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Friday, June 16, 2006

10,000 Days

Any Tool fans blogging about? I'm sure there is. It is after all Tool. They are ingenius and you just can't deny those guys their surpassing talent. Whether you like them or not (which, I wouldn't understand not) you at least have to grant them the respect and credit they deserve.

Their new album 10,000 Days is phenomenal. I'm still feeling the initial awe-struck feeling I felt when I first threw it in everytime I hear it. I know many of you have purchased it from Itunes, but I highly suggest you own the actual CD. The artwork is sublime. The entirety of the album just above and beyond. From vocals to beats, lyrics to artwork. There isn't a track I don't love on it.

So, if there are some Tool fans out there that own the CD or have had the opportunity of listening to this album, I came across something interesting today and thought I'd share. It is truly interesting and I am definately intrigued. Myth or not, it is definately an interesting read. I found it through a girl named Amber. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and have been.


Alright you Tool fans...check this out. My cousin (a tool fanatic) found this post on the Atlanticrecords message board (I think I'll have to double check my email) and he followed the instructions. Here is the link to hear the finished results. I just listened to it...sounds pretty good to me!


Make sure you read the post below from the guy who figured this craziness out. Pretty nuts people!!!



I don't know exactly how true these may be but it was sure interesting reading.
If you play Viginti Tres then Wings For Marie pt. 1 subsequently, and 10,000 Days at the same time. They match up perfectly creating a sort of enhanced song. (Note that they both equal 11:13 seconds when added up) The synchronization of the 3 combine to make the complete whole version Wings For Marie

Layed out as a mathematical equation, it would read: (Viginti Tres+Wings Pt.1) + 10,000 Days = Wings For Marie

Supporting Details:
Track ..3 - Wings for Marie (pt 1) 6:11
Track ..4 - 10,000 Days(Wings pt 2) 11:13
Track ..11 - Viginti Tres 5:02

The duration for track ..11 is 5:02. Track ..3 is 6:11. If you add those times together, it equals 11:13, the exact duration of Track ..4. At 9:14, the finale of both Wings 1 & 2 should come together to sound as one, and the lyrics in both songs overlap/echo one another (Please forgive this arrogant question/bold suggestion).

The time of the 3 individual tracks include the numbers 6, 11, 13, 5, & 2. 11:13 is the total running time of Wings For Marie. The U.S. release date of the album was 5/2/6. 23 is the number for synchronicity (see Wikepedia entries on 23(numerology), synchronicity). It is also the title of the last track in Latin, Viginti Tres. Wings pt. 1 & 2 synchronize at exactly 9:14. 9+14=23. Viginti Tres is Latin for 23, the track listing could be read as 11. 23. This could also represent the first steps of a Fibonacci sequence: 1,1,2,3.

The artwork for 10,000 Days consists of stereoscopic images. These images are created by using 2 photos that are slighty altered from each other to form one complete picture. Wings For Marie is created by using 2 audio tracks (Wings pt 1 & pt. 2) to form one complete song. The stereoscopic images of the 4 band members all have the number 11 represented in the same section of their pictures on the right side:

Danny - Flower stems represent 11
Justin - Arm holding the bird is pointing towards the 11 visible candles on the table. It is important to note that there are actually 12 candles, 11 visible and 1 hidden.
Maynard - The hands on the clock is pointed at 11
Adam - 11 glass jars on the desk (his right hand points in their direction)

The album cover art is 3 faces that form 1 face. Wings For Marie is 3 separate tracks that form 1 complete track. Cryptic hints such as song titles like Lost Keys, Right In Two and the lyric in the song Rosetta Stoned: "A message of hope for those who choose to listen."

Please note that an official statement has yet to be issued regarding the Wings For Marie theory, or if there really is a puzzle to the 10,000 Days album Users have commented on that upon doing this specific mash up of songs, the final product is hardly a "song", many citing to be flat out awful. It must be noted that with past bands, there have been many, many mashup theories, all of which have proved to be false or purely coincidental.


Personally, I think the mix works. I like it. As for the theory, I also think it works and I love it. Myth or not, I am intrigued.
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Thursday, June 15, 2006

1, 2, Skip a Few

  1. I just bid for day shift. I will continue my schedule. All that bitching to waste. Damnit. At first I thought for sure it wasn't gonna be a choice and when it became one, I wanted graveyard and went for days. That's what I get for thinking, eh?
  2. My son has been taking swimming lessons. He LOVES it. He went up a level right away because he was advanced. Him and my niece both.
  3. Had I flown out this weekend to LA, I could have still seen The Panic Channel live and been in their first video. FUCK!
  4. I tried to stop cussing today, it didn't last but 30 seconds. And what?
  5. I need my next tattoo. It's been far too long.
  6. I fucking miss blogging and moreso I miss bloggers. I'm gonna spam your blogs very soon.
  7. I miss Katie. She doesn't love me anymore. She gets an Ipod and she's too good for me.
  8. I wanna see the ocean. NOW.
  9. I'm reading My Friend Leonard and it's awesome. (Yes I read, Mexi. Punk.)
  10. My leg won't stop itching.
  11. This post is L-A-M-E.
  12. Oh, and I wanna set someone's ass on fire.
  13. My friends fucking rock.
  14. I'm going back to LA.
  15. I polished my toenails black.
  16. I need a new computer and faster connection.
  17. This post got even more lame.

