was saying in spanish that he was gorgeous and precious and stuff. So, if he looked like you, I guess you could take that as a compliment, no? He was standing up against the dj booth all cool looking, smoking cigarette's when some blonde girl walked up to him, grabbed him by the shirt and made out with him, then left. Fuck yeah! That's a down bitch. So again I ask, because he looked liked you, does that mean she would have done the same to you?
Anyhow, that's it. Oh yeah, and I didn't drink. Wait, I had two beers that I made last all night. So that doesn't count. I can't post those pics now. Hopefully tomorrow.
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Monday, January 24, 2005

The sunrise the same morning of the fog.
Photos de Jenn
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On my way home from work one November morning.
Photos de Jenn
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My son and I. Of course. My messy room in the back. We both have bags under our eyes?? Maybe we slept too much. That's my guess.
Photos de Jenn
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Me and my niece Brittney.She's already bigger and even cuter than that!
Photos de Jenn
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Look closely, what do you see? This is one of the beautiful creations of Andrew. Thanks again, Andrew! You rock!
Photos de Jenn
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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Ad Astra Per Aspera

So last night was hectic. Really, it was. I took Damian to his grandma's 'cause it's their weekend. So when I have a sitter, you know what that means! Yeah, I was passed out by 10pm. Hardcore I tell ya! So here's how my day went. . .

Got off of work at 8. Came home. Saw Damian off to school. Watched TV. Cleaned. Got ready. Fought with Valerie through text. Forever. More on that later. Met Mariah at Chili's at 12:15. Waited in the car for her. Called her after about 5-10 minutes. She was already inside. Ate good chips 'n salsa and good chicken Caesar salad. Spent 15 bucks. Had a good talk with her. Now she knows I know. It's all better now. Her dad went showed up to see me. Fun guy. He left. Went to Wal-Mart. Laughed at big, stocky ghetto guy sitting on pink high-heel chair talking to friend. Embarrassed him. Spent 40 bucks on 4 items. 3 items not mine. Went to Starbucks. Talked with Mariah more. Left. Surprised mom at work with flowers and teddy bear for passing test. Damian and three nieces go to school where mom works. Picked up Danyel in pre-school class. Went to Damian's class. Waited for other two nieces. Hugged and kissed the kiddos. They all wanted to come with me. Not enough room. Came back home. Read. Waited for brother to pick up niece. Read some more. Played Damian's new toy/game. Addicting. Laid on floor spread out. Listened to mom, grandma, mom's boyfriend and Damian talk in kitchen. Made fun of mom's boyfriend. They all left. Read some more. Damian fussing, "Take me to my grandma's now." Stopped reading. Took him to grandmas. Looked at her new decorations. Loved it. Went to Hastings. (Music, book, video store.) No parking. Really packed. Went in. Stayed for freakin' ever. 9 CD's in hand. Can't decide. Finally went to checkout with the Beatles. Left long line and went back to CD's. Went back to checkout with different CD, Ataxia. Left checkout, came back with different CD, Beth Gibbons/solo. Left checkout again. Grabbed Beatles and Killers. Added up total. Put Beatles and Killers back. Went back to checkout with Beth Gibbons and CD case holder. Spent 40 more bucks on 2 items. 2 items for me. Went to brothers to visit baby and pick-up computer. Stayed and visited. Held baby whole time. She's gorgeous. Lots of smiling. Mocking sticking out tongue. Looked for CD's through magazine. Marylyn ordering CD's for me. Picked Velvet Revolver, Massive Attack, can't remember rest. Came home. 9:30pm. Got on computer. Fell asleep on couch with computer on lap. Turned off computer. Went to bed. 10pm. Woke up. 3:30am. Talked on phone for 30 minutes. Put CD's in new case. Finished reading "To Kill a Mocking Bird." Loved it. Went back to bed. 6:15am. Woke up 10:15am. Here on computer.

You guys wish your life was as exciting as mine. Crystal called me and said it was her birthday. She got a room and a limo for the night. Wanted me to go with her. I was just too tired. Elena called and her brother and girlfriend are in town. Change from the hip-hop scene, they like rock. Elena wanted me to go with them to Stoneface. Again, I was just too tired. But I'm all rested for tonight! Woot. So we'll see what the night holds.

