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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I haven't posted or commented because I've been sick since my last post. Actually, I was sick before that post, but had came into work anyway. I actually came in late that night and left a couple hours early. I had fever and was freezing and passing out on my chair in front of the computer. I basically have worked one (not a full one) night since last Wednesday night. So I basically had like 11 day's off! It was great, for the most part. I got pretty damn sick. Did you go see a doctor, Jenn? Yeah right. I don't go to hospitals, people die there. I've been coughing so hard my stomach is sore, not to mention my back. I was afraid to break a rib at one point. The worst part about it is my son caught "it" from me. He's had fever and a slight cough. Then I gave it to my 5 month old niece. Bad auntie! I swear I TRIED not to kiss her! But you can't look at her and not kiss her! That's just crazy! And it was only on the head, damnit. Bad auntie. Bad mama, too. Boo. I just hope he gets better. I'm still feeling like shit, but don't want to miss anymore work, so I drug my ass here.

I know I need to finish posting about Vegas, but after rereading that last post, I did the fun we had no justice. I'm kinda feeling like it's come and gone. I know, I suck! But maybe I just don't want to post because I'm still sick. Hopefully I be in the mood for it. Just to let you know, I'm a loser and didn't go to the "Weenie Roast." Instead I enjoyed a nice candle-lit dinner with a gorgeous view next to the marina.
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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Whatever Happens In Vegas, Stay's In Vegas (Or, I Blog About It)

Names will be changed to protect the innocent. And the guilty.

Day 1: VIP's and Nazi's

I leave work at 5 am and head over to the girls house and they're still packing. Assholes. We still get on the road at 6. Made very few stops, including Hoover Dam. It's so pretty. "Jezebel" gave us some history on it. Got into Vegas between one and two, and checked into to our ROACH MOTEL! We all stood at the door and stared for a moment, then decided there was nothing we could do, so just started getting ready for the night. (paragraph) The four of us headed out to get some food while waiting for the fifth, who was flying in that night. We somehow ended up at "Coyote Ugly." We weren't dressed for the occasion so we didn't feel like making asses out of ourselves just yet. Though, "Scarlet" managed to get roughly 10-15 free "shots." I quote shots because they are more like mix drinks that they give you shots of. The "Coyote's" were unfortunatley pretty boring. They just stood there. But we had fun nonetheless. They were determined to get all us girls up on the bar, but we hadn't gone prepared for that, so "Scarlet" was the buzzed on all about it. She managed to take the other two up there, but I kicked back. (paragraph) We headed back to the room where we met up with the fifth of us and got ready for the night. Not bad timing for five girls. Grabbed a taxi with a crazy Greek man and headed over to the club "Rain" in the Palms. The driver was, um, weird and wouldn't shut up. He was asking why we knew Spanish and we shouldn't if we weren't from Mexico. So we started teasing and saying we learned in school. Anyhow, we made it alive, thank God. (paragraph) We walk into the hotel/casino and the line is just insane. It's wrapped around the whole damn building and I said, "There's no way in hell I'm waiting in this line." According to the internet, cover charge was gonna be $20 bucks, so we went with that mind-set. We were very last in line waiting for "Jezebel" who was trying to work our way in by saying it was my birthday and such when this important looking girl walks up to us with a clipboard in hand. "Scarlet" then asks, "What's the "front-of-line" cover?" She say's, '$20 bucks, follow me.' So we follow her and find "Jezebel" on the way, when this important looking girl passes us off to the hott as hell "Ross." Who shook only my hand, thankyouverymuch, and he then walked us to some other guy who let us in. We felt all suave 'n shit. The people in line looked like they wished they were us. If only they had known, we were nobodies just like them! (paragraph)nWe get in the club and immediately "Jezebel" and "Madonna" were out in their own direction. I stayed with "Penelope" and "Scarlet." We eventually started to meet people and I actually for the first time in ages let guy's buy me drinks. The girls yelled at me and made sure I didn't pay. I tried paying once when they weren't looking, but didn't get to. We later ran into the other two girls and they were going to the "VIP" section and wanted us to come with. We get in some elevator after being escorted by a thousand bouncers and when we get to the top there's a sausage fest going on. I'm not having it. I buy a shot and a drink and tell the girls I'm out. They seemed pretty upset, come to find out the guy's were asking for some lap dances and had their dollars all ready. Good old VIP, eh! (paragraph) Anyhow, we dance the night away, we're all doing our own thing, by this time all drunk as hell. Club closes and we head out for the taxi. We were in line forever when we finally realized we were not in line but standing in and around the luggage cart that the bell hops use. Nice. I'm sure we looked just fabulous. No one bothered to tell us. I'm sure they stood and watched in amusement five drunk girls who thought they were cool. I mean after all, we were VIP all night 'n stuff. Dumbasses. We finally realized where we were and proceeded over to the front of the line. We had been waiting at least a half hour. No one in line had a problem with it, I'm sure it's because we entertained them for a while. . . well, except that ONE guy behind us. He said, "You guy's took cuts, you aren't right." I turned around and said, "I'm sorry, we're stupid and were in the cart forever. . . " when I was just about to tell him to go ahead and get in front of us, he cuts me off and say's to "Scarlet" and I, "Go back to Tijuana, you guys stink." Uh oh!! Hey, dumbass, you're talking to drunkass girls, NOT a good idea! "Scarlet" and I lit the little guy up and his girlfriend disappeared not a sentence into it. The other three girls had been mingling when they walked up and had no idea what was going on. They thought we were just drunk and starting shit with random fuckheads. Um, no! They were just as drunk and wouldn't listen and were therefore fueling the fire by apologizing to this ignorant fuck. I finally walked away and grabbed a taxi and yelled that if they weren't in they could catch the next one. They all got in and were yelling and blah blah. I sat up front with the driver and apologized for our drunkasses a hundred times over. I didn't catch any of their conversation, but I guess they all figured it out. When I got out of the taxi, "Jezebel" walked up to me and was crying and telling me sorry. She has experienced racism, from what I hear, a few times. For "Scarlet" and I, it was our first "direct hit." I got over it, as did we all. It is now an on-going joke. For instance, we parked in some smelly ass parking lot and one of the girls asked, "What's that smell?" I then replied, "You guys! Go back to Tijuana!" It makes us laugh everytime. His ignorance won't go unannounced, I explained to the girls. He WILL tell the wrong person something, one of these day's. (paragraph) Anyhow, we made an unbelieveable amount of new friends, including some neighbors that were literally but 5 feet from us. I changed into pj's immediately, as I always do after a rough night on the town, and "Penelope" and I decided to be obnoxious drunks and go wake up the neighbors. One guy, "Moon" opened the door with only one eye peering at us while "John" laid up and looked like he'd just been invaded. Well, I guess they had. We walked in and made fun of them for going to bed so early and drug them out of bed to come party with us. Let's just say, the night ended with me passed out along with "Scarlet." Moon got to tickle and wrestle and such with two of the ladies, and well, let's just say John didn't leave Vegas a disappointed man. (paragraph) We woke up the next morning all still feeling drunk and shared stories and laughed. "Scarlet" then told us that when she was arguing with the ignorant bastard that she at one point said something about his "blonde eyes and blue hair." We laughed so hard it hurt. Good job, ladies, good job! All in all, it was a GREAT night!