Ciao, bitches.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Son Of A Fucking Bitch

Back on motherfucking graveyard. I swear shit can't just KEEP going good.
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Saturday, June 10, 2006


The weekend of my birthday we went to watch The Da Vinci Code as it was what I wanted. So myself and two of my friends Chris and Sharon went and saw it. I was not disappointed. The book is better but, they mirrored the movie as good as I could hope for.

The following night my friends wanted to do something to celebrate so we went downtown and partied it up. They got me lots of black gifts. It was their decided theme since 95% of the time I'm wearing black. They got me an over-sized cookie cake and had a guitar drawn on it and the candles were black. Fucking rad. I got black polish, eye shadow and flip flops all to go with my bottle of Captain which we sat and killed at the table before the night out. It was a good turn out and many more people than I expected showed up. I'd given up getting drunk a week or so prior to that, but still got a nice buzz and danced the night away.

Last week I saw Nine Inch Nails in concert with my bestfriend Paul, our friend Jordan and his girlfriend. We had good seats and got to see a kickass fucking show. My ticket ended up being free as it was a birthday gift from Paul. I was the only one who had a couple of beers, but I still had a blast. I was chilled when Trent played "Hurt." He fucking owned it.

The following night 10 of us girls headed out to see Gretchen Wilson in concert at the same venue I was at the night before watching NIN. It doesn't get more versatile than that I tell you. And you know what? She's not bad. Not bad at all. Some of the songs were as hick as it could possibly get, but she had no problem admitting that. She covered Heart's - "Barracuda" and did it well. I was left with an impression after she covered Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog." Fret not Zep fans, she did the song justice. I had one drink that night 'cause I designated myself driver for the night. All other 9 girls partied it up. We then headed out to a club called Cowboys where it's a crazy mix of music and has two bars in one. Saw two fights that night including one in the middle of two main cross streets where some girl came out of her car swinging with a bat. Hardcore stuff there.

Tusday night I flew into LA and got there about one-ish. Waken up by a call from Six7 at 10 am saying let's go have breakfast. We headed to Ihop ate and strolled down Sunset Blvd. We ended up at Amoeba Music where I got lost in the music forever it seemed. I found five CD's and paid just under eighteen bucks. It just doesn't get any better. And since the fifth one was free I decided to buy some random CD I'd never heard of. I'll let you know how that turns out. After that we headed back to the hotel where we both had our rooms and I just relaxed after a shower. Got ready and waited on JuneBug. She and her husband came by and picked us up and we headed over to the The Roxy where we anticipated The Panic Channel putting on a killer show for us. We got there early and chalked up the sigil right out front. We put candles around the it and lit them up. The band came out of the tour bus and were stoked to see it. Perkins said "on Sunset fucking Blvd!" Dave Navarro had someone take pictures of him by it. They thanked us and went in for sound check. I've been following these guys for roughly two years now and I can't express the joy it was to see them live. They have yet to release an album, but have hooked up their fans with plenty of bootlegs and then some. They closed by covering "Dazed and Confused" and holy shit it was magical. It just showed what they can do and will do. All other songs were their songs and it was orgasmic to my ears.

Joe and I spotted Ron Jeremy in the crowd and decided to fuck around. We took a picture with him and I couldn't stop laughing because well, that's just kinda gross. I mean, c'mon, I touched Ron Jeremy. BUT, at least I didn't shake his hand after like Joe did. Good job, dork. After the show we headed over to The Rainbow to have pizza and drinks. Highlight for me was hearing someone ask Six7 "Is that Jenn" turning around and having Steve Isaacs (singer) ask me if I was Jenn. Totally genuine guy and instantly likable. After hearing him wail on stage I was a bit excited that he'd recognized me. Got in to The Rainbow where roughly a dozen of us sat at a table next to Carmen Electra, Dave, Steve and some of their friends. Carmen is as breath taking in person as she is on TV. Later they brought Dave out a piece of cake and we sang him happy birthday. He was celebrating his 39th. We decided to call it a night and as we got up to leave Dave and Steve got up to bid us a farewell. They stayed talking to us for a while and then Dave decided he wanted a group hug. Awww! Que precioso! On the way out we were greeted with a smile by Mickey Rourke. I didn't know it was him, but they told me it was. Then again, I was looking for WendyBird all night and she was at the table with us.

The following day Maria picked us up at the hotel and surprised us by taking us foreigner's (Six7 and I) to City Walk. We decided to watch a movie and since we'd all seen XMen 3 already we went with The Break Up. We hung out and ate after and then headed for LAX in the good ol' LA traffic. My flight didn't get in 'til 3am so I called in to work and told them they wouldn't be seeing me there.

All in all, it's been a great fucking past couple of months. I plan on it continuing. I'm gonna see the Deftones and Flyleaf soon (and Korn and some other bands, but I'm not worried about them). And we're also taking a train to Arizona to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Mars Volta in August.

Everyone's been calling me "Doll" lately. Guys and girls alike. Kinda crazy.

Life is good. . .
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