I listened to the Beth Gibbons CD soon as I got into my car. The first few tracks are good but I was feeling a little disappointed. Then it starting picking up. So she gets a thumbs-up. It's no Portishead, but it still rocks. I didn't know it so damn depressing. I really wanted to cry, but couldn't think of a reason to. I contemplated driving off the freeway at one point. Just to go with the depth of the music. I mean, people blame Marylyn Manson for murdering. Why can't I blame Beth Gibbons for my suicide? But then I thought, "I've only heard a few tracks. Better not." So I left that thought behind me. All in all, for hearing it the first time through, I'm happy with the results. I really like some of the tracks on it. I'm happy with my decision. I had so many CD's in my hand. Man, I hate being that undecided. At one point, I had John Frusciante, Ataxia, Portishead/Import, The Killers, The Beatles, Collective Soul, A Tribute to Audioslave, RHCP and Massive Attack. I SERIOUSLY thought about taking them all. Some were on sale. I was so close to it. I thought, "Hell, I'll buy a CD case later." But then I thought, "How the hell am I gonna carry all these CD's?" And that I probably shouldn't drop over 100 bucks on CD's in one night. Although, at moments I didn't see a problem with it. Other than bitching that I'm broke for the next 6-7 days. But I would have had gas money left. And I could take Ramen's for lunch. No problem. Since I left Hastings feeling incomplete, I'm gonna go over to and see if I find me some of those CD's for a good price. Hastings didn't have any Minnie Ripperton, which I knew would be the case. So I'll see if I can order me some of that too and feel more complete. Anyhow, I'm off to spend more money. Tudulu.

FYI, that last post wasn't meant to be in poetry form. A friend and I were talking and reminiscing. And I just wrote it. The first part was a song, as I mentioned. I only write poetry at the spur of the moment. Never sit to actually do it. There are a couple of poems I did on this here blog. But you'll have to scroll through the dreaded archives. Thanks for all the nice compliments though.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

~ Amazed

Every time our eyes meet
This feeling inside me
Is almost more than I can take
Baby, when you touch me
I can feel how much you love me
And it just blows me away
I've never been this close to anyone or anything
I can hear your thoughts
I can see your dreams
I don't know how you do what you do
I'm so in love with you
It just keeps getting better
I want to spend the rest of my life
With you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing that you do
Baby, I'm amazed by you
The smell of your skin
The taste of your kiss
The way you whisper in the dark
Your hair all around me
Baby you surround me
You touch every place in my heart
Oh, it feels like the first time, every time
I want to spend the whole night in your eyes . . .
Tonight when I got in my car and turned on the radio,
our CD was playing, as it's been since you left.
I was suddenly taken by an overwhelming feeling, one
that I couldn't sort. It was slowly taking
over my heart, when tears began to fill my eyes.
I tried disecting it all, but couldn't pin-point it. From one
second to the next I had a new feeling all together.
Fear, at the thought of my life without you.
Hurt because you're not here, which
followed by sadness from missing you.
Happiness, imagining your smile.
Warmth, when I remember the way you look at me
the way that you do.
Thanks, for having you at all.
First and formost, a love
that I never even imagined existed.
The tears eventually faded, and then
came the why's. The why's, unanswered,
slowly disappeared from my mind.
I then drowned myself in the sounds of the sweet
music playing in the background of my reverie.
Lost in my reverie of the night we shared next
to candle light, with beautiful music playing. The first time
we said those three amazing words.
The night ended with me in your arms
and you in mine.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Inside My Love