To Be Continued. . . .
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Back. . . . Kinda.

Well, I'm here and back at work. Boo. I'm sick as hell and it sucks. I had THEE best time ever in Vegas and LA. I will post about it, just not now. I'm not up to posting. My head hurts, my nose is runny, my back hurts, my stomach feels yucky, and just about every muscle in my body is sore. I just turned 26, and it's already starting. Aint that a bitch?

And, I could have blogged whilst on vacation, but for real, I was in Vegas and LA, dork! Pikkel, you owe Mr. Rat $10 bucks.
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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ciao Bello's y Bella's

Well, I'm out this mug in an hour and a half. Woot! Thanks to everyone who wished me a fun time. Hope you all enjoy your weekends! Much love!
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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Help A Mami Out

I'm contemplating a new name for my blog. As some of you may have noticed I changed it from "Reverie" Underneath saying, "With far away eyes" to its current. I got reverie from a song I like and the lyrics to it, moreso. And because all I'm thinking about is my vacation and my son I can't think of the damn name of it right now. Anyhow, most people ask what reverie is and simply it means dream. I was obsessed with the lyrics and that's where the blog title and url stemmed from. Oh okay, I Googled it, it's Sarah McLachlan's "Angel." Anyhow, the title now is "Jenius." Of course 'cause I'm Jenn and well you get it. My friend gave me a sticker that I have up at work that say's that. Even though Mr. Rat likes it, I'm not sure that I'm completely happy with it. Maybe I'm taking this blog stuff just too damn serious. But hey the old, "Feeding Rainbows To Unicorns" title has been changed and that was very original. So maybe you guys can throw me a bone here and tell me what you think of the new name? Should I keep the old? OR, maybe you have an idea of your own? Yeah, yeah. Who the hell am I to put you guys to work? This is Mami, say ay!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Uh, Stuff and Stuff

So, I thought it was time to update, but I seem to be suffereing a case of writers block. Not even some asinine crap flowing through the blood. I'll just throw out some of the usual snipet when I have nothing to say stuff.

