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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Newsweek Censors US Issue

Editor's Note: Newsweek has scrubbed the cover of its United States edition for October 2, 2006. The cover of its international editions, aimed at Europe and other world regions, has maintained the original title of the story, "Losing Afghanistan." The new cover for the United States edition features photographer Annie Leibovitz and is titled "My Life in Pictures." We offer the European edition cover and story here. - vh/TO

As my someone else said, I'm pretty sure the blood just drained from my face.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Random Jenn fact: I like the smell of burning weeds.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Yeah, so I'm about to get ANOTHER tat. . . Just'cause I'm in Virginia.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm in Virginia, bitches!

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Riders On The Storm

So, my last posts have been done either by my cell phone or through email as I am blocked from blogger at work. Actually, not completely blocked. I can read blogs, but I can't read comments or comment unless HaloScan is used. So, basically they think they're funny. AND, my home computer has some kinda STD. It seems curable, but damnit, I ain't got time for that shit. You know what sucks about it? The fact that I wanted to get back into blogging and reading blogs more frequently. Bastards.

Anyhow, I figured since I'm here at my brothers I'd take advantage of their new computer and hi-speed connection and throw down a post.

First and foremost, today is my sons 8th birthday! His school happened to be off today, and in turn left me with no sitter so I had to call in. Works for me! Got to spend the day with just him. It was nice to sit and watch him open his gifts from me with no one else around. At first I gave him three CD's that I'd burned from him from my collection that he likes. Those being, The Beatles "1," the Daredevil soundtrack and a mix he likes to call "rock mix" with anything from Van Halen to the Eagles. He was happy with them. I then gave him a 2nd gift which was his first "real" CD, the Red Hot Chili Peppers "Greatest Hits." He was so excited to see that he had his very own (not burned) CD. I then went to the room and brought out his 3rd gift and he said, "It has to be a radio!" I said, "who do you think I am? You think I can just go around buying radios?" But, in the end he was right. And he was happy that he now has the same radio as me only cooler because his speakers and trim are dark blue and mine are light blue. He refused to trade. I also asked him if I could burn a copy of his CD because I didn't have that one and he thinks he's cooler than me now. I can hardly wait 'til he's 15! We spent the rest of the day hanging out at home and playing with another gift he'd got from my mom. Tomorrow we're having a sleep over for his birthday. I have SEVEN LITTLE BOYS coming over to stay the night! God bless my soul!

I haven't been to any shows lately, but I haven't been to same damn club we always go to and I've been loving it. We have been going any and everywhere we're invited. Whereas, we're usually like, 'nah, we're going downtown.' We're at casino's, get togethers at friends houses, and clubs/bars that are foreign to us. It's been cool, too because there's always at least four of us girls and at times up to 7 and 8. Before it was two of us. We all stay at our friends house and come Sunday morning we leave as is, go eat and cruise around with the top down. I'm telling ya, as is is NOT a good thing. But, I like that they don't care because for the most part, they're all pretty much princesses. It's been SO much fun and I hope it just keeps going!

So, a few weeks ago myself and four of my girlfriends went to watch our first live cage fight. I'm already pretty glued to the TV when there's an Ultimate Fighting match and let me tell you. Being there and seeing it in person is just 100 times better. You get to yell and scream stuff like, "Knee! Your fucking knee!" along with a whole lot of "oh's" and "ah's." Dude, we saw a choke out, we saw a FEW knock outs and we got the luxury of seeing teeth get knocked out by a forehead. Those guys are nuts! But, if they wanna get knocked the fuck out in front of everyone, you're damn straight I'm gonna yell at the top of my lungs. More extreme fights for us to come! Oh yeah, my friends brother fought, too. He lost, but the ref was a dick with that fight as it was the first title fight. Details if you ask.

On Wednesday, I went down to the shop that my artist recently moved to and he gave me a nice, new, awesome tattoo. I love the placement of it! Which is great because I was about to have a heart attack trying to decide where I was gonna put it. I'll share pictures when I get a chance to be around a computer.

On Thursday I'll be catching a flight to Virginia to hang out with two of my fellow TPC fans turned great friends! One of them is coming from the UK and got the same tattoo along with my initial, our other friends and hers, as well as the dates of the time she'll spend in America. The other girl will be getting the tattoo as well along with the initials and date we get there. She'll be getting hers while we're out there with her. I can't wait! I fucking love those bitches!!

Rat, I sent you an email with a song attachment. Did you get it?!
Kurt, hit me with a good Friday random 10 next week. One that'll make me proud.
Treehouse Gang, I miss you guys! Like really really. Don't forget about me!
Phelps, I know you just can't WAIT to see my new tattoo! Patience!
Jen, thanks again for the photoblog. It is SO awesome. I feel all special. YOU are the bomb diggy!
Katie, your post about your sisters 21st was freakin' hilarious!!
Adrian, I see you visiting! Welcome back! How goes it.
Dusty! I wish I could comment on your blog, but I can't. :( I have been visiting. I miss you, too.
Doym, where the fuck you been?
Roadkil, Miranda, Leslie, Jef, Vsqz, Amber (your new pictures HOT), David Amulet, Memphis Steve, Davygrey, Bruce, Detroit Devoid of Funk (you married yet?), Phoenix, Weezel, Martin, Tom, Alice, Nocturnal, Bill, Rooster, Eli, Joe, Johnny Menace (you still come around these parts?) Yesse (I see you), anyone I missed, I will be visiting you all when I can. Well, if it's work appropriate. I can't comment, but know that I'm there in spirit!

You should all drop me an email when you're bored!
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Guess who got fresh ink, bitches?!

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Dude, I called Sperm Donor and I said "Hey, do you work today?" He said, "No, why?" I said, "I wanted to see if you could take Damian to his doctors appointment." You know what he say's?! "Do you EVER have him?" I was like "What?!" He repeats himself and I said, "I'm at work, loser." He's like "Loser?!" So I just hung up. Can you believe the fucking nerve on him? He NEVER spends time with him and doesn't give me a gahdamn penny. I never ask for ANYTHING. I know he said that because my son goes to his moms on Saturdays. Are you kidding me?!? I'm freakin' LIVID! I'm so mad I wanna cry. No more Mr. Nice Guy, dickhead. I will own you.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Son (7 years old) Rocking The Beatles- "Let It Be"

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