'A longer post,' you cry. So here's your long post. You'll all regret it, I swear it. You damn contradict too. Some of you anyway. Some asked nicely and said they awaited a longer post de moi. God I feel special. 'Jenn doesn't shutup.' 'Jenn, you're posts are too long.' SO, I give you two words and you're not happy. Can't I just make you all happy?! Oh, and I love you. The reason for not having posted lately is because I've had a one-track-mind. Seriously. What about, Jenn? I'll never tell. (Say like the girl on that one movie.) Jenn, you're no help! What girl on what movie? If I knew, I'd have said. Quit crying! So far I've just rambled about absolutely nothing. I told you guys. I told you, I told you, I told you. Well, the good thing is, I'm rather hyper right now. So this post will be asinine, or something along those lines. My hyperness could be due to the fact that I fell asleep at approximately 9am and didn't wake up not once 'til 7pm. Sweetass! Don't be jealous. I told my son not to let me sleep so late and to wake me up when he gets home. That way I would spend more time with him. When I woke up tonight, he said, "Mom, I can't believe you slept that long." Me either. It feels oh so great.
So, I tried going to Sharon's house party, the weekend before last. And that didn't turn out so well. That whole day was strange, per se. Got kicked outta the mall because my partner's shirt said "fuck" on it. They told us it wasn't allowed and that it was to be turned inside out or we had to leave. Since we were done, we left. The stupid rent-a-cop followed me to my car, where I parked in the "Expecting Mother's" reserved parking. Oh my god?! Are you pregnant, Jenn?! No, stupid. Wishful thinking. It's just closer. So the old man that thought he was cool with his walkie talkie starts giving my license plate number to the walkie talkie and I yell my plate number. You know, I figured I'd save him the trouble of me going really fast in reverse while he's trying to get behind the car. So my partner say's, "A license plate number?! You're getting her plate numbers?!" And the peckerhead replies, "You could be terrorists." With this fucked up smirk on his face. Stupid rent-a-cops. Get all excited when they get to act cool. I called my friend Jake, who's an APD officer, Jake said, "If he bothers you again, let me know and we'll go fuck with him." Working for cops has its perks. Anyhow, after this little saga we headed home to get ready for the late Christmas/New Year party de Sharon. First, we stopped over at Mariah's and had a beer. Mariah was easy to irritate me. Why? Because, she's THINKS I don't know. But whatever. Don't know what? God you're nosey. Anyhow, Cristina called and asked if I was going over to Sharon's and asked if I'd pick her up. So happens we were RIGHT across the street from her. We head out to Sharon's and get totally fuckin' lost. Every fuckin' road in that area was closed. It took us for EVER before we got to her house in which Jake (the cop also Cristina's boyfriend) met us and helped us find it. When we got there, there was all kinds of chaos. People fighting and stuff of the sorts. Jake gets out of his unit and walks up to the house to see what's going on. Some crackhead was there making males (not males like boys, males in spanish, for messes). She was being asked to leave by Sharon, who was really upset and just as drunk. The girl wanted to go in and get her purse so Jake said he'd escort her in. All of a sudden he's holding her by her arm and coming back outside, where we were still standing. She had bit him when they were inside and was still trying to fight him. He eventually tried detaining her and put her down on the concrete. In doing so, her two front teeth managed to get knocked out. She was sreaming all kinds of obscene stuff about cops and so on while he called for back up. We were worried about him because he was alone and there were alot of people. As we watched her lay in a mini pool of blood I was talking to Cristina while Cristina proceeded to kick the crackhead down on the floor. It was great. Then we left. Cristina stayed. I was already VERY unsure of where I was so I headed down the only road that was open. After about 45 minutes of driving and no houses and so forth, it was determined that we were lost. Boo! I was freaking out, literally. I thought someone would jump outta no where and try to eat me or something along the lines. I finally turned around, and figured I was about 20 minutes PAST Rio Rancho. What THE fuck?! That's the city outside of mine. Dumb girl. Oh well. On the way back, my tire went flat so I pulled out my little compressor and aired it. A cop saw and stayed parked behind us to make sure we didn't get hit. How sweet huh? FINALLY got home and slept. So much for going out eh.