- Leaving for Vegas and LA in just two day's and it's all I'm thinking about!
- I decided on not going to the "Weenie Roast." I know, I'm a loser! At least Audioslave's next album is released right after.
- I got a new pair of kicks and I bought a name brand I make fun of. Why? Because they'll look cute with shorts and they kinda look like the oldschool Adidas shell toes. What name brand, Jenn?! Dare I say? Uh, they're Phat Farms. Shut up about it.
- I'm excited about my vacation but yet sad. Everytime I go on vacation I start to miss my son day's before I've even left. And by day four, it's just horrible. :'(
- I left the piercings in, but I keep seeing all these dumb girls with their lip pierced, in their little pink outfits, with their cute matching purses and it drives me fucking crazy!
- I'm thinking of something else right now.
- Oh yeah, since Katie's turned 21 she's forgotten us little people. That or she's still in an alcohol induced coma.
- I linked a few more people and found out that some of you had me linked. THANK YOU! I always feel super special when I get linked. If you wanna see who has you linked, check out Technorati. It's not 100% accurate, but it's fun to check out.
- This is an extremely boring post, so I'm done.
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Friday, May 13, 2005

Neuro Nerds

Working graveyard means sleeping all these inscrutable hours. So sometimes when I'm tired but can't sleep I'll turn on the TV and try to find something lame to watch, which isn't hard. The other morning I put it on HBO and caught "HBO vs. The Faith Healers." It is a behind the scences kind of show targeting Benny Hinn and Reinhold Bonnke, alleged miracle workers. Well, unbeknownst to me it turned out to be very interesting. They gave HBO access to all that they do and were later upset that HBO 'put a twist on it.' For those of you that don't know about, or have never seen Benny Hinn, he's a pastor who supposably has powers from God to create miracles. As for Reinhold Bonnke, he does his preachings and miracle in Africa. Though Bonnke cast spells on witch docters. Previous to this I had caught only a glimpse of Hinn's doings. I never agreed and never disagreed, moreso because I never knew much about it all. Hinn and Bonnke lead people to believe that they are miracle workers, and that their preachings and miracles are a gift from God. Well, in this behind the scenes documentary, there were no miracle to be found. Some of the people who were claimed to have had their miracle even passed away not long after the show. As they got farther into the show, it actually began to get a little scary, if you will. They eventually compared Hinn and Bonnke to Hitler. I was totally dumbfounded. And strange enough, I also agreed after watching the show. They had neurologist and their theory's behind it. What they came up with was "placebo." 1) A substance containing no medication and prescribed or given to reinforce a patient's expectation to get well. 2) An inactive substance or preparation used as a control in an experiment or test to determine the effectiveness of a medicinal drug. 3) Something of no intrinsic remedial value that is used to appease or reassure another. 4) (plä-chb) Roman Catholic Church. The service or office of vespers for the dead.

What they said was that this is why Hitler was as powerful as he was. That he knew that manipulating a vast crowd was easier than doing so with smaller crowds. The energy is much more intense when in the millions. Which, Hinn preaches to and Bonnke in the half millions. They gave examples of Hitlers "white power" hand in the air to Hinn and Bonnke's waving their hands in the air; His soldier marching the way they did in sequence, at the same pace and beat, to Hinn and Bonnke's crowds swaying. This is all part of the placebo effect. I also learned that the placebo effect can make people feel different. For instance, someone with a bad back that maybe can't squat. When being in the state of placebo, you can then squat. But day's later are unable to.

Another thing that was upsetting to me was the money. The amount of money asked for. There was one family, a poor family, whose son had brain tumors and was in a vegetable state. They had converted over to Christianity from Hinduism. Hinn was asked to take their son on stage and perfom his miracles. The little boy died not soon after. But, yet the parents still feel obligated to give Hinn inane amounts of money. On most envelopes to donate to the church, there is amounts on the envelope starting at $5 and up to maybe $100. Hinn's envelopes started in the hundreds and stopped not short of 5 grand! Just one more thing Hinn can do with this placebo effect. Placebo can also be compared to hypnotism.

