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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


The computer's here at work have been infected with a virus/worm, therefore no blog time! Oh how I miss you all! Really too. I think it's rather weird, actually. Hope all is well! I shall be back and commenting my little heart out as soon as possible. Hugs and kisses!
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Friday, August 26, 2005

It Ain't Over Until Ozzy Sings

So, I have about another hour before my shift ends and the Boss Man calls. He's like, "Did you ever get tickets for Ozzfest?" I tell I didn't and he sounds disappointed. Then he say's, 'I found them for like $50 bucks.' I'm like, oh shit! So I turn to Sharon and I'm like, "Dude! He found tickets for $50 bucks. You wanna go? Let's go! Come on! Let's go!" She's like, "Let's do it." So we make very last minute arrangements for sitter for the kiddies and decide it's do or die. No sleep.

Well, we didn't get there 'til freakin' seven. Due to technical difficulties Boss Man was running late. Not to meantion him leaving in TimBuckTwo. On the way we slam a few shots to get the party started. Anyhow, we get there and there's a hardcore band on. Not sure which one, but it's straight for a beer. We walk around, have a couple more, socialize and then decide we should pick a spot.

We had general admission tickets up in the grass area. There's people laying around, standing, sitting and all sorts. You figure some of those poeple were there for roughly 12 hours. So, Velvet Revolver comes out (oh yeah!) and we head for the front. I feel a tap on my shoulder, it's a girl asking us to sit down because "all" the people behind us can't see. I tell her "no" with the same attitude she gave me. A few minutes later, here comes little Mrs. Drama Queen trolling her way with security, about 6 of them. They say 'we can't tell you to sit down, but we're asking.' I tell them that 'no matter where we stand someone will want us to sit.' They agree and start to leave when a guy yells, "So you're just gonna let them stand there?!" He tells them 'he can't make us sit down, on what grounds.' So they leave it.

About two minutes later I get pushed and some drunk Indian lady is telling me to "Sit the fuck down. I didn't pay $50 bucks to see your ass." And I said, "Don't put your fuckin' hands on me, I didn't pay $50 bucks to sit down." I don't know exactly what kept me from throwing a elbow to her jaw, but I saw a security and called him over. He calls other security and here comes about seven of them while we're already talking to one other big burly security guy. He's telling them that they can't make us sit in general admission and so on. As the other security reaches us, I told them the situation and that she had pushed me. Us standing was no longer the problem. The bitch put her hands on me. Next thing you know one of the security guys, big tall dickhead is man-handling me and so we're kinda wrestling. I'm like, "Take your fuckin' hand off of me. Don't put your fuckin' hands on me." I was all in his grill. He didn't like me telling him not to touch me so he tried to show off a little more when a female security was telling him to stop it. That motherfucker disappeared. Apparently, Boss Man had went to go stop it, but security stopped him and he asked to speak to a supervisor. All the while I'm fucking missing Velvet Revolver.

SO, I'm standing there talking to about four other security and they're all on my side, but we had moved outta the way by then. One guy says, "You're right, but you wouldn't turn around when he told you to." I told him that you can't fuckin' walk when some keep grabbing at your arms, trying to twist them and nuding at you. I told them their little friend was power tripping and gives other rent-a-cops a bad reputation. They agreed.

Anyhow, Boss Man comes back and we're just like fuck it already. Ozzy's next, let's find a spot. The more I talk about it the more aggrivated I started to get. So Boss Man finally said, "You wanna file a report at security?" And I'm like, "You know what? Yeah, I do." I got man-handled by a cop once and never did anything about it. Now my arm is forever fucked. Anyhow, we go to security and they call for the big dogs to come take down the information. She wasn't too happy that he'd put his hands on me when the whole fucking reason I called security was because some bitch did the same and they NEVER TOLD HER ANYTHING! Big Dog finally say's, "Follow me so we can relocate you." I thought she was gonna have us walk over to the other end of general admission where that jerk was trying to tell me to go. So I asked her where, and she pointed to the seated area! SCORE! She took us to a ticket booth, briefed them on the situation and they exchanged our tickets for ones that were in the seated area. We were pretty damn close. I could actually see Ozzy and not just profiles.

Black Sabbath fucking rocked! There's not one person that didn't leave there feeling like that. They sounded so good. The drummer looked old as dirt, but man he still tore it up. Ozzy was full of energy and a smile you couldn't wipe off with acid if you tried. Throwing water into the crowd. I think he wanted a riot. He kept saying, "Get as crazy as you've ever gotten in your life!" Once he said, "Get crazy you fuckheads! This is Albuquerque, you got the fuckin' wild card." He did mention his drummer that was from here and said 'he's "here" tonight. That was cool.