This weekend I finally went out to a club. Friday night went with Nancy, Tori, and Elena to "The Library." This is a remodeled club that used to be "Brewsters." Brewsters was my Cheers. They added on to it and so forth. It's a pretty cool place. Naturally, they have book shelves everywhere with books in them. They have tv's everywhere 'cause it's a sports bar and grill during the day. It was so damn packed. I wasn't really feeling it, so I decided, "I'm gonna get totally fucked up." That I did. In no time at all. There was no buzzed or inbetween sober and drunk. I went from sober to straight fucked up in a matter of minutes. Double shots, singles, and mixed drinks. I remember the whole night, for the most part. I'm not a black-out kinda girl. But the walk to the car from the bar, what walk to the car from the bar? The drive in the car to everywhere, what drive in the car? I know the drive is when I attempted at calling Eric 4,574,690 times. I know I already told you sorry Eric, but I'm sorry again. I'm sure I left a message for just about each time. When I woke up and went through my call log the next morning, which I always do after a night of Tom Foolery, I saw that Eric had called me and I did answer. Uh oh! He STILL won't tell me all of what I said and just laughs. Are you embarrassed? Well, yeah!! I know what I was talking about, I'm just not sure how I said it. Anyhow, I ate burnt pizza that Elena left in the oven and passed out before getting it. The excess Ranch dressing killed the yuck of the burntness. That and being too drunk to care. Bleh. Went home and slept. Went out Saturday too. This time with Paul, Jordan, and Mariah. Went to Neds. Was bored. Didn't drink at all. Went to The Library AGAIN 'cause they wanted to see it. Met up with Mariah's fiance and friend. Was still bored. Danced, kinda. Talked on the phone. That was the fun part. Went to Village Inn to eat, also pretty fun. Borrowed Paul's computer, Jordan left, Paul passed out, I went home at 5:30 am. Back to work.
So, since I last mentioned music, I've gotten more CD's. Score! I got Beloved - Us as a late Christmas gift. My mom also gave me the 12 disc set of the Eastside oldies! Sweet! It's not a cheap set. Good music to cook some breakfast to. I also got a few more mix CD's that mean alot to me. Katie finally got the CD's I sent her and she loved Portishead - Dummy. YES! She still has to listen to all the others and give me a review. If you wanna know what I sent her, ask her! My new found obsessions is Minnie Ripperton. I've only heard one song, but it's enough to make me love her. I'll be buying one of her albums soon. Who's that? She died in '79 and had the 5 octave voice. Beautiful, just beautiful. It's like Mariah Carey who? You should all download Inside My Love, by her. It's gorgeous. The song has more meaning to me now, then just a song. But I'll never tell. Other music I've been rocking. . .John Frusciante (love him), Zao, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Depeche Mode, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beloved, Bjork, and of course Portishead. These seem to be in my routine of music this past week or so. Not to mention that I play the Minnie Ripperton song and hit repeat about 4 times if not more a day. I'm in the process of getting Red Hot Chili Peppers, one of their greatest hits, John Frusciante, Ataxia, and some others that I can't remember. I have a list written down.
I FINALLY got new tires. I went with my brother and things didn't work out as planned. Went back two days later and they didn't have mine in stock. Went back two days after waiting for the order and voila! It only took me ten years. Those tired were shred to pieces. I'm not even sure how they carried me as far as they did. I finally blew one out, thank God I had someone with me to help me fix it. Now the alignments all messed up, so I gotta go get that done. Since I'm an idiot when it comes to procrastinating, I'll probably shred these tires too. Stupid low pro tires costed me $105 a piece. But hey, least I'm rocking some 17' chrome wheels! Bleh.
My cousin, whom I grew up with and we were stuck to eachothers asses, 'til I got a boyfriend, called me the other day and said, "I have a question. Would you want to stand in my wedding with my brother?" It's an honor! I've been in two weddings, one which I stood in with the same cousin and the other in which I was maid-of-honor. I've still heard no mention from Mariah. Do I expect Mariah to ask me to stand in her wedding? Fuck yeah, I do. I'll have to post about how her and I started hanging out for you all to understand. I think Katie, Eric, and Gabe know. The whole, I Was The Only One There For Her When She Lost Her Daughter story. Anyhow, if she doesn't it's gonna be fun ripping her a new asshole. It really is. She didn't bother me but once on Saturday night when we out. Thank God. And it wasn't even really her fault. Paul had picked her up and threw her over his shoulders right in front of her fiance, and I just didn't think it was cool. But whatever.
So, I'm wondering if you've actually read all of this? Hmm. . .Maybe you'll just be happy with my two word posts. It's true that I get more comments on the posts that I say not much in. But yeah. My hyperness has died down due to all the typing, I'm sure you're tired by now too. So go to bed. Oh yeah, go here if you feel like laughing. He's great. Don't go to the link he has that say's "shutyerblog" it's gay and Katie doesn't know any better.
Everyone has Tagboards or Shoutbox's going on in their blogs, I'm seriously contemplating one. BUT, I think you all would rip it to shreds. Plus, I'd rather have your comments on my posts. I dunno.
I wish I was looking into your gorgeous eyes. . .
I wish I could smell your sweet smell. . .
I wish I could feel your soft touch. . .
I wish I could make love to you. . .
I wish you'd be the first thing I'd see when I open my eyes. . .
I love you . . .
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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I Wish. . .
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Thursday, January 13, 2005

