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Monday, January 30, 2006

I Lost My Blogger Mojo

Anybody seen it?

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Catch Without Arms

I've got nothing today, so here's some random crap.

* I did get fresh ink this weekend. I couldn't get a good picture of
it, so you'll have to wait. In the meantime, use your imagination.

* When I grow up, I wanna be a Roller Girl.

* So it's gonna be the Steelers and the Seahawks.

* I don't get starstruck for you turds that thought that's what my last
post was about. I liked that I got to see a movie being filmed,

* You need to check out Dredg. Period. Don't ask questions.

* I didn't drink this weekend! Okay, lies. But, I only had one Coronita
yesterday while we barbequed and watched the games. AND, I was
designated on Saturday and only had ONE drink of Bootys beer.

*Andrew made this post possible. He rocks!

* We're living in the gahdamn Matrix, bitches.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dinner On Dick & Bar Hopping

So Friday I got a last minute VIP invite to go watch Richard Gere shoot a scence for the movie he's currently filming out here. We met up with the detectives and headed on over to a restaurant where we ate some serious grub. My son referred to what he has as "wicked chicken!" Mr. Gere was supposed to have dinner with before or after but something didn't work out, so instead we just ate his food without him. Don't hate. After dinner we headed over to the set and watched them get ready for a "high-speed car chase." I quote that because there was nothing high-speed about it. It took more time for them to get things ready. But we did get to hear, "Aaand action!" And also. "Quiet all around the set. Rolling!" It was rad to say the least. Oh, and you are NOT supposed to take pictures of the set, gahdamnit! Yeah, here are some pictures of the set. That's him driving the car.

We stood out there for a couple of hours freezing our asses off. Though, my son managed to entertain us. He made us laugh LOTS. He also obsessed over Johnny Cash for a while which the others thought was cool. He saw Walk the Line and now he wants to be Johnny Cash. He thinks he sounds like him especially when he sings "Ring of Fire." He throws in an accent and all. My son rocks! Anyhow, eventually the director came to meet us and talk to us. He asked why we weren't standing by the heaters, snacks and refreshments and took us over there. When he did, what I like to call the pions started freaking out that we were in the way not knowing it was the director who brought us over to that area. He told them, 'I told them to come over here' when one lady insisted that we were in the way of the directors seat and he insisted back that they 'just move his TV's and seat.' He was awesome.

So, we got to watch from behind the directors seat while they shot a scence and standing right by us watching along was Claire Danes. Fucking rad. She's really pretty. So they're done with the scene and here comes Richard Gere's boucner waving his hands like 'come here.' So we all follow him on the set to meet Richard Gere. I tell my son we're going to go meet him now and he gets way excited. Richard was shaking everyone's hands and asking for names when he gets to Damian and I. He kneels down to Damians level and says, "Hi, what's your name?" And Damian seems shocked. I'm thinking it's because, 'wow, it's his first celebrity meeting.' So he tells him, "Damian" and then he asks, "How old are you?" Damian replies, "7." And I swear I saw Richard Geres heart break for a second and he says, "I have a little boy who's 6, almost your age. I miss him. I wish he was here with me." At that point Damian was still just staring at him when finally Richard stood up and introduced himself to me and such. Then Damian says, "Mom! Where's Richard Gere?!" I almost died. I said, "Damian, you were JUST talking
to him!" And he makes this loud ' jaw dropping oh my God!' sound. When we got home he said, "Mom, you know why I didn't know it was him? Because he looked younger in the movie (Pretty Woman)." He does of course look older, but he still looks good. I cropped me outta the picture with the four of us because I look absolutely horrid! But you can see my cheek and a hand. Those are my friends and of course my son.

On Saturday we headed to Graham Central Station where they have four huge clubs in one. We had a good time there and vowed to stay sober 'til we got downtown, which we did. We checked out the Hot Spot and then The Library and back to the Hot Spot. Then we went to I-Hop for breakfast where I realized I had some Robert guys credit/debit card instead of mine. The brillliant bartender gave me his instead of mine. Good job, asshole. I guess they DO only have to look cute in a school girl uniform. I had no access to my money therefore could not get my tattoo. I did go down there and watch Travis get devirginized. He seemed a little faint, but was happy with his first tattoo none the less. I'm supposed to go for mine tonight, but we'll see what the evening entails. I still have to go get my gahdamn debit card back.