Finally, they played one of the songs they had first written and Ozzy was like, "Light this fucker up." So people whipped out their lighters and I always like how that looks. The screen had flames coming up and Ozzy was sure to make "the face." In all his glory there he was with that evil look throwing his arms out to the side like he was ruler and right then he was.Even if you don't like Ozzy, you'd have loved it. I mean come on, you'd have been in the presence of legends!

Passed out in the car on the way home. Being up for well over 24 hours, some drinks, and rocking the fuck out took it's toll. All in all, the night was unforgettable.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Holy Shit, Last Night Rocked!

I saw Ozzy, Slash AND Scott Weiland. I hope you're jealous. I don't have time to post as I've been commenting my little heart out and am not done yet. But I'll fill you in tomorrow!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I Spent The Evening With The Radio

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I got tagged the other night by Sharon and I don't participate when I get tagged, even if I've told you I will. I know, I'm a bitch. Anyhow, then The Zombie Lama tagged me with the same meme. Oh, how I hear all the "What's a meme." Go to the Urban Dictionary and you shall see.

Anyhow, this meme also consisted of music and wasn't all 'answer these ten thousand questions and then you have ask 500 other people and then they do the same. I'm sorry to those that have tagged me and I didn't participate. It ALWAYS puts a smile on my face when I'm tagged because I know you thought about me. So thanks.

So, I'm supposed to choose five songs that I'm digging lately. But, since I don't do meme's I'm just gonna talk about music. How's that?

Usually I'm in a certain phase when it comes to music. Oldies one week, metal the next, and then some hardcore, maybe a little oldschool and it just goes and goes. But lately, I've been listening to it all. So here's a list of some what's been spinnin' in my CD player. Yeah, I said CD player! What? Just 'cause you think you're all cool with your iPod. Shut up about it.

If you click the links, scroll to the bottom and find the track I've mentioned, you can hear a clip. Oh, and this is in no particular order. Okay, I'm done rambling now. Sorry. Sorry!

Team Sleep - "Tomb of Liegia"

Gwen Steffani - "Cool"

Gorrillaz - "Feel Good Inc."

Kanye West - "Diamonds From Sierra Leone" and "Gold Digger"

The Chantels - "Maybe"

Alice In Chains - "Rooster" and "Man In The Box"

Great White - "Save Your Love"

Tesla - "Before My Eyes" and "Paradise" (acoustic)

Been on a little more of metal kick, but can't think of anything right now. Other than that, any and all Portishead and Audioslave. Some Beloved and Atreyu. Some Killers. Some Soundgarden. A little bit of Prince and a pinch of Wham.

There you have an idea of what's going on with the tunes de moi. I like it all! Some of you may not like it, but ask me if I care. . .

I'm tagging anyone who wants to let me know what's chiming in their ears.
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This is not just a test. If this works, I'm am posting at this very moment. Please stay tuned! Or come back, whatever's easier.
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Monday, August 22, 2005

Test The Blog, Bitches

Oh yeah! Feel the burn! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

I'm just testing to see if it'll let me post. I'll post and comment later. Katie's back and in effect. It's just fabulous! That would be Yes, her URL is damning me. That bitch loves me!

Okay, this was a non-sense post, as are the rest. Test, test! Oh yeah, I got tagged and I never participate in tags. But I shall later when I post.
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Friday, August 19, 2005

Freaky Friday

I work for the Sheriff's Department and not only was our police helicopter shot down just days ago, but tonight a man shot and killed two police officers. They were on their way to pick up a mental health patient. I don't yet know if they are officers that I knew.

RIP and God bless their families, friends and loved ones.

Someone won the lottery out here, but they don't know it. Still no one calling with the winning ticket. YOU WON THE LOTTERY, DOUCHEBAG! Look at your damn tickets! It's 93 million dollars! If you don't need it, hand over the ticket, bitches.
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Flag This!

So, I had/have this cool DJ Dickhead post, but no time for it right now. Yes, I am STILL listening to him. I listen because I like to listen to ignorance. No, wait, because I like to. . . because. . . Hey, shut up about it! So what if I give him ratings?!