~ Generic
Have you ever loved somebody so much it made you cry?. . .

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

My Comments For You, Here (I'm a lazy dyke)

Katie, I damn wanna see alot of the movies you mentioned. But I never get around to it. Saw "National Treasure" the other night. It was pretty kickass. Not as intense as I thought, but it had alot of fun history stuff. Why Boston asshole? Come to New Mexico! For real, another white girl would be cool. Quit damn walking around your gangster of a neighborhood at 2am! That's not safe for a sexy mama (dyke) such as yourself. It worries me young woman! Oh yeah, and I WAS gonna ask you to be in my wedding, but after that saga with your co-worker I've had a change-of-heart. I'll still invite you though, so don't cry about it. And the Gemini thing. Bitch, it didn't say that. Don't make slap a ho! You're just jealous 'cause you're a cry baby Taurus! Don't go blind either. If you do, however will you be able to read my precious blog? Love you ho. Call me and lemme know what you think of the "Portishead" and other CD's eh. Miss you ho.
Eric, "Ruby Shoe Thursday," "He's not just catatonic, he's disappeared," and "Via Con Dios." Where you at? I'm psychic and will find you, so don't be all trying to hide from me. Well, I won't cry about it. I did get to talk to you over the weekend. Hope you get your truck fixed and it all works out. I need new tires REALLY bad, as you may know. Your truck even wants to be like my car and break. Maybe they're Gemini's too? You like how I take time to leave a comment on most of the pictures you posted huh? "Other" people just don't know how to do like I do! Aww, you're special!
Gabe, you're "Letters At The Bottom Of The Sea" post is kickass. What was your inspiration? I like the "brotherly tats." They turned out sweet. And you'll be telling me soon what "TTC" stands for. For real. I'm gangsta to the core, playa you can't touch me! I'm due for my next ink session anyhow. As for the new year pics, looks like you had a great time, oh conceited one. The pic of you nibbling on your finger is a bit on the seductive side, don't you think? The hair is really different. The style I didn't think would be one that you'd "do." (Harhar, pun intended. I'm cool) I like the gear you're rockin'. All shnazzy 'n shit. I got your message and I tried calling you back, last night, I believe. I didn't leave you a message. I haven't been leaving messages lately, I'm that lazy. Anyhow, give your girl a holla when you get the chance.
Billy Jack, I STILL haven't sent your "stuff." I went the other day to send it, when I sent Katie's and then began a mission. My cell was dead, in which I have your number AND address saved in. I remembered that I had a calling card and used it to call a friend from a freakin' payphone to give me Katie's number to ask her for your number or address. But as my luck was going, she didn't answer. So I contemplated sending her stuff later when I did yours, but seeing how I had been telling her for EVER that I'd send her stuff I went ahead and sent hers. I'm thee absolute biggest procrastinator in the world and it's not good. So, I will get around to sending your stuff. Maybe you'll get it by next Christmas. Are you a vaginatarian? Miss you lots!
Andrew, thanks for helping me with the html knowledge. (You can stop crying now) It was fun chatting with you the other, other night. Dude, slow down on the posting, you're embarrassing Katie and I. And the "Da greet aboot it, Katie and Jenn." That's just not nice. It should say something like, "Jenn is the bestest girly in the whole wide world and Katie stinks." So just copy and paste that and we'll all be fine. I still want to see a damn picture of the hair do. You know, the finished project. All I get is a mullet? Don't be like that! Have you heard from your precious dream girl? And how is she and the baby?
Jay, thanks for getting my back. Being jealous does build character and Bill just doesn't understand. "lets see, at the urging (re: WHINING!!!!! heh) of jenn," don't act crazy. For real. I was NOT whining. I simply said something like, 'hurry up and tell us.' That's more like demanding damnit! And damn Jay, on the same post, your "Lonely As I Am, Together We Cry," you done gave me the chills a FEW times. It sounds like you had an experience. One that included fun, memories, so much more and maybe even a life changing moment. I absoluetly loved reading it. Thanks.
Boko, welcome back. I love the new "piece." It totally reminded me of work. Our damn supervisor always say's that he'll 'get a McDonald's application' when we're complaining. I'm gonna print it and give it to him. I hope your vacation was good even though it seemed short lived!