Random Stuff:

* My sons teacher just informed me that she tested his reading and he is at a level 18. Fuck yeah, bitches.
* I will share a tattoo of the new ink when I get it. My artist already drew it up for me. I got the idea from Katie and I know ~Eyes will love at least the concept of it.
* It's only the 17th and this year just keeps rocking me right. I can only hope and pray for it to keep going in this direction.
* I can NOT express how much I am loving my new schedule. I am no longer a zombie. I get to visit family and friends.
* I can NOT express how much my family and freinds love my new schedule.
* I miss him.
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Friday, January 13, 2006

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

So, I went to Cowboys last night, and wow! Don't people work anymore?
It was so freakin' packed. It's not a small place either. There's also
Ground Zero which you can go to through Cowboys. So basically you got
two clubs. And there still wasn't any damn room to walk.

They had a band, which I don't remember what their name, but they
weren't too shabby. Okay, so the guitar player and singer were hot. So
what's with country singers dressing like their rock 'n roll? I mean,
not that they didn't pull it off, but really; What happened to cowboy
hats, pointy boots and belt buckles? Kinda takes the country outta
country, no? In all fairness, they did play some good tunes like
Mustang Sally and they were good at it. The country they did play was
the good stuff and they did it well. During intermissions they played
hip-hop, so dancing was needed to be done. We stayed in Ground Zero for
the hip/hop for the last 30 minutes or so. Oh, and by the way, just
because it's called Cowboys and they play mostly country music, the
crowd was very mixed. It wasn't a bad crowd, just not really my kind. I
like to be in my element. I'm guessing most do. Well, maybe the fact
that I only had one drink had something to do with it? Otherwise had I
a few more, I'm sure it would have been just fine!

A little bit of advice:
1. Just because you have a sweater on a seat, THAT'S NOT YOUR FUCKING
TABLE. Someone should be sitting there.
2. If you don't like cigarette smoke, DON'T FUCKING GO TO A CLUB WHERE

I asked this one old guy to borrow his light and he says while lighting
me up, "Might as well, you borrowed our table." Yeah, 'cause no one had
been sitting there ALL night. I stood up and said, "Oh, did you need
that?" Of course I was sarcastic, don't be dumb. Then a little bit
later my friend is having a smoke and she puts her ashes out in the
ashtray and this lady (one that was with the old guy) pushes the
ashtray over and tells her with all kinds of attitude, "Can you put
that on the other table 'cause I don't smoke." These people should have
stayed home and went to bed with their 85 year old asses. I take a drag
of the cigarette and can you guess in what direction the smoke went?
Yeah, fuck her.

People like that piss me off. Seriously, if I don't wanna see naked
girls I probably shouldn't go to a strip club. Same rules apply for
those that don't like smoking. And the whole table thing. I'm sorry,
but that's reserved for no one. And if you want it to be "your" table,
then stay your happy ass there all night so someone else doesn't see an
empty table and think it's empty!

Guess who's getting fresh ink on Saturday, bitches!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Real Big Bad Wolf

(video removed) style="color:#ff0000;">WARNING: This video contains graphic and possibly disturbing footage and may not be suitable for all bloggers. For those of you with weak stomachs click pause NOW or exit the blog. For those of you that can stand it, tell your cats to hide their eyes.

I got this from someone else and thought I'd share. This is inhumane and disgusts me to no end. I didn't make it through the whole video myself. It makes me sick. There's not more that needs to be said. The video and following speak for itself. . .

In November, the CEO of J.Crew agreed to a permanent fur-free policy for his company's stores thanks to an enormous flood of phone calls at his home. Now, the millions of rabbits, foxes, minks, coyotes, and other animals who are skinned alive for their fur each year need your help. This time it's sleazy "high-profile" designer Dennis Basso who needs your extra special attention.

Dennis, who was recently featured in a disgusting article in the New York Times for his NYC boutique that sells almost nothing but tortured animal skins, is so caught up in drunken celebrity parties and limousine rides that he doesnt seem to care that he has the blood of countless animals on his hands. Give Mr. Basso a piece of your mind today - let him know exactly what you think of the bullshit products sold in his stores like fur leg warmers and dead lynx coats.