Anyhow, I got my chunky ass back to the gym and so this means not as much blogging time. Speaking of blogging, what's with the new "Flag" option? Ain't that some shit? (Sorry for ain't, Amber, but it fits!) I mean c'mon, if you don't like what you read or see in a blog, simply click the little "x" at the top of the page and close it. OR, if you MUST read blogs, then at the same top right hand corner click on "Next Blog." Really. If I find out any one of you is clicking that damn flag option, I'm gonna get all thug nation on your ass.

So, I got lots 'o request for a picture de the new piece and here's the best I got. You can't see the top which comes over my shoulder and has just a little more to it, but I'll post pictures as soon as it heals. The quality is pretty poor considering I took it with poor lighting. Anyow, click here.

Oh yeah, click play on the video over to the right for some Alice In Chains "Man In The Box." I highly recommend you do so if you want to be any kinda cool. Rock on, bitches!

Edit: Video removed, as it was interfering with some trying to read my blog. Bad video! Sorry, Martin!
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Monday, August 15, 2005

Weekend Ventures & Math101




Now try this.

1. Grab a calculator. (You won't be able to do this one in your head)
2. Key in the first three digits of your phone number (not the area code)
3. Multiply by 80
4. Add 1
5. Multiply by 250
6. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number
7. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number again.
8. Subtract 250
9. Divide number by 2

Do you recognize the answer?

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Who's Your Daddy?

DJ Dickhead strikes again. I decided that he's not just a hardass, he's a dick. Therefore, I am retiring the name DJ Hardass and he is picking up DJ Dickhead. I only like him because he gives me things to post about.
Here I am yet again on my way to work, I get to 104.7 and hear him and his I-know-it-all voice blaring through my speakers. (Lower the speakers, Jenn. Oh smart one.) He's saying something along the lines of 'There has to be a reason why you're attracted to this guy.' He then continues, 'Were you ever abused?' She's like, "No." He asked, "Sexually assaulted." She's like, "No." He asks more questions trying to get a "yes" out of her but he is failing miserably. Then out of no where he asks, "What about your dad?" And she responds sounding a bit shocked, "My dad?! What are you talking about?" He starts asking more questions like, 'has he ever beat you or assaulted you' and still he's getting "No, no, no." She finally explains to him that she had the "perfect" childhood. Dad and mom are still married, they were good to her and her siblings and have always been there for them and are 'til this day. DJ D doesn't like what's going on and finally asks, "Did he ever hit you." She say's, "Well, when we were little he used to spank us." You could just hear the little light bulb go off in DJ D's head. He asks, "Did he use an object?" The caller say's, "Well, sometime's a belt." And ergo DJ Dickhead goes on his little rant.
He starts telling her how that's a form of abuse and her father may not be a bad person but he's a bad father. She's just kinda like, 'Yeah, whatever' by this point. He say's that because her father 'struck them' with a belt it had a profound effect and now she is attracted to these type of men because that's all she's used to. What?! He fucking spanked them! He didn't hang them from their toes and lash them with whips.
The caller is pretty much just letting him talk at this point because, well, I'm sure she figured out he's a dick just like I did. So he's going on that she needs help because her father has ruined her. And when she gets help it will help her to make better choices with men. He even went so far as to give a history lesson on Dante's Inferno.
Well, listen here, Dick, my dad spanked us with belts when we were children. Myself and my brothers are far from traumatized by it. Actually, I don't even remember that part about him unless we're reminiscing and talking about "remember when." And we actually share a laugh over it. I've not personally ever spanked my son with a belt, but I have spanked him. Does this mean I'm abusive and as you called this callers father, an "out-of-control parent?" I don't think so.
The caller chooses to stay with men that she finds out are wrong because she's a douchebag. She damn told him over and over that she didn't have a rough childhood in the least. DJ D is entitled to not believe in spanking but damn, to start telling people that they were beat and how their father is a bad father after they've told you different. I know, I know, SHE called the station. But that's not the point, so shush.
I mean seriously, I don't believe that she stayed with some guy that's an asshole because she was spanked with a belt and now all she knows is abuse. I am now starting to see that DJ D's theory to anyone who makes wrong choices is only because that's what they were taught and how they grew up. Yes, we all know that people who've had a rough life growing up can end up screwed up because of it. But, it doesn't mean that some people aren't screwed up just because. Hey, when in the human assembly line, some people get passed up and missing a screw, some more. Not that this girl is screwed up, she just needs to realize that someone out there will treat her better and that she deserves it.
I think DJ Dickhead needs to swallow his pride and admit that HE DOESN'T HAVE THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING! And maybe you don't agree with me and for whatever strange reason agree with him. *throws tongue* But that's what the comment section is for.
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Monday, August 08, 2005

Platonic Boom

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According to some comments in my post before last, platonic relationships just aren't possible. And if I really believe that they are than I am not only naive, I'm stupid. Well, for those of you that think they aren't possible, you've probably missed out on some great relationships because you weren't strong enought to keep your peter in your pants and think with your brain or heart.