Jamie, I will be holding down the fort while you're gone. No need to worry. Hope you enjoy your vacation out in California. Take care of "the boys" if you spend time with them. I must admit that I'm jealous that you're out there. I know you're already there, but hope you take lots of pictures to share.
Rae, hope all goes well with your surgery. I'm sure you'll be fine. You're post was fun to read. You're a crazy girl!!
Mishy/Chelle, It was a blast reading about your "possibility that flies have rodeos" theory/story. You're such a dork and that's why I love you!
Michy, I was all excited that you did such a long post. Yay! Even though it'll be the last for a few weeks to a month. Spun is a crazy movie. I had never heard of it 'til I watched it, and I was like whoa! I wanna see Garden State so bad. Lots of people are talking about it. Bring it over and we could watch together. Since we're both lazy dykes. So is Katie, maybe she can join us. Anyhow, it was a fun post and I am thankful. It had the old school michy-many-names-jenn-cracks-up-alot flavor in it. Score!
Dylan, I'm glad you got all the rest of your computer parts, dork. BTW, I love dorks, don't take that personal. Heh, like you care. It's also good to hear that you and Sabrina are still doing great. Keep me posted! (I'm nosey)
Ariel, I'm jealous bitch. You got to see the Northern Lights. (See, Bill, they DO exist!) You should take a picture and post it! That would be oh so kind of you. Oh yeah, and you own a rat? Sweetass. I think mice are cute. Not that I'd want one as a pet, but I never did freak out when I saw a mouse at someone's house. I've never been so fortunate as to see a cute little critter as such running across my kitchen floor. I'm lucky and have got to scream like a silly bitch at a centipede running across the kitchen floor. Ugh, the thought makes me shiver. Boo this desert. And I'm not even commenting on your dreams, you weirdo! Tell JayBug I said hello.
Stell, you were delirious just like me! Woot. Too bad we weren't on the computer, that'd have been fun. Jake is too freakin' cute and I hope he gets better. The look on his face in that picture is adorable and made me "aww" outloud. I have some exciting news for you and know I have mad you proud. I got Mr. Buckley's "Grace" album! After all these years! I STILL haven't had the chance to listen to it. But it's mine and will happen soon. Be proud of me mama! That's also exciting that you get to do all that stuff for that website and forum. I guess we can't all be as smart as Stell. Your "Hatching Of Butterflies" was so freakin' cute! I swear it made me smile! You're adorable.
Patty, I'm a little emotional that you thought I may be from Farmington. That's gayness little Mrs. Patty Duke! (I just thought of a nick name for you, you're gonna be my PaDukes!) I'm in Albuquerque! Where the hell are you? Roswell?! Haha. I bet you're in one of those weirdass incest towns huh? Haha. I love NM, but by the sounds of your "this town sucks," I take it you're in Gallup or something lame of the sort! So tell me where it is you lay you down to rest at nights.
James, my son would love your new template. He IS Spiderman!
So, there you have your comments. It damn took me longer than I thought it would. I could have spent the same amount of time actually commenting in your blogs. Stupid girl. And fyi, I love when you guys mention me in your blogs. I get all excited. Yeah, I have no life, so what?! Bastards. And for a quick update on me. I left work yesterday and had TWO front flat tires, which will leave me over $200 dollars more broke. 7:00pm was a very hard time for me. I'm broke. I applied for the Speicalist (supervisor under supervisor) position after a phone call to the Supervisor from the Lieutenant inquiring on why I hadn't applied made me feel special. I have an interview at 8:30 after I get off at 8. Paul called and sang to me after a long time of no contact. I yelled at him not knowing who it was at first. Oops. He had a baby on December 25th and is moving back here from Roswell. His timing was bad and we didn't get to converse very long. I hope his baby's mother let's him see his child. She's playing the "you can't see the baby" game. Him and I will remain good friends. Damian doesn't want to spend time with Ross. It was Ross's weekend and Damian called the entire time wanting to come home. He just doesn't want to be with him. Ross is a bastard, but what's new?
Did you ever want something that was yours, but you couldn't have it?. . .
Six day's of bliss. . .