The neuroscientists also said that most people like this had a strange childhood. And in over-coming this, they then believe that they are some kind of "chosen." They even went all the way into evolution. HBO conducted a few tests on several different people and proved a very good point and everthing to back it. After watching I was just left with an eerie feeling. Are these two men using faith and religion to manipulate? Or are they really strong Christians with faith and believe they are what they are? Something to ponder in my little mind. . . .
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Thursday, May 12, 2005


I hope you're having a great time! I really wish I could be there. Love you!
I called and sang to you on your voicemail. FYI, in case your drunkass forgets.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Life Is Good ~ Her Story

So much going on! Oh so much. Had my last appoint to move. They're gonna "help" me out a little bit. Found a three-bedroom, two-bath, two car garage and yard for my son. I'm praying that goes through. Leaving for Vegas next Thursday! Guess what?! I DO get to see Audioslave! I'm so ecstatic I almost hurt myself jumping around. Not to mention grabbing my trainee and shaking her. She's got at least 25 years on me, that's not respecting my elders. I've gone mad. Anyhow, turns out their playing this years "Weenie Roast" in LA. So, I'm flying into LA that Saturday! The line-up is as follows (* indicates me being that much more happy). . . .
Main Stage
Foo Fighters*
Hot Hot Heat
Jimmy Eat World
My Chemical Romance
Queens of the Stone Age*
Stage Two
The Mars Volta*
Alkaline Trio
Bloc Party
The Bravery
Dead 60's
The Transplants
Plus, Open Air Stereo
How fucking sweet is that? I'm totally amped! I'll be back in Vegas on Sunday for my birthday, recovering from the madness. This is going to be thee best birthday since the last I got to have with my dad there. When I get back, I've got Mariah's wedding (maid-of-honor). Then after that I've got my brother's wedding (maid-of-honor), which means back to Vegas! All while moving into my new place (hopefully). The in-between weekends will be used for moving and such. And I "heard" about this position at the DA's office and I "heard" that my name's been dropped for the position and I didn't even ask! The source, well, let's just say it was from thee source of sources. This means working day shift, not being on-call, holiday's off. And an intense, busy, "up there" position. It basically means me living a normal life with my son. It means a career, not just a job. I'm freaking out! It's like this year is the year! All good. I pay off my car next September and then it's on! That's $650 a month for Damian and me! Vacations and more vacations! I'm gonna take him to Disneyland and/or Disneyworld. I wanna go see Katie in Il. I don't want to put my son through the dramas of it all either. I have money and when I don't, I don't mind working a 60-70 hour week to get what I want. Because we already have what we need and then some.
My mom and I have been at it a lot lately. I think it's just because I'm an adult now and so is she and it's hard to live together with two opinions. My mom's going through things right now, but she has all her life. She IS the icon for a survivor. She was married to my dad for 20 years and raised three kids. We lived in a small two-bedroom trailer, all five of us. RV's are bigger. My dad worked his ass off to put food on the table and clothes on our backs. He was a mechanic and knew any and everything there was to know about cars. He died when I was just 12, my brother 13, and my oldest brother had just turned 18, in a motorcycle accident. We lost most of all contact with my dad's side of the family then. I've not seen or talked to my grandma since his funeral. My mom and my brothers and myself then lived with my grandma and granpa in their two-bedroom house and at my uncles who had a bigger three-bedroom in the back. But there were five of them there. She wasn't working when my dad passed away because they were old-fashioned and the man provided while she raised the family, so she couldn't afford rent. She didn't have a high school diploma so she went back to school for her GED after years of being out of school. She took night classes and went to day classes for roughly two years. She took me with her to her day classes so that she could get more studying in for the test. She failed the test numerous times, but refused She finally got her GED and was the happiest I'd seen her in years. She started working as an Educational Assistant at an elementary school and does in the present. She eventually got an apartment at a small but friendly apartment complex for her, my second oldes brother and myself. My oldest brother wanted to live with my grandparents. He took to my grandpa as his father figure like we all did after my dad left. The apartment was a nice two-bedroom, two-story, which was luxurious to us. She slept downstairs on the couch so that my brother and I could have our own rooms. Her boyfriend used to spend the night now and again and they would put the love seat and big couch togehter for their bed. One day she told me to clean my room, and my ungrateful self said something like, 'Why? I don't have anything nice.' I woke up the next morning to a new comforter, sheets, radio and a TV. I'm not sure how she did it, but she did. I kept my room clean every day after. Eventually she qualified for houseing assistance and they helped her get a house with a very low payment. A three-bedroom, single bah on 1/2 an acre of land! An old house remodeled. We were rich! We still live there. My brother has since bought a brand new house and has his fiance and two daughters. Both of my brother's are AWESOME fathers. When I wanted my dream car, my mom co-signed for me so that I could have that dream. She knew it'd put me through hell with the insane payment, but she did it anyway. She doesn't charge me rent and doesn't ask for anything form me. She had moved out once with her boyfriend and left me the house. My grandpa was sick and she moved back to be only 10 minutes from them. She spent every weekend with my grandparents, making sure they were happy and having a good time. Taking them to casinos or out to eat. Leaving no time for just her. My grandpa passed away two years ago and it's been really hard. Fo us, he was what we had left of any father figure. My dad's dad passed away when I just a little girl. Maybe about 10. I remember him fondly. Since then, she spends just about every day making sure my grandma is out and busy. Any vacation mom takes, grandma goes with. Anytime she goes anywhere, grandma goes with her and her boyfriend. All of her "other" time is dedicated to her kids and grandkids. Making sure we all have everything. I'm a single mother with a dead-beat-dad for my son's father. I mean, he sees him and is awesome when he's around, but it's getting him around that's the issue. My mom is my son's father. Her and I have raised him. If it weren't for her, I'm not exactly sure where'd I'd be. She's watched him so I can work. She gets him ready for school in the mornings. And because of my demanding schedule she attends field trips and anything else I cannot. I hate it when her and I argue, but I know that she would die for her family. Because of her, I know how to survive and that I can. because of her, I know that there are genuine people out there. Because of her, I know that one person can make a difference in so many lives. Because of her, I know how to love and to live. It's late, but HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOM and GRANDMA!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Blogger's really killing me. I did a really long post and I did save it this time. Only I didn't want to keep the file saved here at work, so I'll have to retype it tonight. Just an FYI, because I'm not a slacker! I have a feeling it has something to do with the computer I'm posting from. It's "new" and I think "people" are restricting me or something. Or maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. But it's working just fine from this computer. And of course it's a lame who cares kinda post. Boo.
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Friday, May 06, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