I have always had male friends. Since as far back as I can remember. My freshman year of highschool, my bestfriend was JuanCarlos. We spent lots of time together. I met him through my friend/neighbor whom he used to date. They broke up, him and I became very close. His dad used to do the, "Are you sure you aren't gay? I can't believe you don't hook up with Jenn." Many, 'til this day don't believe we ever so much as kissed. He took me to homecoming, we went to movies, baseball games and anything else we could together. I actually hooked him up with another girl I hung out with alot at that time. Tried hooking him up with the step-sister, but no dice.

Eventually, I started dating my sons father and saw a little bit less of JuanCarlos. Though, we still tried to make time for eachother. He hung out with me and the new boyfriend a few times 'til he met his girlfriend. She didn't take a liking to me too well, so he slowly disappeared. She didn't want him having anyone other girl that meant something to him in his life. Even if I was just a friend.

His family always remembers my face, as does my family his. I did miss him for a really long time and wished our friendship would have remained as strong as it was. I mean, hell, we even got into an all out brawl with a brother and sister.

One of my closest and dearest friends now is Paul. I met Paul when I started to work at MCI. He was good friends with a guy I was kinda seeing at the time. One day Paul needed some advice about his relationship with his girlfriend and he was told to go talk to me by a couple of other people. So he did. He seemed to like what I had to say so he'd come back for more advice. His girlfriend didn't care. It's not she did or didn't like me. It was a whatever kinda thing. Anyhow, Paul and I ended up becoming very close. And still, people don't believe we ever so much as kissed. Never happened. Paul's absolutely gorgeous, but we were just meant to be friends. He's been with his girlfriend for about two years now and she's one of the people I like to hang out with most. She met him one night when him and I were out together. She's never once acted jealous or uncomfortable towards our relationship and I love her for it. I wasn't about to lose Paul as a friend. She doesn't care if we go out with out her and he doesn't care if we go out without him. They rock. Paul and I have tell eachother everything! Well, he tells me everything. I don't talk about sex. Not even to my girlfriends, usually. We've laughed, we've cried and we've done partied our little hearts out. My son loves him and so does my family and I'm very close to his family. I've met many good friends through him and vise versa.

Then we have Chris. I met Chris through my sons dad about 10 years ago. Chris is someone that used to drive me nuts. We'd fight alot. I hated that my ex would rather be with him partying than with me. Chris and I shared a few argumentative words, to put it lightly, in the past. Now, we're sure to keep in touch and make sure we're both doing all right. He doesn't even talk to my ex much or at all. But he is someone I'd make sure to do what I can for. I've met his girlfriends, he's met mine. He's hooked me up with his friends, I've hooked him up with mine. We can talk on the phone forever about anything and nothing.

Anyhow, those are just a few examples of platonic relationships. Those guys have never hit on me. Saying that I look pretty, or complimenting me any other way is not hitting on me. I've had many guys friends that originally wanted to hook up, but were okay with being friends. Paul tends to be more big brotherish with me. Wants to know who I'm dating and where I met him. What he's like and why he's like that. His girlfriend thinks it's funny. Even Paul's brother can be the same. His brother just recently married and had a baby with a great friend of mine.

Anyhow, platonic relationships ARE possible. You can sit and tell me 'til you're blue in the face that they just want to get in my pants, but don't waste your time. I have guy friends that aren't trying to get in anything. No, they aren't gay, no, they aren't stupid, no, they aren't ugly. Actually, they're all damn good looking. No, they aren't waiting around for a chance. Holy shit, Batman, no one would wait around for 10 years just pretending to be my friend! So quit thinking that EVERY guy only thinks with his penis, 'cause we all know they do. Hah.

Anyway, so if you've never had a successful platonic relationship, you suck. I like being able to introduce my boyfriend to my guy friends and sitting down and having a drink with them. The three example I gave you are just a few of the many great platonic relationships I've had. Three of the best, for sure. And hey, maybe they did at one time think they'd want a chance or even vise versa, but if so, it got past that and now there are friendships to last forever. I'll stand in Paul's wedding someday.