Dennis Basso
211 Central Park West, 1G
New York, NY 10024
Cell: 917-215-7317

You should also call or stop by his NYC store and let him and his employees know that fur will never be "in":

765 Madison Avenue (near 66th Street)
New York, NY
Store: 212-794-4500
Office: 212-564-9560

After you're done sticking it to the fur pimp, repost this bulletin and ask your friends to call Dennis too.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Good Morning, Starshine. Thee Earth Says "Hellooo."

So, I've been off since Wednesday morning and let me tell you, it was a great five days off. Much needed and might I say much deserved. I got outta work that morning at 8 after working 13 hours and stayed up 'til 6:30 that night when I power napped for an hour, then passed back out at about 9. I've been kicking my own ass these past days trying to get used to sleeping at nights again. It's been fun, lemme tell you. I did however, sleep through the whole night last night. It was glorious!

So, I was supposed to meet up with some friends over at Cowboys (don't worry, it's not a country club all the time) on Thursday, but instead I decided to get sick. So yeah, I was sick for those five days. Plus, the no sleep wasn't gonna allow me to do so. I got lectured that I will have to be there this Thursday. Yay!

On Friday I got up and got ready bright and early and never ended up leaving the house. I was feeling worse and I sat on the couch watching TV all day. I did however enjoy a candlelight dinner with my son, mom and her boyfriend. My son LOVES candlelight dinners. Saturday I was up bright and early, got ready again and my son and I headed out to grab a bite. We were gonna go use our gift cards but he decided that he wanted go to his grandma's already so I dropped him off after we ate. I then met up with Mariah and Kevin at Chili's just to hang out while they ate. We headed out to the forbidden Wal-Mart to pick up a few necessities and if you know Mariah and I, you know that Wal-Mart isn't just shopping. It's Tom Foolery and it rocks! Mariah offered Kevin five bucks if he'd walk around in these bright pink rubber shoe type things. It was such a joy to watch people stare and mock his get up. One guy passing by said, "I hope it was worth the five bucks." I'm guessing that guys earned five dollars on dares plenty of times.

After shopping I headed home to change into my Lobo gear because it was game time, baby. Nancy, Elena and I met at the pit with 16,201 others where "we" played Colorado state and served them. Our 19th straight win. It was a really good game and all the cheering, screaming, dancing and clapping only made it that much better. Not to mention the guy behind us who kept yelling "Number 20 sucks!" He even sang it to one of the songs at one point. Even waiting in traffic wasn't so bad. It was only about 15 to 20 minutes at most and I got to listen to the Hour of Hair! Just think, hair metal.

After that, it was back home to change into "club gear." It's Elena's last full weekend here so we wanted to go out, just the three of us to "our" spot for old times sake. She'll be moving back to El Paso next weekend. We headed out to The Library where we danced and drank to our hearts content. Our last round we got a little emotional and teary eyed and told each other how much we were gonna miss these times. We walked back to my car and were about to call a Taxi when a friend rang and came for us. We headed back to Nancy's and hung out 'til about 4 that morning. Kinda. I was in and out of sleep. I'm a great host, I know. Elena managed to puke in the sink and all over the kitchen floor. Nancy cleaned it with no problem saying it was her Karma for New Years weekend where she did the same all over Mariah's house. I mean, seriously, who's not gonna throw up when you beer bong Bicardi? She's a crazy bitch. Oh yeah (skipping around), and I took my first whole beer bong New Year weekend. Third times a charm!

Yesterday (Sunday), we (Nancy, Elena and I) all jumped in the car to go pick up Tori so we could hang out and watch the game. Go Steelers! We decided we wouldn't shower and we'd go in slippers and our pajamas. We stopped at Taco Tote for some good ol' Mexican grub and went back to Nancy's and ate at the table like a real family! We hung out in the living room for hours just talking and reminiscing about everything under the sun including our road-trip to Vegas. We managed to watch some of the game but with four girls all whom never shut up, you shouldn't expect more. We (I) named Elena's new puppy Axl as in Axl Rose and it was such a joy listening to Nancy's 3 year old daughter call him "Asshole." I begged her not teach her the correct annunciate it correctly. Tears of laughter I tell you. Not to mention we all found out that we all geek out on America's Funniest Home Videos. Or maybe it's just that much funnier when you're watching with friends.