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


So I've been slacking quite a bit on the blog. But I have read ALL of your posts and will get to the commenting, you know this! I'm REALLY tired here at work and STILL damn sick. Boo! Soon as I feel better I'll get back to posting. I'm sure you all miss me. Or not. But I'll pretend.
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Thursday, January 06, 2005


So, this is FINALLY my last day of work and I'm off for a few. SCORE bitches! I'm so excited I think I'll do something stupid. I'm just not sure what. Any ideas? So, if you guys look, I've been making minor adjustments to thee blog de Jenn. Like, since you guys are special, I linked your blogs over to the right in the sidebar. Aww. And I added a hit counter at the bottom. God, I'm cool. Not really. I stole all these ideas from you computer nerds. I mean, smart people. So thank you for all your help. I really just have no html knowledge, so bare with me. Bill! Mr. It's-basic-html. If it was so freakin' basic I wouldn't have asked. Shithead. I luff you! I just want my blog to look all shnazzy like yours. That's all I ever wanted from you. That and your love. But noooo, you have to get all, 'Jenn, just face it, I'm smarter than you. I know more about computers and I don't have the patience to help your dumbass.' Boo this man!

Then Gabe calls me last night all, "Don't you ever tell me to eat a cow!" Dude, you started it! For real. You're just jealous because I have the capability and big mouth to post a comment on ALMOST every picture Eric posted. I think I just leave you with nothing to say. Don't hate, don't hate. We can't all be as cool as me. So quit telling me to shutup Mr. I-always-comment-in-Bill's-blog-but-not-yours-then-I-complain-when-you-don't-comment-in-mine. I aint hearin' it! Boo this man!

So I wake up today and there's a text from Paul, my bestfriend. It say's "How come you haven't called me back woman?" So then I call him way later and he doesn't answer and I leave a message. He never calls back so I text him later in the night and say, "How come you haven't called me back man?" His reply, "I don't like you anymore, so quit trying to get into my pants!" Boo this man!

Ross is short. Boo this man!

So anyhow, I'm sick and it blows. My head feels like it's gonna blow, it feels like it weighs 15 pounds right now and it hurts! My throat is sore, my nose is dry and runny at the same time, my body is aching, and yes I'm bitching. Boo this whatever it is that I have and forgot to take something for. Dumb girl, this I know. Suffer now, you say! God, can't you have any sympathy? Assholes. I have the hiccups and it hurts my head more and my stomach every time. Make it stop :'(. Boo being sick.
Today, Damian was talking about how he didn't want to get ready for bed at 8:45, but at 9:00. I told him it didn't matter what he wanted and he was gonna get ready at 8:45. So he went to tell my mom on me. Actually, he was trying to discuss it with her to try and get me to change my mind. Then I told him, "I'm the boss." And as I said that he freakin' finger quoted me! What the?! He's 6 years old and finger quoting me? Smartass. I should ground him huh? It actually made me crack up and then we wrestled for a second. Yeah, yeah, I let him stay up 'til 9. So what? The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy was good tonight. Boo this mom?
All in all, I'm actually really happy. For really though. Why are you really happy Jenn? 'Cause I just am, quit being so nosey. I guess I'll do some work now. Actually, I know that's not going to happen. But I don't have anything else of interest to post about. As if any of this was interesting. Anyway, wish you all a fun weekend, 'cause mine starts when I leave here at 7 in the monin. Don't cry for me Argentina. Okay, I'm really delirious and I'm gonna stop now.
Where's my boo?. . .
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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