So, if you think I am only naive or stupid, then so be it. I think it's your loss. Keep wishing you could have the friends that I have.

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Friday, August 05, 2005

So, How's The Weather Over There 'N Stuff?

Just wanted to post to kinda close off that last post. I'm totally amped about all the comments and views. By all means, if you still wanna comment, I'm more than happy to hear (read) what you have to say.

Anyhow, it's the weekend, I got some Hooters hotwings, salsa dancing, and downtown after calling my name! I hope you all have a kickass weekend!!
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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Puff Puff Give?

I'm listening to 104.7 The Edge on the way to work tonight and they're having some kind of talk radio. There's a girl talking about how she had a rough life growing up. Her mom pretty much just always put her down and didn't help her out. She endured a verbally abusive relationship with her mother which escalated into physical violence. Sound pretty interesting so I continue to listen and one of the DJ's asks, 'So you've had a rough life and were vulnerable, what happened that night?' She continues that at the age of 14, she had a boyfriend, but "he" called her up one night asking her if she wanted to sneak out. This was a "friend" and if I remember correctly also a neighbour. She agreed to sneak out and go hang out with him.

She say's she had no intentions on cheating, which I know most men right now are saying, "yeah, right." Anyhow, she's hanging out with this friend in her fragile, vulnerable state and he tells her, 'Let's get high.' She agrees and they smoke a joint.

Next thing you know, she's "waking" up and they're engaged in sexual intercourse. (Yeah, I'm being PG, what of it, bitches?) At this point she tears up and doesn't know what her reaction should be.

The nicer of the two DJ's asks, "So you live your life feeling like you've been raped?" She say's that yes, that's how she feels at most times. And throws in the occasional, 'I don't know.' I can sense in her voice that she does feel that as though she was raped. She said that previous to smoking he had tried hitting on her and she told him that she wasn't interested because she had a boyfriend.

Now, Mr. Hardass DJ chimes in with some shit that she smoked simply to lower her inhibitions. The way I take it, is he's saying she wanted to have sex with him, but, was looking for an excuse other than she wanted to. I say he's an asshole. She mentioned that the joint was laced with PCP and he gives his two-cents that if it were true every time someone said they smoked a PCP laced joint the makers of the drug would be millionaires and said the same for "Roofies." She then told him that HE told her it was laced. He still proceeded to basically call her a liar.

Mr. Hardass said that he wouldn't say that the guy is a rapist, and this is where I'm stuck. She did make the decision to smoke, but it was laced, which she did not know. Mr. Hardass basically said in so many words that it was her fault. He even went as far as to say that she was cheating on her boyfriend the moment she snuck out the window. I have more guyfriends than I do girlfriends. He's a dick. And if you don't believe in platonic relationships save it for another post. He also said that her rough life with her mother didn't have much to do with it. Not once did she seem as though she wanted pity and or sympathy. I'm feeling like some fucking consideration would be nice.

I do however agree with Mr. Hardass and wouldn't call him a rapist. I think. Again, this is where I'm stuck. I, myself have been "Roofied." I happened to be with a good group of friends and didn't leave with the asshole, but had I left with him, I'm sure I would have consented to sex. Now, I woke up the next morning not having the slightest clue what-so-ever went on. My heart was beating, I was in a panic, and I didn't know where I was. After a minute of looking around, I was in MY OWN ROOM. I called my friends and couldn't even talk. They told me nothing happened and that basically I was acting like a bit of a violent drunk, which scared them because I'm not a violent person. Not even when I'm plastered. Had something happened, I would have considered it rape. It's hard because, when you are drugged up, it's not like you say no and fight it. You go with it. But, it's not really you. IT IS RAPE.

As for Mr. Hardass, I wonder what secrets lie within that he'd go so far as to blame nothing on the guy.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Score, Bitches!

You can't see that too well and I'm done trying to make it easier to read, but that says 86 wpm with 100% accuracy.
Yes, I'm gloating. My best ever was 85 wpm in 7th grade.
Beat that! Try here.
For more Portishead "Sour Times"
Scroll to bottom of page and click play.
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Monday, August 01, 2005

Still hiatus but, videos are fun 'til I'm ready to stop being lazy and because this song rocks my socks.

Metallica "Turn the Page"
(Cover. Originally by Bob Seger)
Click/press play ------>
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