To end, Nancy's daughter kept telling me in her best Willy Wonka impression, deep voice and all, "Yo weally weeud."
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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And 2005 Went Something Like. . .

Made new friends. Lost old friends. Made out-of-state online enemies. I had/have what they wanted. Hah! Losers. Road-tripped with four girls to Vegas. Celebrated my 26th for five days! Flew to LA. Was maid-of-honor in my brothers wedding. Maid-of-honor in a friends wedding. Brides-maid in cousins wedding. Drove to El Paso for a party and back within hours. Saw Black Sabbath/Ozzy, Velvet Revolver, Gin Blossoms. Got two puppies. Lost my two puppies. Boo. Said boo alot. Found myself. Lost myself. Read lots of good books. Thanks to Katie. Got a new tattoo. Hit a bitch. Talked on the phone more than ever. Text messaged more than ever. Laughed 'til I cried. Cried 'til I laughed. Watched Gladiator a million times. Obsessed over music. Cyber slapped a bitch. Fell in love. Boyfriend left his state for mine and me. Broken heart. Committed. Failed. Got CD's sent to me by the artists themselves! Don't hate. Got cyber stalked. Made kickass online friends. Mostly through blogs. Smiled lots. Laughed lots. Cried lots. Fell in love with my son more everyday.

I wouldn't change any of it for a damn thing.

Highlights of 2006, already!

*Start working dayshift for the first time in years on the 9th. This is officially my last night of graveyard! AND I have weekends off. My son is so excited he almost made me cry expressing how happy he is.

*Dave Navarro talked about me on his radio station and I didn't even know it. Someone else told me. I'm famous.
*Got to see my sons (half) brother. He's so freaking cute. They love eachother and I love it.
*I'm caught up with bills. All but one. Fuck them.
*Getting new ink.
*Planning a road-trip with lots of friends.

I'm seriously gonna miss all my nocturnal friends. You've all made my nights so much better. Katie, Daniel and everyone else I talked to all night. Thank you for your company! Here's what Katie and I had to say to eachother last night because I'll be on dayshift. She loves me. And I guess I love her, too.

Katie: ok, I wish I could stay up later on your last night
Katie: but I'm dead tired
Jenn: tomorrow night, douche
Katie: so it's been fun, these last 2 years or so
Jenn: do you listen when i talk?
Jenn: save your goodbyes
Jenn: and get your ass on tomorrow night
Katie: I might be at the bar. depending on the money situation
Jenn: you're broke, stay home and get online
Jenn: haha
Katie: so just let me do this, even though I'm broke and have no idea how I expect to find at least $20
Katie: most likely
Jenn: haha
Katie: so anyways
Jenn: okay, well sweet dreams and stuff
Jenn: xoxooxox
Katie: these past 2 years have been a blast
Katie: I'm not done
Katie: this is the passing on an era
Katie: the stay up all night and entertain Katie while Jenn works era
Jenn: hhaah
Jenn: i love you!!
Katie: I've greatly enjoyed it, so I thank you
Katie: I love you too, and I'll miss you
Jenn: i've enjoyed it to
Jenn: and i love you and i'll miss you
Jenn: call me later
Katie: now this will be awkward if I come online tomorrow
Katie: haha
Katie: I'll miss you too, xoxoxo
Jenn: dork
Jenn: xoxoxoxoxooxox

It's tommorrow and I'm talking to her right now *smile*. . .

Jenn: i just wanted you to delete it
Katie: ok
Jenn: now?
Jenn: how 'bout now?
Katie: how about your shut your mouth?
Jenn: what the hell are you doing?
Katie: posting
Jenn: you're supposed to delete my post
Jenn: it's more important
Katie: your face is more important
Jenn: i know!
Jenn: so get on it
Jenn: slut bucket
Katie: talking to you is making me go a lot faster
Jenn: well stop posting and talking to me!
Katie: no

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