If You Take Your Love Away From Me, I'll Go Crazy
*singing - I'm searching for the words to make you realize. . .
Okay, that song's on the radio and I wanted to sing to you all some. Anyhow, so I did call in last night. I popped some Tylenol PM's and was out by 9pm! Slept 'til 8am. Eleven hours! Woot. Had a little more energy than usual, but still got tired come evening. Bad thing about sleeping those hours is coming to work and getting off at 7. Which means, by the time I leave here I'll have been up for 22 hours. This seems to be a routine of mine every other day. Staying up 24 hours is no thang for moi. But I'm actually getting kinda tired of it. I wish I would some time in my life have some kind of sleeping pattern. But I don't believe I ever have, so I may never. Who knows?
So, I don't have much to talk about since I've been doing nothing. I've been really burnt lately, as I've mentioned. On top of all the work and no sleep, I'm pressured here at work. It's not a bad pressure though. They really want me to be a Specialist/Supervisor. I got the Specialist we have now, the Supervisor, Sgt. and Lt. all pushing for me. It's a buck more an hour and I would no longer have to carry a pager once a week ever month. No more on-call! BUT, I would have to babysit these assholes. These ladies are a bunch of cry babies. So anyhow, one day I'm like, "Hell yeah! I'll do it! I'll be the supervisor of all these ladies ranging from the ages of 20-60." The next day, I'm like, "Hell nah! It aint work the buck!" It's really a great opportunity and advancement for me. Going from where I started to there in less than 3 years say's alot here in the Sheriff's Department. But I just can't gather myself enough to come to a damn conclusion. Sonofabitch, it's driving me crazy. I mean, why wouldn't I take such an opportunity? Am I just content where I'm at right now, for the time being? Am I scared of basically being the first in the chain-of-command? Am I just so exhausted at this time that I'm thinking of all the responsibilty and not wanting it? Should this be a decision when I've slept a normal night? I dunno. I guess when they close the posting, that'll decide for me. If I haven't applied by then, then oh well. I just hope I don't regret my decision either way. That's definately the most stressful part of it all.
On another note, I've hung out with Mariah twice in this past week. Had a good time. Her engagement ring is really pretty. Not too big, which I like. The first day I went by her apartment is when it sunk in that she was really engaged. Her (biological) dad heard that I was going by, so he told her not to let me leave 'til he could come tell me hi. When he got there they were talking about all her wedding plans and cost of it all. Looks like they'll be dropping a grand total of $11,000 on this wedding. $11,000! Fucking crazy bastards! The band alone is gonna run them $2 g's for four hours! Two fucking thousand dollars for a "popular local" band to play for four hours! Fuck that! She comes from a "wealthy" family, so for the most part it's coming from them. Her dress is gorgeous! I saw it in a magazine. Her grandpa/adoptive father will be putting $75 grand down on a house for them. That's their wedding gift from him. Must be nice! My cousin Amanda will be getting married 2 months before Mariah. She too is trying to have the most expensive wedding. I don't get it. Maybe I'm just weird. But I have never played out what my wedding would be like. I guess I only thought, when I'm that in love and know I want to spend the rest of my life with that person, I'm not going to care how big and and expensive my wedding is. I for sure want a most beautiful dress. I want all my loved ones to be there. I don't care how expensive and beautiful the invitations are. They're only going to get thrown in the trash. I don't need the table center pieces on the tables at the reception to be real roses surronded by diamonds! All I imagine is being able to look into "his" eyes when he say's I do and when I say I do, and to feel at that moment what becoming one is. To feel a love like never imagined! All I want at that moment is God's blessing and the blessing of my loved one's. Not the most expensive wedding my friends or family have ever attended. All they want is good food and music! Well, I want that too. Gotta dance! Anyhow, I hope that when/if the day ever comes that I'm saying "I do," that the man who's eyes I'm looking into is as much in love with me and isn't worried about how "rich" our wedding is. I'm really happy for Mariah, I just hope that come June 4th, she finds the true meaning behind marriage. I could say lots more as to why I feel she hasn't found that meaning, but that's irrelevant.
Stand by me. . .
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Monday, January 03, 2005

Tired Is An Understatement

After my 28 day strectch here at work I had one whole day off and had to come back. I've been completely exhausted to do anything, to include blogging. You may have noticed how short my comments have been, which is really rare, but I'll be back to "normal" soon. . . I hope. I think I may call in tomorrow night to TRY and get some kind of rest. I don't think I can last another day. I seriously can't even think. I'm even starting to be a grumpy gill/crabby pants. After this week the new shift bid begins and I'll have a few days off. I can not express how much I can't freakin' wait. I can't, I can't, I can't! Alot of my friends here, as well as in the blogging world have given me lots of credit for all the hours I've been working, just wanna thank you all. Makes me feel good vs. feeling like, I can't do it. It's been rough on me mentally and physically as well as on my son. So hopefully blogging will be back in the blood soon because right now I just don't have the energy for it.

Quick note on the new year: I stayed at my brother's with my son, watched my two nieces and their cousin, while him, girlfriend Marylyn and Angelo went out. I was in bed by 10. Woke up at midnight to my cell phone going off with tons of happy new year texts and one missed call with a happy new year voice mail from Katie! It really made me feel good that all these people thought of ME at midnight. I was over-whelmed with happiness. It was the best ever waking up to the cooing and crying sounds of my 4 week old niece next to me and my son on the other side.

Gonna sleep now on my lunch break. Until next time. . .
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