For all you mama's out there, I hope you have a great day! I love my mommy! They call ME "Mami." Ay papi.

- I saw an episode of "The Contender" (Joey vs. Peter) and I cried. I think I love boxing.
- I'm contemplating letting my tongue and lip ring close.
- Vegas in two weeks from today!
- Blogger's STILL a bitch.
- Look at what Boko did! I love it! You should be looking at his stuff anyway, damnit.
- Stell, you shall remain on the slackers list, 'til you've proven yourself.
- I've been so busy training at work that it's taken away from my fucking internet time. Aint that a bitch?
- I've been so busy when I'm not at work, when I come to work it's a break.
- It's Cinco de Mayo weekend (look, Katie, a reason to drink) Viva Mexico! (I'm not from there.) Get crunked!
- What's with all the name calling on the post before last? Be nice, bitches.
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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Blogger bent me again, but I'm going to attempt this again this morning. Yes, I copy and pasted and everything else. I think I may have unknowingly hit on bloggers boyfriend so she's fucking with me. Anyhow, I don't have much time for a "real" post so I figure I'll just throw around some here's and there's. I'd like to someday when blogger forgives me attempt a post with some actual thought into it. You know, some in-depth, thought provoking, maybe even spawn a debate kinda post. But until blogger's done being an assrammer, no dice.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I did everything right this time. I copy and pasted and waited for it to publish to 100% and it did so then I deleted what I had copy and pasted and tada! No post. So HAH! Or I'm still the one that got screwed, but still. Blogger, I won't let you win! I shall prevail! (Make sure you say/read that all dramatic like.)
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Monday, May 02, 2005

Fuck You Blogger!

Okay, I typed the Spring Crawl escapades AGAIN and when I clicked "publish post" it sent me to the "cannot find selected page/url" thing AGAIN. So just shoot me already. Seriously. I took 45 minutes to type that. Listen here, blogger! I spend lots of time with you and contribute to your world and this is how you repay me?! What the hell, man? I wanted to throw my chair through the computer. And I know I have pottie mouth tendencies, but do you have to piss me off so I can reveal them to the world? Let me just be the lady that I am, bitch. I don't know what I did to piss you off, but just come forth with it and we'll handle the situation as needed. Just remember, I aint afraid to hit a bitch! And thanks for making me seem all psycho for talking/posting to you. I don't like you right now.
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